Best Spa and Fitness Hotels

By choosing one of the SPA or Fitness Hotels that you will come across in almost every point of Turkey, you will give yourself a wonderful gift after a week of hard work.
You can have a great time in SPA - Fitness Hotels where you can both relieve your tiredness and stay in shape. SPA and Fitness centers that support health tourism are designed to provide perfect service to the guests.
In addition to services such as exercise, yoga, meditation programs, SPA and Fitness halls suitable for all ages, you can also participate in different activities. The fee will vary depending on the location, concept, length of stay and other factors. You may come across SPA - Fitness hotels in many regions of Turkey, which are completely shaped according to the comfort and exercise & activity demands of the guests. Here are the most beautiful small and boutique spa fitness hotels we have selected for you;

1-  Hotel Villa Mahal,  Kalkan

2-  Casa Lavanda Otel & Spa, +12, Şile İstanbul

3-  Olympos Lodge Hotel, Antalya

4-  Museum Hotel, +16, Kapadokya

5- Dalyan Resort Otel, +12

6-  Golden Key Kartalkaya

7-  Village Park Country Resort Spa, Beykoz İstanbul

8-  Bakucha Vineyard Hotel & Spa, Kırklareli

9-  Hotel Caeli Eceabat, Çanakkale

10-  Rezone Health & Oxygen Hotel, Balıkesir

11-  Kapadokya Hill Hotel & Spa (12+) 

12-   Melanippe Relaxing Hotel +16,  Karaöz Adrasan Antalya

13-  Limak Thermal Hotel, Yalova

14-  Mivara Hotel & Spa,  Gundoğan Bodrum

15-  Villa Kore Hotel, Çeşme

16-  Six Senses Kaplankaya, Milas