Why is the Boutique Small Hotels?

Why is the Boutique Small Hotels?

"Do you have an extraordinary property? Let's talk about why you should join the Small Hotels Site!

A unique collection consisting of 890 carefully selected small and boutique hotels, stylish villas, vineyard houses, bungalows, log cabins, and mountain houses, located in 55 cities across Turkiye & Greece.

  1. A blend of 790 selected small, boutique, independent hotels, mountain houses, and luxury bungalows.
  2. We select places with style, character, and excellent service; ideally owner-operated and often innovative spaces.
  3. We visit all our members, share our detailed reviews on our website and social media targeting our audience.
  4. We have a loyal guest portfolio of 8.5 million discerning travelers from Turkey and around the world.
  5. Established in 2004, our website has 8 employees and more than 10 traveling writers.
  6. Our expert editors meet with each property, provide recommendations on accommodation, dining, and attractions, and assist with reservations.
  7. Our team manages social media, newsletters, public relations, and online advertising campaigns.
  8. Our reservation system is tailored to your needs: instant booking (via channel managers and online channels) or in the form of a request.
  9. We charge an annual membership fee on our website. Additional commission fees for reservations are requested from some featured places. The exact terms for the commission depend on factors such as the link, rate parity, region, size, and other features.

To stand out from thousands of properties on Booking.com and Airbnb, being among the genuinely visited and approved facilities by our editors is crucial for credibility!

Our Portfolio:

  • Small, stylish, and very special...
    • We offer our favorite boutique hotels, mountain houses, villas, luxury bungalows, glamping sites, chic cabins, and more.
    • Focusing on small and medium-sized properties: 2-50 rooms (hotels) or 1-5 bedrooms (houses).
    • Prices range from below 100 euros to over 1000 euros per night; we select the best in each price range.

    • Features we look for: passionate hosts, stylish or interesting decor, great locations, excellent cuisine, innovative services.
    • Things we avoid: hotel chains, identical room types, wedding venues, large TVs, plastic chairs, excessively expensive extras, and insincerity.
    • We have special collection facilities for honeymoons, gourmet getaways, beach retreats, city escapes, spa resorts, ski lodges, eco-friendly stays, budget accommodations, pet-friendly venues, and more.

Detailed Reviews:

Being the most trusted site on the web!

  • Editors visit the property for first-hand reviews to assess if it aligns with our standards.
  • Our team of professional travel writers and local experts conduct interviews with real authorities and act upon our insights.
  • Our carefully crafted review articles help guide the right guest to the right place.
  • We provide additional details about the property, rooms, dining, activities, and location.
  • We review and edit guest feedback before publishing on our site.
  • Our Photo Galleries showcase the best 20-50 photos and are supported by our own images if necessary.
  • Our experienced editor team updates reviews as needed to ensure accurate and up-to-date information.
  • Just like you, we want our guests to have accurate expectations when they arrive.
  • Your review on smallhotels is valuable: read by over 10,000 people annually, it builds trust, and many guests book directly with you.

Our Audience:

  • Over 4.5 million users worldwide annually.
  • Monthly visits of more than 250,000 on kucukoteller.com.tr and smallhotels.com.tr.
  • Over 1 million followers on our social media channels.
  • Tens of thousands of newsletter subscribers.
  • 35% opening rate (double the industry average).
  • 50,000 reservation requests annually via phone, website visits, and email.

Our Readers, Your Guests:

Discerning travelers who prefer to find and book independent accommodations.

  • Average annual income per household is 90,000 euros.
  • Mostly professionals, including doctors, business owners, white-collar, finance/creative professionals, and managers.
  • Travel 4-8 times per year (75% leisure, 25% business).
  • Average stay of 3 nights (hotels) or 6 nights (houses).
  • "We have a vast portfolio of adorable guests who have trusted us for 20 years and whom we are delighted to host."

