Forest Hotels in Marmara Region

Forest hotels with a chalet concept and a magnificent location among the greenery in nature can be found in many untouched spots in Turkey. You will have many different alternatives from natural living villages in the valley, yoga and meditation facilities, bungalow houses with sea views to villa-type accommodation hotels by the lake.
From Yalova to Burdur, from Kaş to Izmir, from Marmaris to Ordu, you can find forest hotels all around Turkey. If you wish, you can stay in a wooden bungalow house in the forest, or you can stay in a plateau with an incredibly rich flora and fauna accompanied by an exquisite view. Forest hotels, which are more preferred especially in September, October and November, host wonderful landscapes where all the colors of nature meet.
In this article, we have compiled the hotels and venues in the Forest from the Marmara Region. Let's start if you are ready;

1- Villa Polonez - Polonezköy Istanbul -

Spring is the most peaceful season for us. As we take long walks and bike rides, the landscapes we encounter offer picturesque scenes! At sunrise, we stop in Polonezköy, where the surroundings become more poetic with every step. We haven't experienced the magnificent autumn view we saw here at sunrise today for a long time! Those various tree species are always with us in Polonezköy. Scrub, tall trees and finally cherry trees!

We decide to spend the whole day in Polonezkoy, a beautiful and quiet mountain town. The church of Our Lady of Czestochova in the center of the village and the Zofia Rızı Memorial House are the places we want to see. The church has an ancient, natural and beautiful garden. Trees here and there offer a nice shade.

Villa Polonez with its stone architecture, which is worthy of our measure of beauty and pleasantness, appeals to us and we stay here. This sweet farmhouse offers us a lovely view, almost wrapped in beautiful pine trees. We relax in the fireplace in our suite room, overlooking the beautiful mountain and valley view, while a fire burns beside us. We are full of warmth. There are also rooms suitable for those with physical disabilities.

 Thanks to the free location of Villa Polonez, they accept our pet friends. It has an atmosphere suitable for families with children of all ages. The next morning, after having an elaborate mixed breakfast, we sit in the sun all day long in the lush garden, among the pines lined up in rows. You really get a sense of the calmness of this place. Resting like this makes it all worth it...

2- Mütevelli Çiftliği Mountain House - Mudanya Bursa -

Bursa never loses its natural beauty. Mütevelli Farm is a lonely villa in the middle of a stunning natural panorama just outside Mudanya. This is an extremely special place. Details such as double-glazed windows, a well-kept garden and swimming pool immediately catch the eye. The decoration is consistent: Mütevelli Farm is tastefully furnished with antique and similar furniture. It has 5 simple and sober rooms, modern bathrooms, a well-furnished living room and a fully equipped kitchen. Mountain forest at the back. Suitable for hiking and cycling tours. One spends time here close to the land and realizes the value of it. Vegetable beds in the garden. You can enjoy the garden of more than an acre in summer and the living room with fireplace in winter. As it is a private house, it is more suitable for groups of friends and families. Preferably rented on a weekly basis. Cem, the owner of the house, offers his guests a warm and functional Mütevelli Farm, where the clock is ticking slowly. He is also a private chef with a diploma from Le Cordon Bleu Sydney. He cooks very good food. His list is rich. The oven is working hard. A medium-sized pizza, osso buco for the main course, fresh pastas as accompaniments, a variety of salads and modest wines... The list goes on and on. Anyone can contact him to taste these delicious dishes. Moreover, even if you want to cook your own meal, you should definitely try these unforgettable flavors. Both for the eyes and the palate!
In other words, Mütevelli Farm is worth traveling 2 hours from Istanbul. Make the most of it!

Pets are accepted.
They have parking lots where you can park your vehicles.
Two rooms are suitable for the physically disabled.
It is also easily recommended for families with children.
Contact them to find out the daily rates of Mütevelli Farm, which has a total capacity of 10 people with 40 square meter rooms: 0 545 904 82 10
Mütevelli Çiftliği can host up to 100 people for special occasions and celebrations.
Trilye is 7 km away and Mudanya is 18 km away.

