Turkey's Top 8 Best Places in Nature

You can explore the natural beauties of Turkey, where there are countless facilities that support nature tourism, and experience a wonderful accommodation experience in untouched nature. A great choice for both participating in nature sports and activities and starting the day with all the peaceful sounds and colors of nature, hotels in nature will literally bring you to yourself!
The concept of nature hotels can come up with many different accommodation types. Apart, bungalow, wooden house, glamping tent and many more, nature hotels can sometimes be in a plateau, sometimes by a lake, sometimes in the forest. Here are the best of the hotels in nature, which are more preferred in the fall and spring months:

1- Mütevelli Çiftliği - Bursa Mudanya - http://www.boutiquesmallhotels.com/mutevelli-ciftligi

Bursa never loses its natural beauty. Mütevelli Farm is a lonely villa in the middle of a stunning natural panorama just outside Mudanya. This is an extremely special place. Details such as double-glazed windows, a well-kept garden and swimming pool immediately catch the eye. The decoration is consistent: Mütevelli Farm is tastefully furnished with antique and similar furniture. It has 5 simple and sober rooms, modern bathrooms, a well-furnished living room and a fully equipped kitchen. Mountain forest at the back. Suitable for hiking and cycling tours. One spends time here close to the land and realizes its value. Vegetable beds in the garden. You can enjoy the garden of more than an acre in summer and the living room with fireplace in winter. As it is a private house, it is more suitable for groups of friends and families. Preferably rented on a weekly basis. Cem, the landlord, offers his guests a warm and functional Mütevelli Farm where the clocks run slowly. He is also a private chef with a diploma from Le Cordon Bleu Sydney. He cooks very good food. His list is rich. The oven is working hard. A medium-sized pizza, osso buco for the main course, fresh pastas as accompaniments, a variety of salads and modest wines... The list goes on and on. Anyone can contact him to taste these delicious dishes. Moreover, even if you want to cook your own meal, you should definitely try these unforgettable flavors. Both for the eyes and the palate!
In other words, Mütevelli Farm is worth traveling 2 hours from Istanbul. Make the most of it!

Pets are accepted.
They have parking lots where you can park your vehicles.
Two rooms are suitable for the physically disabled.
It is also easily recommended for families with children.
Contact them to find out the daily rates of Mütevelli Farm, which has a total capacity of 10 people with 40 square meter rooms: 0 545 904 82 10
Mütevelli Çiftliği can host up to 100 people for special occasions and celebrations.
Trilye is 7 km away and Mudanya is 18 km away.

2- Longosphere Glamping, Igneada Kırklareli - http://www.boutiquesmallhotels.com/longosphere-glamping

Glamping literally consists of the words "glamorous" (glamorous) and "camping" (camping). In other words, we can say that it is a place for those who cannot give up their comfort to have an experience in touch with nature.
The facility is so well designed that it has everything you need on 100 acres; restaurant, market, barbecue, pool, picnic area, event, entertainment and walking areas...
A quiet and peaceful place intertwined with nature. 10 minutes from the sea, a pool in the trees in the facility for those who prefer a pool, the rooms are the cleanest tent-style rooms I have ever seen. Be sure to take your fly spray because you are in nature. In terms of activities; there is a bicycle tour and adventure island. The staff are friendly and warm-blooded people. Breakfast varieties can be increased according to the mixed breakfast. For families with children, we recommend turtle tent bungalows because they have air conditioning, toilet and bathroom. There are also terraces. Up to 4 people can stay.

Another type of accommodation is the squirrel tent; there are rooms in the form of triangular tents, even a small transparent part on the ceiling where you can see the sky when you lie down. But these tents do not have WC and bathroom facilities, they use the ones in the common area. There are as many WC and bathrooms for every 6 tents, it is never crowded and is constantly cleaned. Up to 3 people can stay.
When you come to İğneada, there are many activities to do outside as well as inside the facility:

-Adventure track in the facility (children 1.30 m and above are accepted)
-Hiking in 3400 hectares of Floodplain Forests, choose the guided one.
-Canoeing on Lake Mert is an unmissable experience. It is also pleasant to sip your coffee at the cafe on the beach. You can also take a walk on the beach.
-Have dinner at Roka Balık and start a conversation in the evening.
- Bicycle tours are also enjoyable, but 15 bicycles are not enough for everyone at the moment. We took our own bicycle and we were comfortable.
- Enjoying barbecue and barbecue in the picnic area is super and well thought out, by the way, they don't allow day trippers to the facility.
- Sitting by the fire in Yin Yang square in the evenings (But children are not allowed after 20:00)
If you want to escape from the city, relieve stress, get plenty of oxygen, move and spend time in nature, Longosphere, which offers an environment intertwined with nature, may be the place you are looking for.

3- The Lake House, +12 - Lake Iznik Lake, Bursa - http://www.boutiquesmallhotels.com/the-lake-house

Isn't it refreshing when one is alone with nature and oneself... Everything in nature is so happy, elegant and heartwarming. The ever-healing mildness of the sky, sunny hills, airy mountains, bushes, olive trees, useful forests, the greasy necks of cows, the pleasant smells of herds of goats and sheep, springs, lakes, seas and lots of oxygen! Nature continues to have a positive effect on us, thank God.

