Best Design Hotels in Turkiye

Accommodation facilities that both transport you back centuries with their architectural features and carry all the modern details of today are becoming more and more popular day by day. Now that the accommodation experience and holiday understanding of vacationers has changed and developed, the architectural details of the hotels are becoming more important. Design hotels, which you can come across in many parts of Turkey, manage to impress you sometimes in your room, sometimes in the hotel lobby, sometimes in the restaurant, sometimes from the first moment you see the hotel to the last moment of your stay.
These hotels, which are specially worked with architects and designed accordingly, can also be designed in a way that overlaps with the unique story of the facility, if any. Design hotels, which you can choose for an extraordinary accommodation experience, may increase in price compared to other accommodation facilities.

1- Monreve Alacati Hotel - Alacati Izmir -
This is a dreamy hotel in Alacati, designed with art and aesthetics, enriched with reproductions of special selections from the Arkas Collection and romantic details.
Resembling an art gallery, its 16 rooms are designed in four different concepts. You will experience the privilege of being renewed in the Consensus, Meandros, Smyrna and Antre rooms, where you will share completely different worlds with their stories. With the reliefs of the moon goddess Selene, this is a completely different world. Meandros room number 14 is one of my favorites. With its 8m2 balcony and 43 m2 garden area, the room is completely dedicated to your own use. Consensus 3 and Consensus 7 rooms have fireplaces.

2- Casa Dell Arte Hotel, +12 - Torba Bodrum -
Casa Dell'Arte Residence, Turkey's first contemporary art hotel, is a stylish seaside resort with TripAdvisor 2011 & 2012 "Excellence" certificates. Airport / Airport 35 Km You can open your eyes to the masterpieces of contemporary Turkish painters Fikret Mualla or Nuri Iyem, have breakfast next to a Komet work or dine in a hall with works you can only encounter in a contemporary art museum.

3- Parmos Hotel - Erdek Balıkesir -
If you are wondering where to stay in Erdek, I recommend @parmosboutiquehotel, which is a hotel, beach and restaurant concept and a business right on the Erdek coast.
Honestly, when I entered the facility, I thought I was in a different place for a moment. Everything was built with so much care and attention that there are not many options in Erdek that are so luxurious, comfortable and not disconnected from nature!
The location of the pool, the adequacy of the common areas, being by the sea, having areas for both adults and children, the comfort and design of the rooms meeting with elegance, the professional team creating wonders in every area of the facility...

4- Millstone Cave Suites - Uchisar Cappadocia -
I don't know about you, but we are one of those who start the day with coffee...
We are in a fairytale-like hotel overlooking one of the most beautiful views of Uchisar, the apple of the region's eye. Millstone Cave Suites Hotel, Uchisar.
The hotel has a magnificent location overlooking the Red Valley and Göreme, where you can perfectly watch the moments when hot air balloons soar in the sky with the sunrise... The owners are so sweet that they share that unique view live with everyone 24/7 on their website.

5- Konak Fedra - Bozcaada -
If you are looking for a place to go every time you set foot on the island, if you want to have an acquaintance to chat and greet, you should definitely stop by @konakferdabozcaada this summer, a magnificent and rare mansion that has survived from the 1800s to the present day.
Among the bay windows and colorful houses lined up side by side as if searching the history of Bozcaada, @konakfedrabozcaada, which is immediately noticed with its imposing but timeless structure that makes you wonder who knows who lived on the street where the flowers are colored one by one, is located in the Greek Quarter of Bozcaada with its 6 sweet and sweet rooms.

6- Ultava Houses - Datça -
This is a very boutique facility with only 4 rooms. Serving in a stone building in accordance with the historical and local texture of Datça, with its wonderful heartwarming decorative design, botanical garden that will instantly change your mood, get ready for experiences that you will have very special moments with your loved ones during your holiday. The room named after Datça's delicious local product "Almond" is really a must experience for me. Are couples who want to spend a vacation alone, in a romantic and calm atmosphere here?

7- Gülevi Safranbolu -
I walk through the narrow cobblestone streets of the town and reach Gülevi, which has been impeccably restored and transformed into a hotel in a very appropriate way. The mansion has a different attraction. When the door opens with the sound of a thin bell and I enter; I imagine myself in the 19th century Ottoman splendor. There are embroidered pillows, tall glass cabinets, intricately woven rugs, oriental style divans, copper pitchers, embroidered samovars from the Ottoman period and old and new oil paintings... Gülevi is like a separate and secluded world. The suite room named "Ilgın" where I stayed offers me the opportunity to experience many aspects of life in the old times. I sip my coffee in the secret gardens where the mansions meet in order to inhale the view here with every drop. The abundance of flowers does not only remain in the garden, "nature" surrounds Gülevi's three mansions with green leafy trees... In other words, every corner in Gülevi has a different taste...

8- Casa Bi Hotel, +14 - Kas Antalya -
Let's welcome @casabihotel, a new member of the town, where I can stay comfortably in Kas. With its premium suites with private pools and panoramic sea views, it truly shines with tranquility and splendor. There are a total of 16 of these suites lined up one after the other on the mountainous slopes of Kaş. Two of them are deluxe rooms where you can dive into the endless blue of Kaş, eight of them are executive suites with a shared pool and garden terrace, and six of them are premium suites with private pools and panoramic sea views. The rooms are so spacious that they range from 40 to 60 m2. These suites, lined up like pearls next to the shimmering blue, will be one of the most special places in Kaş with its magnificent view, the Çukurbağ Peninsula you can watch from the pool, the design of the rooms and common areas and the facilities it offers.

9 - Villa Lukka - Cirali Antalya -
This time from Cirali; Villa Lukka. @villalukka
👨I have come to convince you to be part of a villa experience that will add pleasure to your pleasure with its location that makes you feel as if you have stepped on a tropical island, 200 meters from the sea, 13 side-by-side independent bungalow rooms ranging from 32-65 m2.
Offering hotel professionalism but home comfort, the business has already conquered our hearts with its deluxe room option with a private jacuzzi in its own backyard and a fireplace to accompany your cozy conversations.
Everything you need with luxury bungalow options has been carefully designed and realized in each room in this facility. Each bungalow offers a very special accommodation experience with its independent entrance, access to the garden, patio, mountain and sea views.