Places to visit in Amasya

Today we are in Amasya, also known as the Open Air Museum City in Anatolia 🚗

📚 Amasya, through the middle of which the Yeşilırmak River passes, is a city where the shades of green and blue blend and where the princes were educated during the Ottoman period. Thanks to this important position, the city, which has raised many sultans, scientists and artists, has many historical buildings.

✏️ Yeşilırmak, the second longest river in Turkey with a length of 416 km, divides the city into two. The famous Yalıboyu Houses on the banks of the river are a real photo op, but don't run out of battery power here!  Some of these houses have been restored and opened to visitors. Our favorite is Hazeranlar Mansion.

Then go, go, go, cross the bridge, you will see Amasya Castle right in front of you and the King Rock tombs at the foot of the castle. If you like historical places, apart from these tombs, there is also the Mirror Cave on the ring road, don't miss it.

✏️ If you say let's go and warm our bones, you can visit Terziköy Hot Springs, or if you say let's go when the weather is hot, visit the natural wonder, emerald green Borabay Lake.

✏️ Apart from these, there are many mosques and madrasahs to visit in the city.
 Another favorite of ours is the Şehzadeler Museum at the foot of the Alçak Bridge.
Strabon cafe by the river, Eminefendi mansion for the evening, Ali Kaya restaurant for the beauty of the city lights, Uluhan hotel (Şehzadeler or Yeşilırmak room), do not forget to visit the museum of Ferhat and Şirin.
Be sure to visit the city museum, see the inn and mosque that was a university in the time of our princes, visit the mini panorama of old Amasya, go to Alikaya at night, go to the handicraft street during the day, see the old Amasya neighborhood behind the bridge across the army house, so I will say, live the history moment by moment while you are here.❤️

🏡 Accommodation in Amasya: In the hotels I will recommend, you will have the view of the whole city in front of your eyes while sipping your coffee on your balcony or by the window.
Sarı Konak Hotel & Spa, Lalehan Hotel, Emin Efendi Hotel, Taşhan Hotel, Uluhan Hotel.
Details of the hotels are on the  Amasya page.

🎒There are many places to visit and see in the region.
Rock Tombs, Mirror Caves, Amasya Museum, Ferhat Water Canal, Stone Inn, Foundation Bedesten Grand Bazaar, Gök Madrasa Mosque, Gümüşlü Mosque, Mehmet Pasha Mosque, Büyük Ağa Madrasa are some of them. You should also definitely see the old Ottoman houses in Hatuniye Neighborhood.

I am sure that every day of your trip in Amasya, the city in the lap of history and nature, will be full. If you want, you can spend a day in the baths and healing waters of the hot springs and relieve all the tiredness of the year and store health.
You can see the King Rock Tombs built on the skirts of Amasya Castle. If you are one of those who like to be intertwined with nature, you can plan walks or bicycle tours along the Yeşilırmak River, which divides the city in two, or by the city's only lake, Borabay Lake.

You can observe different bird species at the Seven Swans Bird Sanctuary. If you want to spend time in the center of the city, you can visit the bedesten, bazaar, buy local souvenirs, take a nice coffee break either in the center or by Yeşilırmak, and relax while listening to the city.

In the evenings, you can have a nice meal by Yeşilırmak against the view of the castle and king tombs. You can feast your palate with Turkish and international cuisine or the local flavors of Amasya.

🍽️ So What and Where to Eat in Amasya?

The first food that comes to mind when you say Amasya is apple. Do not pass without eating plenty. In addition, apple dessert, toyga soup, çılbır soup and stuffed broad beans are other famous flavors.
There are also many local dishes you will want to taste in Amasya, which is now famous worldwide for its delicious apples.

A few restaurant recommendations:

🥢 Galip Amasya Donut Shop This famous donut, which is a must-taste for visitors to Amasya, is also known as chickpea donut by locals because it is prepared from chickpea yeast.

🥢 Amaseia Cuisine When you come here, you can order the famous keshkek, toyga soup, stuffed leaves with broad beans, baked beans with meat in casserole and okra dish.

🥢 Taşhan Hotel & Restaurant In the restaurant section, Taş kebab, meat and chicken çökertme, Turkish delight, bostan kebab, keşkek, stuffed leaves and semolina halva are among the most preferred dishes. Yeşilçam open-air cinema screenings are also held on certain days of the week.

🥢 I also recommend Ali Kaya restaurant and Yamaç bistro for dining and sightseeing.

🥢 Emin Efendi Mansions Restaurant. The food and ambiance in the restaurant are exquisite. Live music is great. The artists are great. Definitely stop by if you are on your way.

🥢 Don't forget to eat the famous Amasya Keşkeği while you are there.

✏️ Places to visit in Amasya:
- Girls Palace. I recommend those who will go to Amasya to go up to the Palace of Girls and have a coffee against the magnificent city view.
- Sabuncuoğlu medicine and surgery museum.
- Bimarhane
- Ferhat and Shirin Mountain
- Yildirim Beyazit Mosque
- Mummy Museum
If you have any suggestions, write to us!🙏🏻