It is so important for us to go on excursions in this very lonely world and to engrave the landscapes we see into our souls. The road to Lake Iznik in the most beautiful October is one of the most enjoyable and pleasant of our wanderings. The lake and the land, the soil and the reeds seem to be in a clear, calm and magical tranquility in the autumn twilight...

The attractive landscapes on Lake Iznik are indeed too many to count. Here we come across a pleasant place that is worthy of prompting us to think and talk about certain things. The Lake House is very well placed along Lake Iznik.

We realize that Yavuz Bey, the owner of the house, who pleased us so many times during our first stay six months ago, must have made a good impression that we are coming to The Lake House for the second time. The Penthouse, a quiet room with a view that caresses our eyes and minds, has a fireplace. It becomes a habit to romp all day here. There are also rooms suitable for people with physical disabilities. There are other room types besides Penthouse. All of them have a style-conscious approach and room sizes are between 25-60 square meters.

We've been wandering around here for two days and there's always something new and enticing. We have been touring the Hagia Sophia Mosque, with its strict Roman craftsmanship and perspective-adding architecture, in deep religious contemplation. Anyone who does not see this work will regret it. Afterwards, we wander around the shops full of priceless handicrafts in the Tile Bazaar. Iznik Tile is another craft traveling on the crest of the wave of centuries.

We return to the hotel late in the evening. Their cuisine is also very successful. Linguine pasta with crawfish is still on our palate. Far Eastern menus are the subject of another article!

The Lake House is an exception to the balance between human settlement and natural habitat. Families with children 12 years old and above can easily stay here. It is impossible to describe what watching the view here evokes in us... It is as if it will bear endless fruit... There are curtains formed by trees, various narrow pathways in The Lake Hose. The landscape, made of successive transparent layers that change as they shift, has been one of the most special places we have ever seen... And, as the sun rises, the environment becomes more poetic. We are sure you will enjoy it too, dear readers...

4- SASA Hotel and Restaurant, +12 - Sapanca - http://www.boutiquesmallhotels.com/sasa-harmanlik

📍✨İstanbul The @sasasapanca hotel and restaurant in Sapanca, which is built in an extraordinary corner of nature next to 📍✨İstanbul, has been taken care of with details that make people happy. Reopening on June 1st.
✏️ Beautiful, comfortable and spacious rooms in an extremely beautiful tropical garden, right on Sapanca Lake... 🌱🌼Modern and carefully designed rooms with simple lines and aesthetically satisfying aesthetics are under the impressive dominance of woodwork. When you wake up in the morning, the air you breathe is clean. A place to sit and enjoy for days with a good book. The key point: the beauty of the lake illuminated with an incredible light at sunset is a real feast...don't miss this opportunity...
🍓They serve a surprisingly rich breakfast. Everything is delicious and natural and most importantly heartfelt. Their pies, acuka and hazelnut paste leave a mark on the palate. You can also have breakfast in your room against the view. 🌸Walking opportunities around the lake are endless. 🌙The restaurants overlooking the magnificent panorama are among the best in Sapanca. The stars of the menu, which is inspired by world cuisine, are steamed sea bass and magnolia for dessert. Make a reservation for dinner to guarantee a good meal in a private setting... The lamb shank, beef ribs and steamed sea bass were delicious and finger-licking.
-Special homemade cheesecake, home cakes, magnolias are the most preferred desserts.
-Ideal place for families with children. 🐶🐶Evcil they cannot accept animals.
🏡The rooms are well ventilated after being disinfected regularly.
🎒In Sapanca, you should definitely take a walk by the lake and stay in nature, an ATV tour in Sapanca forests is a very enjoyable option. You should taste boutique flavors in boutique breakfast, dessert and fish restaurants. The hotel will guide you. 👐🌸

5- Simurg Inn, +15 - Ahmetce Village Assos - http://www.boutiquesmallhotels.com/simurg-inn

Mount Ida in winter colors...

