A Pinch of Birgi Village

"Let the vineyard give water, let the rose garden not be troublesome, A rose will not open if your face alone gives water to a thousand roses.''

This is how Fuzûlî calls out from the tunnel of time with lines full of love and reproach. Birgi, too, is a picturesque village where green and mansion, history and poetry blend, and where one can observe the exuberant and peaceful colors. In any case, it is a painting full of all kinds of colors embroidered with verses, songs and memories of the past...

Birgi's slopes are embroidered with mansions like lace. As we wander through its streets, we come across a different beauty that makes us dizzy at every turn. If we need to count, we can write Çakırağa Mansion first. It was built in 1761. Şerif Aliağa himself is gone but his images remain. The ceiling decorations and the depiction of Istanbul have an unfading beauty. We are enchanted! When we look more carefully, we can hear the traces of the past echoing in the time tunnel during the hours when the mansion has few visitors.
It is imperative to look not only at the mansions, but also at the legendary nature between the romantic slopes. Since we are talking about trees, we need to open a special parenthesis here: centuries-old plane trees share the village square with walnut and chestnut trees. We enjoy the sunset of Birgi with the taste of the coffee we drink out of gratitude.

Birgi is also famous for its Great Mosque. It was built in 1312. If we tried to write the history of this place, it would take several volumes. It enchants us with its peaceful atmosphere.
Apart from all these, the sincerity of the people in the village keeps this place alive. We have seen so many beautiful artisan restaurants in the villages we visited. In each of them, we encountered an abundance of different flavors. At Baba Lokantası in Birgi, we had a very delicious testi kebab and baklava.

Note to the curious: The hotel where we felt the spiritual feeling of Birgi's nature is @salihahanimtaskonak. Art and humanity are united here and it has turned into a place where dreams are naturalized. All we have to do is to enjoy it.