3- Masklavi Hotel - Alaçam Bursa -
"Miss Bursa" in village decor Masklavi

I walk along the stone roads of Alaçam Village in Kestel district and where the village ends, Masklavi begins. First the old pine trees welcome me, then the friendly hosts of Masklavi. Masklavi is an authentic place with rooms bearing names from mythology.

I use the word "warm" in every sense of the word. In the context of peace, enthusiasm, silence, calmness. Masklavi is located in a breathtaking place in Alaçam where the background color is emerald green nature; it means "star" in Georgian language. It is open to such a view that it melts the fat of all hearts... The village of Alacam is laid out like a magnificent carpet under my feet here...
But it is the human heat that gives the building flavor. Thanks to Mr. Turan and Mr. Cihan who opened this place, Masklavi has turned into a unique place of absolute tranquility. The fact that it is run by people who beautify and add joy to the place they touch is also a valuable situation.
If you follow the recommendations of a connoisseur (i.e. my recommendations), I recommend you to start breakfast with walnut sheet pastry; silor dishes in the evening a la carte restaurants are my recommendation.

Their Venus room with jacuzzi under the mulberry tree is my favorite.
In order to preserve the silence, they appeal to families with children aged +12 and above.
They are not suitable for pets.
Bursa Yenisehir Airport is 43 km away.

4- Casa Lavanda Hotel & Spa, +12 - Şile Istanbul -

We are in an unexpected place in the village of Ulupelit in Şile, next to the beautiful city of Istanbul, where the winds are constantly blowing from different directions! We have come to Casa Lavanda Hotel & Restaurant, where there is a way of life with a distinct personality. This is one of the happiest, most vibrant and warmest realities of human intervention in nature! At Casa Lavanda, they have created a unique accommodation and food culture that is suitable for enjoying all seasons with their own unique beauty. As soon as we enter the infinitely beautiful garden with forests to hide in, we are greeted by unique silhouettes, colorful sunsets, well-chosen music, transparent food smells that we can breathe in, and beautiful details in the courtyard, rooms and windows with perfect proportions. It is as if we are in a luminous mystical place...
Another distinctive feature of Casa Lavanda is its cuisine! The menus change in winter and summer seasons, prepared with the produce from their gardens, which they grow in accordance with the rhythm of nature. The pastas are home-made daily, the plates are decorated with porcini and truffle mushrooms and the sourdough breads are wonderful; they melt in your mouth! The wine cellars are also ideal. The secret signature in the flavor and presentation of each dish belongs to our host chef Emre Şen! Of course, it is also very pleasant to eat outdoors overlooking the lush green valley. A vase on each table, a flower in it. We are in a peaceful atmosphere, far away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Sitting by the fireplace in the winter garden and drinking delicious cocktails in the colorful sunsets is exactly what we pleasure lovers do! We still can't get enough of the sooty lavender aroma.

Yes, dear readers, go to Casa Lavanda, with your lover, with the people you love, or why not, alone, or with the image of the love you left behind, no matter who you are with, you will be "in a dream" in this carefully created place...

5- Karinna Forest Pavilions - Uludag Bursa -

Turkey is differently beautiful when the weather is warm, differently when it is cool...
As autumn is coming to the door with a breeze, we started to prepare beautiful routes for ourselves... Of course, we did not think of a route without Bursa Uludag.
Now we want to tell you about one of our chalet favorites on our list...
Karinna Forest Mansions

Dağ Evleri is 700 meters from the hotel area in Uludag. There are 21 chalets inside. The mansions have a kitchen, living room, bedrooms and bathrooms. Don't expect luxury inside the houses, there is more of a chalet atmosphere inside.
You cook the meals yourself at home. Everything is available, come and get your shopping.
Karinna Country Cafe inside can also organize various organizations with meals, but we asked if it was open, it was under renovation. You can enjoy a barbecue here in winter and in summer you can enjoy the summit in the garden.

