Konya, the Mystical City of Central Anatolia

Saying that it is good to change places, we came to Konya, the mystical city of Central Anatolia.

Sufis say: "There are as many paths to God as there are people; so much so that the paths are more numerous than the breaths of all people. We start our program in Konya by visiting the mausoleums of Mevlana, the scholar, and Shams, the dervish, on this journey that makes us discover the true nature.

After taking our share of Konya's energy, air and food, we go to the hotel to rest. We are in the light-filled rooms of the Hich Hotel, neighboring the Mevlana Museum, full of antiques and books, in the silence of the heart. The next day, after breakfast, we go to the village of İvriz to see the relief made by the Hittites. It is very difficult to fit our Konya trip into one day and one post. This relief with the Hittite god holding grapes and wheat in his hands, the Luwian King praying and hieroglyphic writings is really beautiful! In both İvriz Village and Sille Village, we admire the original architecture of the houses and the villagers who live agro-pastoral lives. It is as if their destinies are intertwined...


We are glad we came to see Çatalhöyük, which means the hillock at the point where the river diverges, Zazadin Inn and Can Hasan Mound! We leave hoping to return to Konya again.

As we leave the city, we do not neglect to eat Kadınhanı tahini pita and tirit. This Konya is a signature flavor feast! On the way back, while we drink our coffee with the cheese candies we bought in Konya, we return to the sad lines of the Mesnevi with peace of mind and say goodbye!

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