Places to See and Where to Stay in Kazdağları on Semester Break

I am in the lap of a lush green nature in Mount Ida, which I visited last month, in the Ida Mountains, where the gods of Greek mythology have long since abandoned but left behind many stories.

You have to live here to understand how slow life is and how peaceful it is.

Accommodation: Cabras Kazdağları Hotel, set on 40 acres of land on the foothills of the Kazdağları Mountains, is a modernized version of the stone houses in the villages. You feel like you are on an authentic village vacation, but you are hosted in comfort with every detail thought out. Isn't that nice!


It also has an ambitious gastronomy restaurant. They grow ancestral seeds in the garden and process the harvest in their kitchen. So the flavor that comes to the plate is from the soil two steps away. And the meat is from animals raised in nature with plenty of oxygen. Cabras' stone oven blends 500-year-old traditional Turkish carbohydrates with Neapolitan dough from Italy. Not to mention the appetizers made with fresh herbs collected from the mountains. For God's sake, what's on the table that can't be eaten!


Travel, Food and Drink Recommendations from the Region
In my opinion, spring and fall are the seasons when you will see Kazdağları at its best. But in the summer, the deep blue Aegean comes into play, and the winter landscapes are also very appealing. So what can we say, come in all seasons.

If you plan your trip in Kazdağları, you can make wonderful discoveries and turn small moments into big memories. Especially if you have a car! There are many places to see in the surprising region like an open-air museum, but the most important places to see are Yeşilyurt Village, Paleo Gargara Ancient City, Arıklı, Behram Village, Assos Ancient Harbor, Glass Terrace Altınoluk. The activities we recommend are nature walks, village visits and jeep safari.


There are discounts of 10% for stays of min 3 nights, 15% for stays of min 5 nights, 20% for stays of min 7 nights or more.
(1 child aged 0-12 years stays free of charge, the second child or more stays with 50% discount).  

Call the hotel for reservation and detailed information, be sure to say hello from me +90 533 024 0595 

The property is not suitable for pets.
Some houses and rooms have fireplaces.


When it comes to Aegean flavors and village products, the appetite goes through the roof. For seafood, Filinta Restaurant in Adatepe, Yengeç Restaurant, Gulet Restaurant and Hasanaki in Küçükkuyu, Kavurmacılar Village, Antre No4 🥃 in Güre, Tıflıpaşa Halvacısı and Cumhuriyet Lokantası in Edremit Center, Demirciköy, Namu Atölye in Ayvacık, Trattoria Leo in Yeşilyurt Village are good choices.

Tren (Club)- Altınoluk, Köprü Beach Club- Zeytinli, Firuze (New Generation Meyhane) Güre, Kuzey Ege Kafası (New Generation Meyhane) Edremit, Manuka Beach Club-Altınoluk are the entertainment addresses of Kazdağları.