Our changing travel habits after coronavirus

The coronavirus has undoubtedly caused major changes in every aspect of our lives. These changes in many areas such as working life, our daily lives and of course our travel habits have become our new habits in a short time. Especially now, we prefer much quieter places for traveling, away from the crowds compared to the past. The effects of Covid-19 on travel continue in 2022. Enuygun.com, an authority on travel, explains what has changed in the field of travel according to its data. Here are our changing travel habits after Covid-19.

1 - Bungalows replaced all-inclusive facilities
All-inclusive hotels were one of the most popular accommodation alternatives, especially among families. After the coronavirus, all-inclusive hotel accommodations with rich buffets and crowded groups of hundreds of people have started to be replaced by bungalow hotels that attract attention with their calmer and peaceful environments. Bungalow hotels, which can be found in nature, by the sea, in camping sites or on a mountain slope with a magnificent view, continue to be preferred both at the beginning of the pandemic and today, as they offer a much more isolated travel opportunity. In bungalow facilities, visitors are offered options such as bed and breakfast and half-board.

2 - We now prefer a vacation in touch with nature
One of our changing habits after the coronavirus is that we now prefer to be alone with nature more often. Whether it is long vacations or weekend getaways, everyone has started to turn to a type of accommodation where they will be in touch with nature at the first opportunity. As a result of this, the popularity of campsites has been increasing day by day. Today, especially tent and caravan camps are preferred by many people. Vacationers leave themselves in the arms of nature at the first opportunity, regardless of summer, winter or spring.

3 - Hostels and boutique hotels are very popular
Other alternative accommodation options that attract more interest during the pandemic period include hostels and boutique hotels. Consisting of small establishments with fewer rooms, pensions and boutique hotels prioritize the comfort of visitors. In addition to comfort, social distance can be maintained in these facilities and a more isolated travel approach is dominant compared to large hotels. Hostels offer more affordable room options than boutique hotels. Boutique hotel prices are shaped depending on variables such as the distance to the sea, the quality of service they offer and their location.

4- Hygiene has become one of the first requirements for travelling
Of course, after Covid-19, the first thing we pay attention to in our travels, as in every aspect of our lives, has undoubtedly become hygiene. Hotels where coronavirus measures were taken at the beginning of the pandemic were among the first choices of vacationers. Today, even though Covid-19 measures have changed compared to the past two years, we continue to pay attention to our social distance and hygiene conditions. Therefore, our primary expectation from a hotel is that the rooms, common areas and the entire facility are clean.

5 - Villas and vacation homes are the new trend among groups
Holiday homes such as villas, apartments, farms or chalets have become the new favorites of crowded families or groups of friends after the pandemic. With the comfort of a home-like environment, vacation homes can have different features such as a private pool, its own garden, barbecue area and patio. In this way, vacationers can stay as they wish in villas that belong entirely to their own group. Since the comfort of the home environment and the feeling of being away from the crowd is one of the new habits that have become important in the lives of vacationers after Covid-19, holiday homes have become more preferred.

6- Domestic travel remains popular
With the travel bans imposed between countries after the coronavirus, all holiday plans were compulsorily directed domestically. Domestically, especially the nearby holiday regions were among the first choices of those who would travel. Although foreign trips have started to be organized with the travel bans lifted day by day, domestic holidays still remain popular. Vacationers can make a trip as they dream of in domestic holiday routes where they can reach more easily.

7 - It is now possible to work and travel
Our working lives, which have been transformed after the pandemic, have become integrated with our travels. Now that many companies have adopted fully remote or hybrid working models, it has become possible to travel more frequently. Employees, who can also take vacations during their remote work, can travel much more and even have a longer stay.