10 Hotel Suggestions that will fascinate you with its view

Who doesn't want to be greeted by a beautiful view as soon as they open their eyes?

Of course, this is not always possible under home conditions, but hotel getaways have such sweet reasons. When choosing accommodation, the hotel you choose should definitely make you say "I'm glad I stayed here!" thanks to its view. We started to sigh as we saw the doors of these hotels opening to the lap of nature, and we even made our reservation for one of them right away! When you reach the end of the list, share with us which of these 10 hotels managed to steal your heart:

1. Agva Beyaz Ev, Agva, Istanbul
One of the hotels with the most beautiful view in Istanbul is definitely Beyaz Ev in Agva. The hotel view, which includes every shade of green, is crowned with the view of a magnificent river. There is only 10 meters between the Agva River and the hotel. Therefore, the sounds of fresh water coming from the river will also be a blessing for you. One of the most important features of the hotel, which is 90 kilometers from Istanbul city center, is that it accepts guests aged 12 and over.
In addition to the local delicacies it offers; the fact that Ağva Beyaz Ev is run by a friendly family is an important advantage that makes you feel at home. The hotel is located 2 kilometers from the center of Agva and has only 9 rooms, so you should be in a hurry to make a reservation. Here you can enjoy your day with nature walks, cycling tours or boat trips.

Property Features:
Dinner Option, Garden, Bar - Cafe, Sea View, Pet Friendly, Breakfast Included, Restaurant, Sports and Activities, Suite Room, Jacuzzi in the Room, Fireplace in the Hotel, Ages 12+, Honeymoon Suite, Boat Rental, Riverfront, Adult Facility, Fireplace in the Rooms, Breakfast in the Room, In the Nature
Address: Yakuplu Caddesi No: 256 Agva, Istanbul
Phone: +90 216 721 87 15    

2. Manzara Hotel, Abant, Bolu
A hotel named after its view is next. Abant Manzara Hotel, which allows you to open your eyes to the full embrace of nature at the first light of the morning, is a getaway point that is considered a common point for big cities such as Istanbul and Ankara. There is only a distance of 500 meters between the creek, which forms the unique view of the facility.
While Manzara Hotel appeals mostly to romantic couples; it is also a place where families with children can choose with peace of mind. The facility also offers hammocks and a children's playground for its little guests. Alcohol is not served at the hotel. The hotel has a total of 16 rooms, 4 of which are duplexes. The entrance doors of the rooms are independent from each other, making you feel even more free.

Property Features:
Mountain View, Breakfast Included, Restaurant, Fireplace in the Hotel, Suitable for Families with Children, Family Room, Soundproofed Rooms, TV Room, Children's Playground, Breakfast in the Room, On the Mountain, In Nature, No Pets Allowed
Address: Abant Yolu Üzeri 12. Km, 14030 Dereceören, Bolu Merkez, Bolu
Phone: +90 374 237 10 20    

3. Golden Key Hotel, Kartalkaya, Bolu  
A winter vacation accompanied by the majestic view of the Köroğlu Mountains... Maybe this is all you need to get away from the stress of everyday life. Even if you don't realize it, stress is a burden both on your shoulders and in your heart! If it's January or February, the white blanket of snow at Golden Key Hotel Kartalkaya is enough to cover all the evils. This hotel can continue to offer you marvelous views until the end of spring.
Adding to the comfort and scenery, Golden Key Hotel offers a gourmet kitchen with highly successful Turkish and Italian dishes. Even the pillows and quilts are custom-made and can be categorized as luxury chalets.

Facility Features:
Dinner Option, Elevator, Bar-Café, Steam Room, Mountain View, Fitness Center, Indoor Swimming Pool, Restaurant, Sauna, Spa Center, Sports and Activities, Suite Room, TV in Room, Jacuzzi in Room, Wireless Internet, Suitable for Families with Children, Meeting Room, Half Board, On the Mountain, In Nature
Address: Hotels, Köroğlu Mountains, Kartalkaya/Bolu
Phone: +90 374 234 50 59

4. Baga Hotel, Akyaka, Mugla
When you decide to turn your route to the Aegean, Baga Hotel, which offers mountains and seas in the same landscape, may be on your radar. A quiet and peaceful vacation in Akyaka, the silent city or "Cittaslow" in its original name... What more could one ask for than a season, whether it is summer or winter? The district, which is connected to the Ula province of Muğla, is 18 kilometers from the city center.
Baga Hotel brings the unique Gökova Gulf together with its guests aged 12 and over. Here you can find the chance to participate in many activities such as boat trips, rafting or paragliding. Your nature excursions will become more colorful thanks to Akyaka's houses, all of which have the same architecture, meeting with the green forest cover.

Facility Features: Mountain View, Sea View, Outdoor Swimming Pool, Restaurant, Sports and Activities, Suite Room, Seaside, 12+ Ages, Family Room, Honeymoon Suite, Water Sports, Blue Flag Beach, In Nature, No Pets Allowed
Address: Akyaka Town, Gümrük Sokak No:3 Gökova, Muğla
Phone: +90 252 243 45 50    

5. Suna Sun Hotel, Kas, Antalya
And the Mediterranean... With only 12 rooms, we are in a hotel that provides the same quality of service for adults only, 12 months of the year. Suna Sun Hotel is worthy of praise both for the special concept it offers and for its beautiful view of Kaş. The hotel's personalized service concept is most evident in the variety and content offered at breakfast.
Suna Sun Hotel, which claims to offer its guests the products grown on its own farm, respects not only its guests but also the environment. Here you can feel that you are really "friends" with nature. In the summer months, you can either take a breath in the sea or in the infinity pool.

