Suggestions for Winter Holidays in the Fairy Chimney Forest of Cappadocia

When I think of Cappadocia, two things come to mind: hot air balloons and rock-carved rooms where I can discover the taste of cave life. How about you?

We are at @lunarcappadociahotel, which we experienced and wrote for you.

A door opens at the most tranquil spot in Goreme, nestled between fantastically shaped fairy chimneys. When you enter the door, you first encounter a centuries-old mulberry tree, nowadays it is covered in winter colors; but its leaves are colorful... Then you pass through a large lush green garden and meet different authentic rooms and friendly host Numan Bey.

Such a beautiful green garden and rooms with detached entrances in the center of Goreme surprises people. Lunar Cappadocia Hotel is a small, elegant hotel that dragged me into a different world with every detail.

The doors of Lunar's self-contained rooms open onto verandas adorned with flowers and all of them have a simple and relaxing décor. One room has a view of the balloons at sunrise, while another room has a round bed and a jacuzzi to enjoy all day.

Must Do in Cappadocia
-About 1 km from the center of Goreme, the Goreme Open Air Museum is an important part of any visit to Cappadocia. About two dozen rock churches carved into the fairy chimneys, some with frescoes on the inside, others with simple geometric decorations...
-Zelve and Avanos bazaar after the museum.

-Cappadocia is unbearably beautiful at this time of year. Take a nice walk in the Valley of Lovers towards the sunset in the evening: it's mind-blowing!

Room rates for two people, including breakfast, start from 5000 liras. They also offer a 10% discount for guests from Small Hotels. You can also book directly from their website. Discount Code: kalavakurabiyesi

Phone numbers +90384 271 23 83 

What Should You Eat?
-If you find a place; Seten Restaurant with a great view should definitely be a place you should go.
-Another suggestion is the Goreme Women's Cooperative, where women from Goreme work hard. You can experience the traditional cuisine of Nevşehir here. I recommend stuffed leaves, Peravu and roasted meat.
-Historic Goreme Coffee House; A part of Goreme. Overlooking the Roman Castle, this coffee house is the perfect place to have a drink!

-One parenthesis: (The famous Kavala Cookie was made famous by the recipe of Gaplan Aga's wife who migrated from Cappadocia to Kavala).

Lunar's garden is like an oasis that is hard to find in Cappadocia... The terrace floor is one of the most enjoyable areas of the hotel with its view of the Göreme panorama, sunrises are one thing, sunsets are another. If you happen to catch a full moon, you should definitely watch the moonrise from here!

The caves are one of the architectural examples of Cappadocia from centuries ago. Lunar Cappadocia Hotel will be a good choice for those who want to have a real Cappadocia experience. With its location, view, spacious cave-carved rooms and hospitality... There is a simple elegance, a comfortable environment, a bright and spacious atmosphere in every detail.

The thoughtful hosts also organize special tours for their guests who wish. If you come by plane; they also have transfer services. If you want to get to know Cappadocia from a different perspective; you can visit their agency called Turtle Tour in the town center and join their personalized tours. Have a good trip in Cappadocia, the forest of fairy chimneys...

The fact that Lunar is located in a quiet spot where cars do not pass by is a pleasure. You can easily park your car. They also have their own electric charging station.