10 Aegean Districts You Wish You Were There Now

As the new week begins, the stress of work life starts to envelop you immediately. If there is one thing that comes to the rescue at that very moment, it is the charming Aegean towns that make you wish you were there right now!
While the warm blue waters and light winds of the Aegean Sea mesmerize people all summer long, is it possible not to be left behind when you return? The most beautiful districts belonging to one of the most beautiful geographical regions of Turkey are here with you now.

1. Karaburun
Karaburun district of Izmir is a little-known corner of paradise compared to popular alternatives such as Çeşme and Urla. This is partly due to Karaburun's difficult geography and winding roads. As the name suggests, this land protrusion, which has the appearance of a cape, has wonderful bays and untouched nature. Moreover, the quality of the roads has recently improved considerably compared to the past.
If you don't want to go all the way to the very end of Karaburun, the town of Mordoğan awaits you on the way. Here you will find summer houses and very affordable boutique hotels and pensions. Among the things to do in Karaburun is to taste fish varieties, especially mullet. Mussels, squid, shrimp and their derivatives can also decorate your table during fun evenings. Just like accommodation; food and beverage expenses are also very affordable in Karaburun.
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Photo: gezimanya.com

2. Çeşme
If there is only one holiday destination in Izmir that never fits into a single season; it can be pointed out as Çeşme. This beautiful district, which also includes the tourist favorite Alaçatı within its borders, can offer you a different option in every corner. Apart from private cars, Çeşme can be easily reached within an hour by buses departing from Izmir Bus Terminal or minibuses departing from Üçkuyular.
An affordable public beach in Ilıca, a summer cottage in Çiftlikköy or a beach club in Aya Yorgi Bay side by side with the most socialites... All these different worlds are possible within a few hours of each other on the same day within the vast geography of Çeşme. It is also important not to miss the Alaçatı Bazaar on Saturdays. Life in Alaçatı continues to be full in winter, especially during the New Year.

3. Seferihisar - Sığacık
Seferihisar, another rare spot in the Aegean, is especially famous for being a slow city, or Citta Slow in its original name. Life in the district of Izmir is indeed remarkably slow. Although the center of Seferihisar is also worth a visit, the most beautiful spot here is definitely the town of Sığacık.
In Sığacık, you can eat ice cream and fish bread, spend time in Teos Marina and shop at the handicraft stalls of the locals. As you can see from this, none of the activities in the town are luxurious or expensive. If you are looking for a short getaway on a budget; you can easily take your breath away in Seferihisar and Sığacık.

4. Foca
Number four among the most beautiful Aegean towns belongs to Foça, which is also an Izmir town. The district is divided into two towns, Eski Foça and Yeni Foça; both of which leave a different taste in the mouth. Kozbeyli Village, which you come across on your way from Izmir to Foça; is a breakfast spot that you should definitely stop for a break.
Old Foça has local stalls, fish restaurants and cafes lined up along the harbor. Yeni Foça, on the other hand, looks like a much quieter summer town. If your intention is to socialize a little, you may prefer the center of Eski Foça.

5. Urla
As we bid farewell to the city with one last Izmir district; this time we are in Urla. Urla is especially memorable with its wonderful bazaar on Sundays and local produce. In addition to the beautiful beaches in the holiday resort where nature offers all its generosity; there is Uzbek Village that offers an authentic experience.
Urla can be especially preferred for a romantic vacation. In recent years, there have been delicious developments in the field of gastronomy here. Wine tastings, different world cuisines and boutique restaurants of private chefs are taking their place in Urla one by one. Of course, we should say that the prices have raised the bar a bit in this case.

6. Kusadasi
As we turn our route to Aydın province; we encounter Kuşadası district, the favorite of the city, at the first moment. This place is especially popular with Russian and German tourists. While the all-inclusive hotels in Kuşadası attract large families and foreign tourists; couples may prefer more boutique options.
With its marina, bars street and bazaar, Kuşadası is a district where nightlife is also quite assertive. There is also life and movement here for four seasons. The tourism season starts long before the summer season and spreads throughout the whole year without missing any opportunity such as New Year's Eve and half-year holidays.

7. Bodrum
Bodrum Bodrum... A district that is beautiful at every moment of the year and whose charm is recognized by the whole world... Even though it is part of Muğla province; it is actually like a separate republic. More and more people, especially from the world of culture and art, prefer to live in Bodrum in summer and winter.
Things to do in Bodrum include tasting Bodrum tangerines depending on the season, eating ice cream in Bitez, and spending a pleasant time in Turgutreis and Yalikavak marinas. The beauty of the sea in towns like Torba and Gümüşlük is legendary. Bodrum district center is mostly known for its night entertainment.

8. Marmaris
Marmaris, another Aegean district of Muğla province, has bays that are becoming more and more popular every day. Towns such as Selimiye, Turunç or Hisarönü attract families and couples with different holiday concepts like a magnet. Marmaris town center is never behind the towns in terms of hotels, sea and sun.
If you are traveling by private car from cities such as Istanbul or Izmir, you must stop by Akyaka on the way to Marmaris. This place offers a wonderful break on the descent from the winding passes to the town. Nothing can dampen your spirits after a table overlooking the Azmak River! Marmaris can also be reached by air using Dalaman Airport.

9. Fethiye
Oludeniz, Calis, Siteler, what's more... This is the place that foreigners, especially the British, prefer to settle in Turkey. When they see the beauties of Fethiye; they are not wrong. Fethiye now borders the Mediterranean region and you have the chance to swim in cool waters at world heritage beaches such as Patara.
Fethiye's cultural richness is reflected not only in the residences but also in the shopping and entertainment options. You can always have dinner here, even in winter, accompanied by live music and a pleasant atmosphere. The average age of Fethiye's population is higher than its derivatives such as Çeşme or Bodrum; it is worth remembering this.

10. Dalyan
To be in Dalyan now... You are not the only one thinking about it. Dalyan is also one of the most favorite stops for loggerhead turtles, also known as caretta caretta! Therefore, the attention of scientists and researchers from all over the world is on this natural wonder.
It is up to you to see the rock tombs carved on the rocks in Dalyan, take a pleasant journey by boat and be surprised by the tourist population! Foreign tourists have already added this world-famous beauty, which Turks have not yet discovered enough, to their travel lists. Therefore, you encounter plenty of world cuisine and music in the district center.