Jazz Hotel Istanbul to Jazz up Accommodation in Istanbul.

Jazz Hotel Istanbul to Jazz up Accommodation in Istanbul.

Jazz Hotel in Istanbul’s trendy “Nisantasi” district pays homage to the legacy of jazz with a concept and modern decoration inspired by jazz music. Yes Hotels Turkey, the parent company of Jazz Hotel Istanbul, converted a former textile atelier into a luxurious boutique hotel in less than 150 days.

Istanbul, Turkey (PRWEB) September 27, 2010 – After buying and converting a former textile atelier in Istanbul’s popular “Nisantasi” district into Gallery Residence & Boutique Hotel, Yes Hotels Turkey bought another textile atelier on the same street and converted it into Jazz Hotel Istanbul in less than 150 days. Both luxurious hotels take art as inspiration for their concepts. Gallery Residence & Boutique Hotel’s 21 suites were named and decorated after painters like Vincent Van Gogh and Pablo Picasso, whereas Jazz Hotel Istanbul’s 12 rooms are named and decorated after world famous jazz artists like Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong.

When asked “Why Nisantasi again?”, Yalcin Saglikova, President of Yes Hotels Turkey, answers “Nisantasi is the face of modern Istanbul with trendy shops, cafes and restaurants. Besides, Lutfi Kirdar Convention and Exhibition Centre (ICEC) is here and the metro station provides easy access to the rest of Istanbul. Until recently, Nisantasi was popular among elite locals, yet unknown to most tourists. We want travelers to discover that Istanbul has more to offer than the Grand Bazaar and the old town. Seeing our guests at Gallery Residence & Boutique Hotel enjoy Nisantasi greatly, we decided to expand here.” When asked “Why the art concept again?”, Mr. Saglikova replies “As a family of architects, we just cannot distance ourselves from art”.

In addition to naming rooms after famous jazz artists, Yes Hotels Turkey decorated each room with the corresponding artist’s prints and posters. The original LP on every room’s door is like a sign of things to come. Guests open these doors and they are welcomed by that artist’s music. In fact, each room has individual music broadcast playing only the corresponding artist’s music 24 hours a day. Guests can borrow jazz books, CDs and DVDs from the hotel’s library and enjoy them in their rooms or the lobby. Besides using music instruments, accessories and figurines in the lobby decoration, Jazz Hotel Istanbul takes its concept to small details with music-themed clocks, ash trays, candle sticks, soaps, napkins and cookie molds. Even the hotel staff’s ties, pins and aprons are based on the theme of music. The hotel also sells music-themed gifts in the lobby. Jazz Hotel Istanbul’s each elegant room offers modern features like LCD TV, DVD/CD player, All-In-One printer, satellite TV and radio, laptop safe, mini-bar, kettle, iron and a rain shower. Some rooms have walk-in closets. Breakfast, Wi-Fi and PlayStation 3 rental are complimentary.

Mr. Saglikova states “We aim to please the jazz-enthusiast and promote jazz to the non-enthusiast, while offering a luxurious accommodation in a vibrant district. Our concept sparked great interest. We have guests asking to stay at specific artists’ rooms. We have teenagers betting whether the LPs on the doors are real or not and then asking us. This seemed like an odd question at first, but these kids think music is mp3 files downloaded on the internet. Even the CD is out of fashion for them, which makes the LP a sort of an antique. Collecting these LPs with special covers and booklets reminded us of the days when music was more than waves in the air. Our guests seem to appreciate the legacy of jazz and enjoy our concept.”

About Yes Hotels: After running a 112-room 4-star hotel in Istanbul for 15 years, the Saglikova family sold it to a Spanish chain and entered the boutique hotel market with their new brand, Yes Hotels Turkey. Since April 2006, Gallery Residence & Boutique Hotel has been serving short and long-term stays with 21 deluxe suites that have fully equipped kitchens. In June 2010, the group opened Jazz Hotel Istanbul, its second luxury boutique hotel with 12 deluxe rooms. Both hotels are on the same street in Istanbul’s trendy “Nisantasi” district and both have been converted from old textile ateliers in only 5 months. Art has been the inspiration for the concept of both hotels. Gallery Residence & Boutique Hotel is inspired by painters and Jazz Hotel Istanbul is inspired by jazz artists. The group is led by Yalcin Saglikova, an architect with 44 years of experience and creations like Istanbul World Trade Center and the renovation of Istanbul Chamber of Commerce building. Contact: Dilek Kişioğlu Assistant General Manager Yes Hotels +90 (212) 230-46-89 http://www.jazzhotel.com.tr - http://www.galleryresidence.com