Isparta and Surrounding Places to Visit

Photo: Isparta Pinargozu
In the Lake District, one of the most special parts of the Mediterranean Region, there is Isparta, the city of roses. Even as soon as you hear the name of the city, you think of fragrant, pink-toned, delicious roses. The city, which is also famous for its handicrafts and especially its hand-woven carpets, is very rich in terms of historical and natural beauties. Unfortunately, we cannot yet say that Isparta is given the importance it deserves by local and foreign tourists. The good sides of this situation are that the prices are much cheaper than touristic regions and it is possible to reach the region by different means of transportation at almost any time you want. If you want to be among the lucky ones who first discover Isparta with all its details and beauties and return home with a thousand and one varieties of roses, here are the places to visit in Isparta and its surroundings.

Places to Visit in Isparta City Center
Isparta city center is a place where you should not return without eating flavors such as oven kebab, semolina halva and kabune pilaf. You should also add products such as rose oil, rose delight and rose water to your shopping list. You can crown your busy program of eating, drinking and shopping with the following spots:

Prof. Dr. Turan Yazgan Ethnography Museum: Since 2013, the museum has been open to the people of Isparta as well as local and foreign tourists; it is a pleasant exhibition of local life. The number of famous Isparta carpets, rugs and other ethnographic products reaches 3500 here. It is estimated that 50 thousand people visit the museum located at the entrance of Gökçay Mesirlik.

Mimar Sinan (Firdevs Pasha) Mosque: Mimar Sinan Mosque, one of the oldest architectural structures of Isparta, is an important part of both faith tourism and history tourism. Since the person who built this place in the style of Mimar Sinan in 1561 was Fridevs Pasha, the Governor of Isparta; the place is also known by this name.

Isparta Grape Bazaar: The Grape Bazaar, an Ottoman-era bazaar, is a tourist spot built by Firdevs Pasha and located around the Mimar Sinan Mosque. From the workshops producing Turkish coffee to the sellers of classic Isparta carpets, here are the oldest artisans of Isparta. Isparta Municipality is also carrying out projects to further revitalize this tourist spot in the heart of the city.

Aya Payana (Aya Baniya) Church: The center of Isparta is an easy route that only takes a few hours to explore. For those who want to extend their short trip here and make it more valuable; Aya Payana Church, one of the structures that have survived to this day, is ideal. The church with three naves is estimated to be a relic from 1750 to the present day.

Isparta Museum: There is an address that you should check the visit calendar due to maintenance and repair works. The museum, which is expected to join Isparta tourism again in the near future, is a cultural heritage where admission is free and both archaeological and ethnographic artifacts are exhibited. In addition to the remains from the ancient cities around Isparta; you can also find a complete Isparta house arrangement here. 

Places to Visit Around Isparta
Tourism types around Isparta are divided into two as winter tourism and nature tourism. The lakes in the region can be pointed out as places where both the local people breathe and the newcomers to the city stop by for the first time:

Davraz Ski Center: If you are traveling to Isparta in January or February, you will most likely head straight to Davraz Ski Resort. This place, which does not look like popular addresses such as Uludağ in terms of snow quality, of course needs a little more investment. Nevertheless, when you go to Davraz, you can meet all your needs from ski equipment rental to accommodation.

Kuyucak Village (Lavender Scented Village): The increasing interest in social media channels such as Instagram has popularized Kuyucak Village, which is a feast of visual aesthetics. The village has many visitors especially in July. The lavender fields are legendary not only for their visual appeal but also for their scent.

Yazılı Canyon: Another pleasant tourist spot you can visit in Isparta is Yazılı Canyon, where you can enter for a reasonable fee and spend time in the tea garden. There are also picnic tables here. The place where locals swim in the cold water at its source and where beautiful views can be captured on its bridges is at its most beautiful during the summer months. There is always fresh air here with the effect of the Taurus Mountains.

Lake Eğirdir :One of Turkey's natural riches, Eğirdir is also the number two largest freshwater lake in the country. This place is the scene of boat tours and almost resembles the sea. Locals spend a lot of time on the beach, especially in the summer months. There are places by the lake where you can eat fish; and there are places where you can have a mixed breakfast with a view.

Akpinar Village: When you go 7 kilometers away from Eğirdir city center, you can reach Akpınar Village, a quaint village and its observation terrace. A hot tea and village-made pancakes are the flavors Akpınar offers you. At any time of the day, the observation terrace here continues to offer beautiful views to its visitors.

Kovada Lake National Park: Kovada, a very shallow lake, is 29 kilometers from Eğirdir. This is one of the most beautiful places in Isparta; It has both a bicycle track and a hiking trail. There is a watchtower at the highest point of the national park for you to take magnificent lake photos.

Isparta Can Island: You can reach Can Island, located between Eğirdir and Yeşilada, by making a 38-kilometer land journey from the center of Isparta. The beauty of this place is that it is a picnic area open to tent and caravan tourism. The place, which is operated by Eğirdir Municipality, more than does justice to its beautiful location. In addition to local and foreign tourists, this is one of the most frequented recreation areas for Isparta residents.

Isparta Gölcük Lake Nature Park: Only 8 kilometers away from Isparta city center, you can take your breath in Gölcük, a crater lake. This place is not called the Lake District for nothing. The mineral richness of the soil around the lake is embodied in dozens of different kinds of trees. Offering a feast for the eyes with its circular shape; the lake is the subject of day trips for both rest and sports purposes.

Pisidia Antioch Ancient City: The ancient city of Pisidia Antioch, which hosted one of the most brilliant periods of the Roman period, is a place of interest for those interested in ancient times. The section called St. Paul's Way on the way to the ancient city is a must-see. This settlement, which is one of the places where Christianity spread, is also a pilgrimage center; St. Paul's Way is also considered a pilgrimage route.

Dedegöl Mountain and Melikler Plateau: Both Dedegöl Mountain and Melikler Plateau, located at the foot of the mountain, can be counted among the natural beauties that should be seen while visiting Isparta. These places are located within the borders of Yenişarbademli district. Dedegöl Mountaineering festival is also held in Dedegöl every year in May. Hiking trails include tourist spots such as Yaka Canyon, Pınargözü cave, Beyçam Memorial Tree and Cukka Spring Fountain. May is also the harvest time for the region's famous roses, so you may want to plan your visit around this time.

Photo:Gökçay Recreation Center

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