Sapanca Bungalow Houses, Bungalow Hotels with Fireplace and Jacuzzi

2 great bungalow suggestions that will give you a deep breath in Sapanca 👐

First of all, let's list the reasons to come to Sapanca;

📍 Sapanca Lake, highlands, Aygır stream, Kartepe, strolling in Istanbuldere, hanging out in cafes, restaurants and shops in Kırkpınar neighborhood. You can do ATV safari or horseback riding in Maşukiye and have a pleasant time in Ormanya.

🍳 Breakfast in Sapanca: Uğurlu Dükkan, Beta Home Gölevi Ortanca Restaurant, Heinz, Sasa Harmanlık, Titiz Grill, Menzara Restaurant (for those who like natural products and local dishes for breakfast).

🥞 Cafe / Dessert: Uğurlu Dükkan, Matranç (ice cream), and those who love dessert should definitely try the different cakes of Lulus Sapanca.

🍴 For dinner, delicious seafood and meat dishes according to the season at Iskele Cafe and Restaurant by the lake. There is also live music on Friday and Saturday evenings.
✏️ It is recommended to try especially the oreo pudding at Bahçe Sapanca. Eker restaurant (high price but first on tripadvisor), Atıştır (medium price and delicious), İskele Restaurant, (especially recommended for leaf liver)
Beta Home Gölevi (+90 533 695 4579) serves lunch and dinner. Goulash, oven lamb with mint, fish in paper, roasted red pepper salad with tahini and pistachio and pumpkin cup are among the most popular winter delicacies.
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🏠 Accommodation:
1- Bungalow Green Valley

While enjoying pleasant moments with your loved ones in your private garden, a world where you can spend time with your pets freely, activities intertwined with nature in common areas, unique landscapes with postcard beauty and a world where your pets can spend time freely awaits you...

Details at
+90 535 472 2476

2- Kıyı Bungalov Hotel and Cafe
In the bungalow rooms with kitchen, the spaciousness provided by the high ceilings is accompanied by the view of Sapanca Lake on one side and the swimming pool in the green garden on the other.
Details on the blog
+90 539 2283054

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