The environment is decent. A great vacation is spent in the forest watching the snow in winter. The houses are clean, very warm and very organized. We give 4 out of 5. Take your supplies and go. There are forks, knives, pots, etc. everything. Bathrooms are useful. The beds are comfortable. People staying on the mountain can be affected by the oxygen level at an altitude of 2,000 meters when they wake up in the morning and you should also be used to snow and nature because it is always cold outside...Go with supplies, you will enjoy it.
The ski area is 2 minutes by car.
There is a small market nearby.
If you come with your car, there are parking spaces.
🐶 Pets are accepted.

6- Narköy - Kandıra Kocaeli

Let's tell you about Narköy, which is located in a place among lush green trees with the principle of "Zero Waste" without wasting or harming nature...
Narköy ~ #Kandıra, #Kocaeli here.
This is an #ecological hotel.
Their greatest treasure is the seeds that they carefully store with labor and care. It has a total of 14 rooms, indoor and outdoor classrooms and a restaurant.
The concept is full board for those staying in deluxe rooms and suites... If you stay in the "House" and "Han", of course you can benefit from the flavors in full board... (Terrace kitchen of the house, fireplace of the Han)
The decoration is modern but in harmony with nature. Comfort and elegance are combined.
There is no air conditioning in all accommodation areas, there is an architectural fiction that provides healthy cooling with special insulation and natural ventilation... There is no TV, there is a lot of nature, there is calmness...There are no carbonated drinks in the minibar (we liked this part very much).
 There is no a la carte menu, there are dishes boiling in the big cauldrons of "Mother Chef". The autumn hash browns with pumpkin, the Gnocchi with Sirken Herb, the cold rosemary and thyme sorbet they prepare in the summer should be tried. Their minced meat pies come to mind now, oh the smell of them, should we eat them now or hit the road again?
The leftovers are given to the animals, as we said, no waste, no harm.
There is no pool but there is edible landscaping. You can buy freshly picked produce directly from the farm. The farm is very rich with a variety of fruits and vegetables.
The barn, the poultry house, the pond for water animals, the area where the seeds are stored is an interesting area to teach your children a lesson.
Large-scale corporate companies organize pleasant motivational activities with their employees here.
In the forested area, weddings are held that will make the most beautiful photo report cards jealous... (a little magazine: actress #canselelçin married her husband here and those delicious bride and groom poses were taken here)
If you come with your car, there are parking spaces.
Between the November holidays, you can also include this modern village in your route to discharge the children in a healthy environment.

7- The Lake House, +12 - Iznik Lake Bursa -

Isn't it refreshing when one is alone with nature and oneself... Everything in nature is so happy, elegant and heartwarming. The ever-healing mildness of the sky, sunny hills, airy mountains, bushes, olive trees, useful forests, the greasy necks of cows, the pleasant smells of herds of goats and sheep, springs, lakes, seas and lots of oxygen! Nature continues to have a positive effect on us, thank God.

It is so important for us to go on excursions in this very lonely world and to engrave the landscapes we see into our souls. The road to Lake Iznik in the most beautiful October is one of the most enjoyable and pleasant of our wanderings. The lake and the land, the soil and the reeds seem to be in a clear, calm and magical tranquility in the autumn twilight...

The attractive landscapes on Lake Iznik are indeed too many to count. Here we come across a pleasant place that is worthy of prompting us to think and talk about certain things. The Lake House is very well placed along Lake Iznik.

We realize this: Yavuz Bey, the owner of the house, who delighted us many times during our first stay six months ago; must have made a good impression, because we come to The Lake House for the second time. The Penthouse, a quiet room with a view that caresses our eyes and minds, has a fireplace. It becomes a habit to romp all day here. There are also rooms suitable for people with physical disabilities. There are other room types besides Penthouse. All of them have a style-conscious approach and room sizes are between 25-60 square meters.

We've been wandering around here for two days and there's always something new and enticing. We visit the Hagia Sophia Mosque, with its strict Roman craftsmanship and perspective-adding architecture, with deep religious contemplation. Anyone who does not see this work will regret it. Afterwards, we wander around the shops full of priceless handicrafts in the Tile Bazaar. Iznik Tile is another craft traveling on the crest of the wave of centuries.

We return to the hotel late in the evening. Their cuisine is also very successful. Linguine pasta with crawfish is still on our palate. Far Eastern menus are the subject of another article!

