Datça Mesudıye - Ovabuku: An Unparalleled Tourısm Paradıse

Datça Peninsula's gem, Ovabükü, is a holiday destination that dazzles with its natural beauty and tranquility. With its turquoise sea, nature adorned with every shade of green, and serene atmosphere, it offers visitors an unforgettable experience. Here are some unknown facts, places to visit, activities, and charming spots about Datça Ovabükü:

Unknown Facts:

  1. Datça's Silent Paradise: Ovabükü typically offers a more tranquil atmosphere compared to the more popular Datça center. Therefore, it's ideal for those seeking a peaceful holiday surrounded by nature.
  2. Stone Houses: Ovabükü is famous for its traditional stone houses, preserving the region's architectural texture and offering visitors a nostalgic atmosphere.
  3. Diving and Snorkeling: Ovabükü is an excellent spot for diving and snorkeling in clear waters. The underwater life is rich, renowned for its colorful coral reefs.

Places to Visit and Things to Do in Datça:

  1. Ovabükü Beach: With its turquoise sea and soft sands, Ovabükü Beach is an ideal spot for sunbathing and swimming.
  2. Knidos Ancient City: Knidos Ancient City, located at the western tip of the Datça Peninsula, is a must-visit destination for history and culture enthusiasts. Here, you can explore an ancient theater, temple ruins, and various historical artifacts.
  3. Hiking Trails: Around Ovabükü, there are numerous hiking trails for nature enthusiasts. You can enjoy pleasant walks along the coast or climb to the mountain peak, accompanied by magnificent views.

Now let's talk about Datça's "büks" (bays)...

HAYITBÜKÜ: A bit crowded, adjacent beaches, but beautiful sea, crystal clear.

OVABÜKÜ: The calmest and most secluded spot in Datça, intertwined with nature. I love both its sea and the tranquility of the atmosphere.

KIZILBÜKÜ: Green and peaceful. It has sandy beaches and a rocky coastline offering spectacular views for underwater divers.

PALAMUTBÜKÜ: Definitely the clearest sea among the bays. A bit crowded.

A modest vacation idea without horns, without rush, rich in oxygen: Why not Ovabükü in Datça?

 🏡 Accommodation in Ovabükü: For those who want to stay true to the old holiday resort vibe, immerse themselves in a time filled with songs and poems, I recommend Datça without hesitation. Melinda Datça is the perfect place for such a holiday, with its cozy and intimate 11 rooms, each 16 m2 in size. Opened in 2004, the facility serves as both a guesthouse and a restaurant. It's a charming place in Datça, perfect for your visit, with a very elegant restaurant.

The establishment, owned by business owners (Sergül & Osman Oral Demirel), who never fail to display sweet smiles on their faces, appeals to visitors of all ages and tastes with its seafront location, private beach, and a yoga platform with a sea view. One side of the pension offers views of the mountains, while the other side overlooks the sea.

🍽️ You can find the most exquisite tastes of Mediterranean and Aegean cuisine at the seafront restaurant of the facility. At Melinda Restaurant, they meticulously prepare their menus by combining locally grown vegetables from the region's organic gardens with seafood and meat products. The dishes prepared naturally by the owners, rich variety of appetizers, fresh salads, meat menu, and especially the octopus, squid, shrimp, and expertly prepared seafood, make this the perfect destination for a culinary feast...

As the evening slowly turns its red hue towards the sea, experiencing the pleasure of rakı & fish here, accompanied by the ambiance created by the gentle waves, is fantastic. If you ever find yourself in the direction of Datça, I highly recommend stopping by.

📞 You can get detailed information by calling +90 532 655 5266. For more, visit the blog at https://www.boutiquesmallhotels.com/melinda-datca

Additionally, you can benefit from the secluded and spacious Yoga and Pilates Studio, completely built from natural materials on a wooden platform facing the sea.

🐶 They accept pets, provided that you mention it during the reservation and come to an agreement.

✈️ Dalaman Airport is 178 km away.

If you ask who this place is more suitable for; it's more suitable for those seeking a quiet and peaceful holiday. Families with children, couples, and groups of friends can stay comfortably.

☕️ Complimentary tea time at 17:00. 🌿 The facility is open from April to November. ✏️ Child policy: Children aged 0-6 stay for free, while children aged 7-12 receive a 50% discount. ❤️‍🔥 The most special and unique thing at the facility is the raki-fish enjoyment by the sea towards sunset. Of course, it's accompanied by meticulously prepared seasonal olive oil dishes using vegetables from their gardens, grilled octopus and salad, calamari, Ezine white cheese, and melon.

🌿 Places to Visit in Datça: Knidos Ancient City (especially at sunset), Old Datça, and Akvaryum Bay. You can go hiking, visit Old Datça, and watch the sunset at Knidos Ancient City.