Favorites of Balıkesir: Ayvalık and Cunda Island

New favorites of Balıkesir, one of the important tourism centers on the Aegean Sea coast. Ayvalık, which constitutes an important place in the list of Balıkesir holiday destinations, is a district of this city full of cultural and natural beauties. Did you know that Ayvalık, which has managed to become the center of attention of tourists with its clean sea, beautiful beaches, historical buildings and comfortable accommodation facilities, has a total of 22 islands? http://www.boutiquesmallhotels.com/ayvalik-hotels

Cunda Island, also known as Alibey Island, is the largest among these islands. This island, which you can choose for a peaceful vacation, stands out with its beaches, bays, historical sites and many other places worth seeing, as well as its advantages in accommodation. It hosts thousands of visitors every year with its touristic areas and accommodation options that can be reached very easily. http://www.boutiquesmallhotels.com/cunda-island-hotels

Accommodation in Ayvalık
Ayvalık hotels, which attract great attention from visitors with their natural beauties and historical buildings, offer an accommodation experience that appeals to every budget. In this region where you can find budget hotels as well as five-star hotels, it is possible to find hotel services for every taste and budget. In the region where there are also villas where you can stay with your family, you can rent a villa with a pool and have a personalized, privileged experience. In the hotels and pensions you can find close to the beach, you can experience an accommodation with sea views. If you wish, you can choose an Ayvalık pension or hotel located close to the stops you will visit by considering your list of places to visit.

Don't Forget to Check the List of Places to Visit in Cunda Island
Before going to Cunda Island, one of the quietest holiday regions of Ayvalık, you should not forget to take a look at the list of places to visit. In the list of places to visit in Cunda, which is the choice of those who love serenity and peace, you will find beaches and bays, historical places, shopping places and many other stops. Windmills, one of the symbols of this island, invite you to a pleasant journey. The Church of Agios Yannis, built of cut stone and brick and restored and made functional as Sevim and Necdet Ren Library, is one of the old windmills you must see. After visiting this place, you can go up to Aşıklar Hill and enjoy the unique view. If you want to continue to visit historical buildings, Taksiyarhis Church, which today serves as the Rahmi Koç Museum, may be your next stop. Built using garlic stone, this church impresses with its neo-classical architectural style. In 2011, this museum was transformed into the Rahmi Koç Museum, where you can closely examine many artifacts from antique vehicles to toys. Another historical place you should definitely visit when you come to the island is Despot House. Built in 1862, the Despot House was used in different ways in the following periods of time as a government building, orphanage, primary school and hotel. This place, which has managed to become one of the important silhouettes on the seashore with its splendor, takes you on a unique historical journey.

When it comes to Cunda beach, the first ones that come to mind are Çataltepe Beach, Duba Beach and Bıyıklı Beach. Çataltepe Beach, which welcomes you with its clear and shallow sea, allows you to enjoy the sea, sand and sun with sunbed and umbrella rental service. Duba Beach, whose sea is shallow and clean, is the choice of those who want to get an affordable service. There are also different bays where you can swim in Cunda Island. Ortunç Bay, which is the stop for those who want to swim from the rocks, attracts attention with its natural beauties. Many camping areas located in this bay are among the places you can choose to swim with your loved ones and have a pleasant time. Pateriça Bay, False Bosphorus, Kara Island and the bay overlooking Maden Island are among the other special places where you can enjoy the sea. We guarantee that you will have an extraordinary holiday experience with these hidden paradises, which you can reach extremely easily with a rental car.

Cunda Island Hotels and Hostels Offering Comfortable Accommodation
Cunda hotels and hostels offer you a comfortable accommodation opportunity. The hotels, which are preferred by those who want to be close to both the sea and nature, allow you to make an easy choice with options that appeal to every budget and taste. In addition to luxury hotels, unique hotels designed by restoring historical places give you an unforgettable accommodation experience. If you wish, you can open the doors of a new world by choosing the restored mansions waiting for you to explore the streets of the island. The quality of service is very high in this region where you can also find villas and houses for rent. Cunda hostels are also one of the most preferred accommodation options for tourists visiting the region. Cute hostels offer you a comfortable and warm accommodation experience. Cunda Island, which has a very rich range of places to visit and accommodation opportunities, is one of the places you should definitely see when you come to Ayvalık. If you want to visit these places with your own car as you wish and enjoy a perfect vacation, you can easily rent a car after you get off the plane by visiting Dokay car rental branch at Balıkesir Koca Seyit Airport, and you can comfortably reach anywhere you want to visit and see in Ayvalık at any time.