4 Villa Recommendations from Sapanca

How about a vacation in Sapanca with its nature surrounded by lush green trees and magnificent lake view?
In today's article, we have written 4 villa-hotels that will make your visit to this beautiful town even more special. More details at the link https://www.kucukoteller.com.tr/sapanca-otelleri...

Villa Kırkpınar Aparts is located at the foot of the Samanlı Mountains, 4 km from Sapanca and only 5 minutes from Sapanca Lake. With the perfect harmony of green and blue, you are promised a free and peaceful holiday with plenty of oxygen with your family and loved ones.
Villa Kırkpınar has thought of all your needs. You just pack your suitcase; everything is ready for you for a quiet vacation away from the chaos of the city.

When it comes to visiting the lake, most of us dream of staying in a lake house in the neighborhood. At Beta Home, which will be the address of your dreams, you can take peaceful walks by the lake, and on your return, you can have a sweet home rest in your carefully prepared villa. Let us mention that it is zero to Sapanca Lake. 📞 0533 6954579

Located on Kırkpınar Bağdat Street, the busiest area of Sapanca, the villas are designed for crowded groups who like to spend time together. Here you can spend a wonderful day in touch with nature, skiing, trekking and photography. 📞 0539 6091739

Çayır Çimen Hotel is one of the most distinguished addresses of Sapanca; a holiday destination that turns its face to nature. Çayır Çimen consists of well-designed, stylish and contemporary villas in a very intimate garden surrounded by pines. Furnished in a homely style, these spacious detached residences have living rooms suitable for hosting guests, bathrooms, kitchens and pleasant seating groups on their own private verandas.

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