10 Great Things to experience Faralya and Oludeniz

Especially in the summer season, having a full vacation experience becomes the common goal of every traveler from seven to seventy. Oludeniz, the world-famous holiday resort of Fethiye, and its lesser-known neighbor Faralya, 10 kilometers away, offer attractive opportunities for holidaymakers who focus on this idea. If you, like everyone else, have a vacation dream of having fun, exploring and having different experiences, you can choose one of these two holiday resorts and easily reach your goal with the activities listed below.

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1. Enjoying the Sea Away from the Eyes in Kabak Valley
Many hidden paradises await you around Faralya Village. Surrounded by red pine forests, Kabak Valley and its eye-catching bay are the most interesting of these hidden paradises that fascinate those who see them. Since the valley is surrounded by hundreds of meters high slopes, it cannot be reached by car. This situation both helps Kabak to preserve its virgin structure and provides nature-loving travelers with the opportunity to spend time in an environment that will provide pleasant moments.

Apart from enjoying the sea in Kabak, you can camp, take long walks and take beautiful photos to add to your archive. If you are in the valley in the morning, you can have the opportunity to start the day with a delicious village breakfast.

2. Camping in Butterfly Valley
Speaking of camping, we would like to remind you about the Butterfly Valley. The original name of the valley, which can only be reached by sea, is Güdürümsu. However, this unique geography is often referred to by its popular name because it is home to over 80 species, including the Tiger Butterfly. This feature of the valley provides rare opportunities for individuals who like to observe natural life.
While staying at the campground in Butterfly Valley, you can take your camera with you and focus on exploring the beauty of the surrounding area. If you like climbing, you can follow two different routes in the valley. One of these routes ends at the waterfall and the other at Faralya Village.

3. Taking Long Walks on the Lycian Way
Another of the 10 great reasons to vacation in Faralya and Oludeniz is to take long walks on the Ancient Lycian Way. Moreover, it does not matter where you stay for this activity. In other words, you can set off from Oludeniz or Faralya and have the privilege of both seeing the historical ruins and witnessing the natural beauties within the borders of Fethiye with your own eyes.

The ancient road starts from Hisarönü (Ovacık) in Fethiye and extends all the way to Antalya. Every year, a group of volunteers maintains the route and renews directional and warning signs. Travelers who follow the coastline sometimes encounter small adventures such as overcoming steep cliffs. However, historical cities, exquisite landscapes and many other surprises on the way encourage travelers to overcome such difficulties.

4. Paragliding in Babadağ
If you want to participate in activities with a high dose of excitement while vacationing in Faralya or Ölüdeniz, you do not necessarily have to overcome challenging climbs and routes. If you wish, you can take a pleasant journey from Babadağ to Belcekız Beach accompanied by an experienced pilot. However, this activity can only be realized during a certain period of the year. Therefore, if you want to keep your plans on track, you can schedule your vacation between April and October.

There are take-off areas at three different points of Babadağ. The choice of runway is determined according to the wind conditions. The journey is completed between 25 and 45 minutes depending on the weather conditions. During this time, the pilot gives information about the environment. If you wish, you can focus on enjoying the view or taking photos.

5. Exploring the Bays through Boat Tours
If you remember, while giving information about Kabak Valley, we mentioned that there are many hidden paradises in the region. If you want to visit these places during your vacation and swim to your heart's content, you can join boat tours. Moreover, most of the daily tours start from Ölüdeniz. Tour operators provide free shuttle service so that their guests can easily reach the boat.

Boat tours, which are of great interest to travelers, usually start around 10.30 am. The journey lasts until 18.00 and includes the Blue Cave, Butterfly Valley, Aquarium Bay, Saint Nicholas Island, Cold Water Bay and Camel Beach. Some excursions even include Kabak Bay, Calis, Gemile, Gocek and Karacaoren.

6. Enjoying Water Sports
Swimming and sunbathing have long been standard activities in Oludeniz and Faralya, whose coastal areas are dotted with beautiful bays. Travelers who want to break the mold know that the way to have a pleasant time is to engage in water sports.

The surrounding water sports facilities cater to all ages. While children try out toys with high safety standards, adults can dive, canoe, surf and water ski.
If you intend to dive to discover the beauties hidden in the deep blue of the Mediterranean, you can choose Ölüdeniz offshore, especially around the 12 Islands. Alternatively, you can turn your route to the Butterfly Valley. Of course, with the large number of bays, you can create different programs considering your own expectations and mastery.

7. Visit Saklikent
In our list of 10 great reasons to vacation in Faralya and Oludeniz, we have so far focused on the activities that can be done within the borders of these two regions. However, in the immediate vicinity of these two popular settlements, an exquisite land formation such as Saklikent is waiting for your visit. The canyon stretches all the way to Kaş and offers guests the opportunity to cool off on the hottest days of summer.

Locals even believe that the sulphurous water boiling from the rocks at the entrance of the canyon is healing.
A stone's throw away from Saklıkent, which is also home to an important rafting course, is another beauty, the Gizlikent Waterfall. Approximately 500 meters before you reach the canyon, you can encounter wonderful views as you drive on the road leading to the waterfall, which is about 1 kilometer inside.

8. Visiting Ancient Cities
Fethiye is home to important ancient settlements that were once part of the Lycian Civilization.
For this reason, the district and the holiday resorts within its borders attract not only entertainment enthusiasts but also travelers who enjoy cultural tours. You can easily reach some of the historical settlements close to both holiday resorts by public transportation. For a different experience, you can join safari or ATV tours.

When it comes to the ancient cities in Fethiye, many people think of Patara, famous for its stunningly beautiful beach. However, the ancient cities of Telmessos, Letoon and Tios should not be overlooked. If you wish, you can add Dalyan Rock Tombs, Gemiler Island and Kayaköy to this list that will help you expand your knowledge about the past of the region.

9. Staying at Faralya Yoga Hotels
If you want to escape from the bustle of the city after a busy year and have a vacation in a more serene atmosphere, you can choose among Faralya hotels. You can even go further and choose one of the accommodation facilities with a yoga studio instead of the standard small hotels. This way, you will not only find the peaceful environment you are looking for, but you can also learn new yoga techniques that you can apply after your vacation.

Faralya yoga hotels are usually run by families. Their boutique style provides travelers with the comfort of a home environment. The facilities in the town mainly serve organic products to the guests. When you are looking for some action while staying in the region, you can easily try the activities we have recommended to you in our list so far.

10. Spending Peaceful Days in Oludeniz Adult Hotels
Oludeniz adult hotels are also considered ideal options for travelers who put active activities on the back burner during the holiday period and prefer to stay in a quiet environment. Since they host travelers over a certain age group due to their accommodation policies, there are not many rooms in such hotels. This, just like Faralya hotels, offers travelers the privilege of having a holiday in a friendly atmosphere with a high level of comfort.

Oludeniz adult hotels help their guests to participate in activities such as water sports, paragliding and boat tours. Most of them even provide transportation service to popular shopping and entertainment areas in the city center such as Paspatur Bazaar.

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