The Lake House is an exception to the balance between human settlement and natural habitat. Families with children 12 years old and above can easily stay here. It is impossible to describe what watching the view here evokes in us... It is as if it will bear endless fruit... There are curtains formed by trees, various narrow pathways in The Lake Hose. The landscape, made of successive transparent layers that change as they shift, has been one of the most special places we have ever seen... And, as the sun rises, the environment becomes more poetic. We are sure you will enjoy it too, dear readers...

8- Longosphere Glamping, İğneada Kırklareli -

Glamping literally consists of the words "glamorous" (glamorous) and "camping" (camping). In other words, we can say that it is a place for those who cannot give up their comfort to have an experience in touch with nature.
The facility is so well designed that it has everything you need on 100 acres; restaurant, market, barbecue, pool, picnic area, event, entertainment and walking areas...
A quiet and peaceful place intertwined with nature. 10 minutes from the sea, a pool in the trees in the facility for those who prefer a pool, the rooms are the cleanest tent-style rooms I have ever seen. Be sure to take your fly spray because you are in nature. In terms of activities; there is a bicycle tour and adventure island. The staff are friendly and warm-blooded people. Breakfast varieties can be increased according to the mixed breakfast. For families with children, we recommend turtle tent bungalows because they have air conditioning, toilet and bathroom. There are also terraces. Up to 4 people can stay.

Another type of accommodation is the squirrel tent; there are rooms in the form of triangular tents, even a small transparent part on the ceiling where you can see the sky when you lie down. But these tents do not have WC and bathroom facilities, they use the ones in the common area. There are as many WC and bathrooms for every 6 tents, it is never crowded and is constantly cleaned. Up to 3 people can stay.
When you come to İğneada, there are many activities to do outside as well as inside the facility:

-Adventure track in the facility (children 1.30 m and above are accepted)
-Hiking in 3400 hectares of Floodplain Forests, choose the guided one.
-Canoe tour in Lake Mert, an unmissable experience. It is also pleasant to sip your coffee at the cafe on the beach. You can also take a walk on the beach.
-Have dinner at Roka Balık and start a conversation in the evening.
- Bicycle tours are also enjoyable, but 15 bicycles are not enough for everyone at the moment. We took our own bicycle and we were comfortable.
- Enjoying barbecue and barbecue in the picnic area is super and well thought out, by the way, they don't allow day trippers to the facility.
- Sitting by the fire in Yin Yang square in the evenings (But children are not allowed after 20:00)
If you want to escape from the city, relieve stress, get plenty of oxygen, move and spend time in nature, Longosphere, which offers an environment intertwined with nature, may be the place you are looking for.

9- Dachas Evleri - Agva Istanbul -

Here is an authenticity worthy of an Agva vacation: Dachas Cove Houses

🌿 Hotel & farm by the Göksu River in Ağva... How well it suits the place @dachasevleriagva . 20 years ago, a family settled here and established a farm, and their dream to host guests came true this year.

🏠 Inspired by the simple beauty of the farm, Hülya Hanım's stone houses with colorful lines and high ceilings are among the lush green trees...

Here, they host guests with the care of being in the heart of nature, but without rushing, enjoying the moment.

🌴 In a large garden; there is a cafe, restaurant, horse farm, organic vegetable beds, swimming pool, fruit trees, geese, chickens, cows. It is in a location where I can enjoy the deep tranquility of the Göksu River from where I sit, without missing the wind on hot summer days!

🛏 Dachas Cove consists of 19 houses with different concepts and detached entrances. The houses, bathrooms and balconies are very spacious and pleasant. No matter what I do in the house named Silo where I stayed, I love it... I am in a tastefully built, clean and pleasantly run place, I am enjoying the moment...

🍽 Those who want to have a special experience with both the quality of the cuisine and the beauty of the view, come to Dachas Cove Houses...🐶 The doors are always open to our pet friends. Sabiha Gökçen Airport is 75 km away. Places in the immediate vicinity that I especially recommend you to spare time for: Sardala Bay, Hacılı Waterfall, Aşıklar Yolu and Ağvan town center.