Moda district with its magnificent beach, streets and figures

Almost every city in Turkey has something famous. There is definitely a figure that has become the symbol of that city, unique to it, special to it. Istanbul has a different place among these cities. Almost every district of Istanbul has something famous and is known by all the people. Whether on the Anatolian side or on the European side, there is definitely something to visit, see and discover.

Moda in Kadıköy district on the European side of Istanbul is one of these special places. Who has not been affected by this magnificent view where the sun sets? With its magnificent beach, exquisite streets and figures, Moda has always been one of the places that have always pleased its guests. Although it may seem like a crowded place, it has actually been one of the rare places of both Istanbul and Kadıköy with its long-established system and order.

It is rumoured that the history of Moda dates back to the first age civilisations. The Ottomans took this neighbourhood towards the end of the 14th century. Since the Tanzimat period, the neighbourhood, which was flooded especially by minorities and foreign citizens, took the name 'Moda'. Moda, known especially for its mansions and mansions and unique structures, has unfortunately had its share of concretisation like other historical places of Istanbul. Despite all these, Moda still opens its doors to its residents as well as its valuable visitors with its unique structure and texture.

Moda has inspired poets, musicians, literary artists and many other artists. Many famous artists have lived in Moda, mentioned Moda in their works and tried to tell something from it, something belonging to it. Today, Moda has become a place where many activities and activities can be done and its importance is increasing day by day. The number of visitors is constantly increasing. Especially in the summer months, there is an intense influx of visitors.

How to get to Moda? Moda is located on the Asian side of Istanbul and there in Kadıköy. If you are coming from the European side, you will need to come to Kadıköy first. If you are on the Anatolian side, there is a similar situation. Kadıköy is one of the busiest places in the city, it is always easy to come from the sea and it is easy to come by bus or minibus. After arriving in Kadıköy, you can go to Moda neighbourhood by Moda Tram. If you wish, you can also go to Moda beach on foot from Kadıköy coast.

What to Eat in Moda? It is possible to see examples from almost every cuisine culture from Moda district. And of course, Moda is also very rich in terms of food variety. Moda is a very rich place whether you want breakfast, fast food, main course or cafe. Especially in summer, we recommend you to try tea gardens and cafeterias. That marvellous environment with the sea breeze will relax you very much. For breakfast, Moda Van Breakfast, Reçel Cafe, then Kuru Kahveci Selim, Cape, Cafe Los Manços as cafes, Köyüm Pide, Moda Balkaymak, Coffe 37 / A Donut and of course places famous for waffles are recommended for dessert and fast food. If you want to have dinner, Moda Sahil Restaurant, Serkan Usta's Kitchen and Yanyalı Fehmi Restaurant are recommended.

Places to Visit in Moda One of the first places that comes to mind when it comes to Moda is of course Moda Beach and Yoğurtçu Park. You can take a walk on the beach, which attracts a lot of attention especially at the weekend. Historical Moda Pier, Moda Tea Garden, Ali Usta Ice Cream Parlour, Kemal Usta Waffle are places that are now identified with Moda. Barış Manço's house in Moda has been converted into a museum and has become a place where the artist's belongings and other inventories are exhibited. This place can also be visited.

What to do in Moda? If you are interested in sports and especially walking and cycling, you should definitely explore the Moda Coast. These activities can be done very easily. There are also places to play basketball and tennis. You can drink tea and coffee and have a pleasant time in the pleasant places in the streets. You do not necessarily need to enter a place, even walking around the streets of Moda gives a different peace and a different atmosphere.

What to Buy in Moda? As we mentioned at the beginning of our article, every part of Istanbul is famous and the Moda neighbourhood has a special importance among these places. We can recommend you places with figures and souvenirs that will remind us of Moda.

Recommendation for a place to stay in Moda: Melek Hotels Moda