Beylerbeyi, the historical and nostalgic neighbourhood of Istanbul

Beylerbeyi is a historical, charming and nostalgic place on the Anatolian side of Istanbul, on the way from Üsküdar to Çengelköy. Especially with its historical texture, beautiful cafes and fish restaurants, this small but charming neighbourhood offers us beautiful places to visit.

Beylerbeyi is right in the middle of the Bosphorus. It is an easy-to-reach point with many options for transport. Even if you do not have a car, it is at a point where municipal buses and other means of transport pass frequently.

Beylerbeyi neighbourhood is an old and deep-rooted point whose history dates back to the Byzantine period. The neighbourhood, which was also used extensively by the Ottomans, is also known for the harmony of its residents. Since it is an old and well-established place, most people living here know each other and their relations are extremely modern and sincere. Beylerbeyi is one of our places that gives quite a lot of finds related to ancient history in terms of historical research.

When you come to visit Beylerbeyi district, it is impossible not to be affected by that magical air. Especially in the cool of the evening, it takes you to completely different worlds. You can explore the neighbourhood with its historical houses, palace and nostalgic streets. You can sip your tea or coffee or have a nice meal in one of the many boutique cafes. Beylerbeyi offers us many options in terms of variety. Whether you eat fast food, fish or other cuisines, Beylerbeyi neighbourhood hosts many places where you will definitely not be cooked.

You do not necessarily need to go to a place to visit Beylerbeyi neighbourhood or to have a good time here. You can also come to the edge of the Bosphorus and relax or have a good time with your loved ones. In one of the best-looking places in Istanbul, you can immortalise unforgettable moments by looking at the bubbling waters, watching the people and the seagulls, the symbol of the Bosphorus. Beylerbeyi neighbourhood is a very generous neighbourhood. It is one of the rare places that offers us the most fish if we have a fishing rod while watching its historical texture and unique Bosphorus view.

How to get to Beylerbeyi

If you live in Istanbul, it is very, very easy to go to all districts and districts, not just Beylerbeyi. Because Istanbul is the most extensive city of our country's transport network. Beylerbeyi is one of the most central places in Istanbul. If you want to get here, you can use many different directions. If you are coming from Üsküdar, all minibuses and buses in the direction of Beykoz pass here. This is also valid for Kadıköy, yellow minibuses and municipal buses depart from Kadıköy in the direction of Beykoz. You can easily come here. It is located in a direction just below the first bridge. There are also services from Beşiktaş to Beylerbeyi pier at certain intervals.

What to Eat in Beylerbeyi

We have come to the most comfortable answer. If you are in Istanbul and especially if you are in Beylerbeyi, you have many alternatives in terms of food. Beylerbeyi offers you many options from seafood, fast food, Turkish and world cuisine. Beylerbeyi Yakamoz Restaurant is one of the decent places where you can go with your family and watch the Bosphorus most clearly. It is an extremely rich place in terms of cuisine varieties. If you want to eat seafood and fish, you can choose Doğa Balık Restaurant, Villa Bosphorus, Marina Balık or Beylerbeyi İskele Restaurant. Tike Restaurant is also one of the most preferred places for a kebab or pita type menu. You can eat the Black Sea Pita at Karpi, drink tea and coffee and have desserts at Mavi Kafe or Uçar Kafe Restaurant. In addition, all these are generally in front of the unique view of the Bosphorus. Apart from all these, there are dozens of places where you can buy kumpir, waffle, kokreç and sandwiches in Beylerbeyi.

Where to go in Beylerbeyi?

Beylerbeyi is one of the rare Istanbul districts where history and Bosphorus texture meet in the middle. Although it is not fully concretised yet, it preserves its historical beauties to a significant extent. One of the first things that comes to mind when it comes to Beylerbeyi is of course Beylerbeyi Palace. This historical palace on the right side of the bridge and at the beginning of the neighbourhood awaits its visitors. The palace, which has important presentation halls and mansions, also consists of a garden with a pool. You can still see the traces of the past on the streets of Beylerbeyi. While travelling here, historical wooden houses will also help you go back to the past. Beylerbeyi Hamid-i Evvel Mosque and Beylerbeyi Bath are also buildings that will help you love the neighbourhood. The remains of the Byzantine city walls and cisterns are also important textures. Then Beylerbeyi Beach and Beylerbeyi Park are other important places to visit.

What to do in Beylerbeyi?

If your way falls to Beylerbeyi, or if you want to have a nice time, be sure to tour its historical streets. After doing this, watch the Bosphorus from Beylerbeyi. And while doing this, forget everything, throw everything into the cool waters. Just listen to your heart and act as you feel at that moment. Beylerbeyi is a place with very nice breakfast places. You can have a nice breakfast here. You can come fishing as a team or individually at the weekend. In the summer months, you can go for tea and coffee with the cool breezes of the Bosphorus in the evening and sit in cosy boutique cafes.

What to Buy from Beylerbeyi?

As in every touristic place, souvenirs and clothes specific to that neighbourhood can be bought in Beylerbeyi. There are also many places where you can buy fish and seafood. Beylerbeyi is a place where you cannot get enough at once and you will want to come back again and again.
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