Marketing Activities:

Through PR and promotions

  • Highly engaging monthly newsletters to our email list.
  • Targeted ads and campaigns on Instagram and Facebook (over 2.3 million reach).
  • Highly reputable blog posts with great SEO, offering fresh content and increased visibility.
  • High organic search rankings for 'boutique hotels' + country (usually #1 or #2).
  • SEO and PPC working for you to increase visibility and traffic.
  • Regularly sought after by expert travel writers and industry authorities.
  • Domestic and international agencies discover hotels through our site and shares.

Reservation System:

Flexible, comparative, and fair

  • We connect to the hotel channel manager and some reputable online sites for live availability, prices, and instant approval.
  • Or, bookings can be processed entirely as manual requests - ASK - SELL.
  • In any case, we demand rate parity - the prices offered to our guests must match those on your site.
  • We support almost all kinds of special offers (% discount, free nights).
  • Our dedicated price team assists with channel connections and special offers.

Rate Parity Policy:

We demand price equality with your site, meaning the prices, promotions, and advantages offered to guests who book directly must match those on our site. Why?

  • We promise our readers that they won't find a better price for the same room (on the same dates and terms) elsewhere.
  • We ask you to fulfill this promise to maintain the trust and reputation we have built over 20 years.
  • We can help promote your last-minute availability and offers through our social media and newsletters.
  • Rate parity works as a win-win: if you meet it, we encourage you and your sales more!


Direct Bookings and Other Advantages:

70% of our website users prefer to make reservations directly with the property (via our website's phone or listed websites) after finding a place they like on our site. The reasons for this choice may include hoping for a better offer, preferring direct communication, or perceiving booking directly as the smartest way. Therefore, for each reservation on Boutique Small Hotels, you can expect 3-4 direct bookings from those who find you here. We also support direct calls to you because good communication means accurate communication...


  • Tour operators use Small Hotels to make recommendations to their customers.
  • Journalists, bloggers, and writers use Small Hotels to research articles.
  • We provide a membership approval stamp for hotels listed on your site. This indicates that the property has been visited and approved.
  • We provide guests' email addresses (unlike other OTAs), allowing you to engage in direct marketing.

How Small Hotels Site Guests Make Reservations

  • 53% directly on the hotel's website
  • 14% directly via email/phone
  • 17% through the Small Hotels reservation engine
  • 16% by leaving our site and booking on another platform

Next Steps

Does it sound good so far? Then please continue and apply to join!

  1. Our expert editor will carefully evaluate your application within 2 weeks.
  2. If selected, we will provide a summary of the working and membership conditions applicable to you.
  3. There is a short contract that details our and your responsibilities that needs to be signed.
  4. We will request photos, availability, and dates for our visit.
  5. Our experienced editor team will prepare review pages for your property.
  6. Your property's extranet information will be shared, and you can update other details. Our team will assist with channel connections.
  7. After paying the relevant membership fee, we will publish your pages and start promoting you.
  8. Throughout our partnership, our sales, pricing, editorial, and marketing teams are here to assist you.

Boutique and Small Hotels Club:

1- Social media promotions in the domestic market: Our audience is present on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Threads accounts, covering over 980,000 individuals with refined tastes and high-income local and expat followers.

2- For the international market, we use our Instagram accounts smallhotels and smallhotelsinturkiye, Facebook pages facebook.com/smallhotelsinturkiye and facebook.com/thesmallhotels, and Twitter account boutiquehotels, reaching 690,000 foreign users.

3- Our websites consist of kucukoteller.com.tr and boutiquesmallhotels.com along with the global website thesmallhotels.com. These three websites cater to both local and foreign guests. We have a considerable number of foreign, expat, consulate employees, and expatriate guests. Blog posts are also published on our sites. Additionally, Sabeeapp and Reseliva reservation engines are integrated into our site.

4- Hotel Staff Exchange Program

5- Online Training and Meetings Throughout the Year

6- Blog Posts (Mailing)

7- Small Hotels - Inter-hotel Communication and Information Sharing Whatsapp Group Membership

8- "Would You Be My Guest?" Program (Member Hotels Stay at Each Other's Properties)

9- Collaboration with Suppliers and Providing Discounts

Do you have any questions?

Call us at +90 212 236 6100

or send an email to [email protected].