Now let's travel through the atmosphere of Mount Ida. There is an insatiable view in Mount Ida! The description of this place as "the joy at the summit" would not be wrong at all. On the quiet hills of these lush green slopes of the North Aegean, there is a silver spot in the village of Ahmetçe: Simurg Inn. Simurg Inn enters our lives like the Imbat breeze... When we step into its spacious grove with plenty of greenery, every shade of nature illuminates our eyes and hearts. We take our eyes off the view and go inside. Our hostess Ms. Dilara is an environmentalist and animal lover; how could she not be, she has taken her inspiration from nature! She has created a synthesis of natural beauty, human structure and aesthetics here. While we are immersed in the original paintings hanging on the walls, dim light comes in through the cut glass lamps of the chandelier. Solid wood armchairs open up to large tables. An ideal setting for a pre-dinner aperitif or a post-dinner digestif. The smell of pines and earth encourages us to get up early. Long before sunrise, we wake up in the cool silence of the morning in our detached room called "Hüt Hüt". Lying on beautiful sheets, playing with sleep, waking up to the sea view and then waking up to go back to sleep makes us realize how sweet it is. Also, they play classical music in the morning and jazz in the evening. There are also small recitals in the garden from time to time. Now, a parenthesis: we know that we are really in the Kaz Mountains when we take our first sip from the first glass, in the sage-flavored night, and feel "oh there is a world!". In other words, this is a slow travel revolution... After breakfast, we throw ourselves into the rolling hills of the North Aegean. Green, green, green, green, cows, cows, cows. We go to see the majestic ancient city of Assos in Behram, the Sütüseven Waterfall spilling down from the hills and the beauty of Şahinderesi Canyon with the shadow of the Ida Mountains falling on its waters. Simurg Inn is right in the middle of a real oasis... Make the most of it. While you're at Simurg Inn, it's also an ideal place to try regional cuisine in an elegant setting.

6- Dionysos Village, +12 - Kumlubuk, Marmaris - http://www.boutiquesmallhotels.com/dionysos-hotel

On the southeast coast of the Bozburun peninsula, on the top of the mountains, in a location that completely dominates the view of Kumlubük bay, Dionysos Hotel is built in a village style and consists of 43 units, each with sea views.

The surrounding forests, its own gardens and the infinity pool overlooking the sea through the canyon make you feel far away from everything and everywhere. You can taste examples of modern & traditional Turkish cuisine in three different restaurants, where organic products grown on their own land and local market products, which inspired Timeout/2010 - Best Chef award winner Didem Şenol's book "Our daughter Defne, our son Iskorpite", meet the talented hands trained by her.

With the end of the lease on the Dionysos Beach Club property, it was decided to use the Kumlubük Yacht Club "Dutch Ahmet's Place" for guests in 2018. There you can dine and enjoy the beach and a specially selected menu or the standard KYK menu. Guests will be given a discount for cash payment.

Guests can also enjoy their large garden with olive trees, vineyards, greenery and fruit trees where they produce their own olive oil (Amos).

On their boats, specially designed for you from original lifeboats, you can cruise around the bays, swim and relax on your boat or on the beaches. On their organic farm, set amongst Osmaniye's beautiful pine forests, Ahmet and his wife cultivate the land, produce milk and dairy products, care for the chickens, grow herbs, vegetables and olives, and make cheese, butter and yogurt. Twice a week, dinner is served on the farm, followed by an olive oil tasting, and the professional therapists strive to combine quality and excellence in their treatments, which are offered in a comfortable and relaxing environment. Whether you are looking for pampering or pain relief....

You can also enjoy a wide range of activities in and around the hotel, including a tennis court, 3-hole golf driving range and nets, billiards, fitness center, free Wi-Fi access, iPod docking station in all rooms, well-equipped kitchen and dining area in some rooms.

7- Club Amazon Bördübet Marmaris - http://www.boutiquesmallhotels.com/amazon-club

Club Amazon Bördübet has a wild, extraordinary atmosphere reminiscent of the Amazon jungle. It is located on the banks of the stream that connects from the forest to the sea. You can reach the beach with a pleasant and unique experience by walking under the trees or paddling canoes from the stream. The wooden gypsy carriages called "Vardo" under the pine trees are very different from the classic hotel concept. The ceilings of the specially designed accommodation units are covered with glass so that you can fall asleep watching the stars. The new accommodation units, "Boutique Vans", have glass ceilings. Their size and terraces overlooking the pool make the "stone rooms" attractive for large families. It is quite enjoyable to take tours in the surrounding area, to cruise in the bays with your canoe, swimming breaks, open-air cinema under the centuries-old pine trees in the forest in the evenings, and watching the sunset with drinks and music from the hill overlooking the Seven Islands. At Club Amazon, one of the representatives of the "glamping" trend in Turkey, the food is in the long-awaited taste. You can connect to Amazon and awaken the "glamper" in you in a few days that you will spend without giving up the comfort you are looking for, outside of the usual holiday understanding.

8- Golden Key Hisaronu Marmaris - http://www.boutiquesmallhotels.com/golden-key-hisaronu-otel

Golden Key Hisarönü offers one of the few sandy beaches in the world, selected as one of "Turkey's top 10 beaches" by "The Guardian". Golden Key Hisarönü is built on a lush green area of 10 acres shaded by palm trees in a tranquil bay 20 km from Marmaris and consists of 12 Flower Suite, 8 Deluxe Family Rooms, 4 Sea Deluxe Suite, 5 Sea King Suite and 1 Presidential Suite. Surrounding two separate swimming pools for adults and children, the rooms hide the large lawn areas on the slope of the mountain behind the vines with palm trees. The hotel is located in the most beautiful bay of Hisarönü, which is famous for its cleanliness and red sand, and has a unique beauty that combines sea and forest. Offering a comfortable vacation in a natural environment and various nature sports opportunities, the facility has an Ala Carte Restaurant, Pool Bar and Snack Bar on the beach.