Facility Features: Dinner Option, Sea View, Outdoor Swimming Pool, Airport Transfer, Restaurant, Sauna, Spa Center, Jacuzzi in the room, Fireplace in the hotel, Turkish Bath, Massage, By the Sea, Ages 12+, Soundproofed Rooms, Bicycle Rental, In nature, No Pets Allowed, Jacuzzi in the hotel, Infinity pool
Address: Andifli Mah. Cukurbag Peninsula, Bulent Kalkavan Sk. D. No:10, 07580, Kas, Antalya
Phone:+90 544 836 16 35    

6. Anemos Hotel, Gökçeada, Çanakkale
Gökçeada, the pearl of Çanakkale, has not yet been sufficiently explored with its view or the comfort it offers to its guests. You can be one of the first explorers of this charming town by making your way to Anemos Hotel and turn the quiet and calm atmosphere here into a wonderful opportunity for you and your loved ones.
Anemos Hotel, which means "wind" in Greek, has a pleasant terrace where you can welcome the wind in all seasons of the year. There is not a single word to say about the beauty of the nature around the hotel; however, the landscaping inside the hotel is also successful enough to open your heart and appeal to your eyes.

Facility Features: Dinner Option, Bar-Cafe, Baby Crib, Mountain View, Outdoor Swimming Pool, Pet Friendly, Breakfast included, Restaurant, Suitable for families with children, In nature
Address: Yukarı Kaleköy No:98 Gökçeada, Çanakkale
Phone: +90 286 887 37 29    

7. Taskonaklar Hotel, Uchisar, Nevsehir
This is perhaps the last point in both scenery and pleasure! Cappadocia Region, which is one of the most preferred destinations for honeymooners, really does its best to host so many guests. A hot bath in the jacuzzi accompanied by the untouched view of Uchisar? Who can say no to that?
Inside the hotel, authentic carpets, paintings and tasteful choices await you. Outside the hotel, before you even open your eyes, balloons are already taking off and starting to cheer your view. Güvercinlik Valley, where the hotel is located right on the slope, is the only address for those who want to enjoy ballooning.

Facility Features: Historical Building, Mountain View, Restaurant, Suite Room, TV in the room, Jacuzzi in the room, Fireplace in the hotel, Wireless internet, Suitable for families with children, Meeting Room, Honeymoon Suite, Fireplace in the rooms, In the village, On the mountain, No Pets Allowed
Address: Gedik Sokak No:8 Uchisar, Nevsehir
Phone: +90 384 219 30 01

8. Nisanyan Houses, Sirince, Izmir
Although the expectation from the landscape may vary from person to person; the color of peace is always the same. The more green, the more tranquility. In this context, Nişanyan Houses awaits you in the atmosphere of Şirince where you can open your eyes to the sounds of roosters.
A hammam with underfloor heating, a menu with home-fermented yogurt or just-picked village eggs, and detached historical houses where you can stay. Nişanyan Houses; It is a place far away from the classic hotel atmosphere but does not deprive its guests of the comfort of the hotel.

Facility Features: Bar-Café, Historical Building, Mountain View, Outdoor Swimming Pool, Pet Friendly, Restaurant, Suite Room, Fireplace in the Hotel, Suitable for Families with Children, Private Villa, Family Room, Honeymoon Suite, Apart Room, Hiking Trail, Villa with Pool, In the Village, In the Mountain, In Nature, Country House, Chalet
Address: Sirince Mahallesi, 214 Sokak, No:16 35920 Selcuk, Izmir
Phone: +90 232 898 32 08    

9. Ortunc Hotel, Cunda Island, Balikesir
Surrounded by pine, fig and olive trees, Ortunç Hotel is surrounded by pine, fig and olive trees. You never know whether the rustling of the leaves, the scent of the forest and the sea or the magnificent blue green landscapes will attract you more. But let's hope that this will be your biggest question mark in life!
The hotel, which is also at the forefront with its sustainable tourism activities, is beautiful in the summer months. If you are staying in Cunda Island, which is visited by all local and foreign tourists coming to Ayvalık, you should not return from here without eating fish on the beach, tasting lokma and hot ice cream.

Facility Features: Steam Room, Sea View, Restaurant, Sauna, Sports and Activities, Yoga, Massage, Seaside, 12+ Ages, Meeting Room, Honeymoon Suite, In Nature, No Pets Allowed
Address: Ayvalık Islands Nature Park Cunda (Alibey) Island Dalyan Mevkii, Balıkesir
Phone: +90 266 327 11 20    

10. Seyr-i Cennet Mountain Houses, Çamlıhemşin, Rize
One last hotel whose name gives an idea about its view: Seyr-i Cennet Dağ Evleri. Located on the lush green road to Ayder Plateau in Çamlıhemşin, this hotel is run by people who love their job. Naturally, the food here is good and the guests are very welcome.  
Fırtına Valley is one of the favorite stops of those who come to Çamlıhemşin; it should be one of the topics of the trip here. Rafting here or drinking tea against Fırtına Creek is now completely up to your preference.

Facility Features:
Dinner Option, Bar-Cafe, Mountain View, Restaurant, Sports and Activities, Fireplace in the hotel, Suitable for families with children, In the village, On the mountain, In nature, Mountain House
Address: Kavak Mah., Ayder road on the Lower Shimshirli Aksu Mah. Camlihemsin, Rize
Phone: +90 553 002 03 02