Canakkale Travel Guide

Çanakkale, which is located at the connection point of Asia and Europe, visited by thousands of local and foreign tourists every year, is a city rich in historical and touristic aspects.The Gallipoli Peninsula, where the Çanakkale Wars took place, where 253 thousand martyrs lie, the ancient cities of Troy and Assos, which have a history of thousands of years, and Mount Ida, which has hundreds of endemic plants, are among the most important values of Çanakkale.
Drawing attention with its historical past, Çanakkale is also at the forefront with its touristic places. Especially Bozcaada is flooded with tourists in the summer months. The population of the island can increase up to 10-15 times during the summer months. While Ayazma Beach on the island is a favorite of vacationers, the wind roses in the area where Polente Lighthouse is located on the Western Cape attract great attention. Especially in the summer months, hundreds of people who come to this area where the windmills are located to watch the sunset in the evening enjoy this moment.

Transportation to Çanakkale is provided by land and air. Those who want to come to Çanakkale from Istanbul by road can reach Çanakkale by following Gelibolu and Eceabat from Tekirdağ direction. If you are coming to Çanakkale from Bursa, you can reach Çanakkale after Biga and Lapseki by following Karacabey and Bandirma.
If you want to come to Çanakkale from Ankara, you can reach Bandırma by following Eskişehir and Bursa roads, and then you can come to Çanakkale via Biga and Lapseki. If you want to come to Çanakkale from Izmir, you can reach Çanakkale by following the direction of Aliağa and Dikili from Menemen and then Ayvalık, Edremit, Akçay, Altınoluk, Ayvacık and Ezine.
Another way of transportation to Çanakkale is by air. It is also possible to reach Çanakkale in a short time with scheduled flights between Çanakkale-Ankara and Çanakkale-Istanbul. In this regard, it is possible to access the schedules of scheduled flights to Çanakkale from the pages of the relevant flight companies.
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When you come to Çanakkale, you can first take a city tour. After having a nice stroll along the promenade in the city center, sipping your tea and coffee on the beach and spending nice moments in front of the beautiful view of the Dardanelles, you can visit the historical and touristic places in the city center. First of all, you can visit the historical Çimenlik Castle, which was built by Fatih Sultan Mehmet between 1461-1462 to ensure the security of the strait, and get information about this castle from the authorities, and then you can visit the Naval Museum located at the entrance of the historical castle.
After visiting the Çimenlik Castle and the Naval Museum, you can follow the promenade and see the famous Troy Horse Statue, which was sent to Turkey by the Warner Bros. film company with the initiatives of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism after it was used in the movie "Troy" starring Brad Pitt. After taking a souvenir photo at the Troy Horse Statue, which is visited by thousands of people every year, you can visit the Aynalı Bazaar, whose name is the subject of folk songs. After visiting the Mirror Bazaar, which was built in 1890 by Eliyau Hallio, one of the notables of the Jewish community, located on Çarşı Street in the city center, and buying souvenirs from here, you can visit the museum, which was built as a Private Bath in 1905 in Çanakkale city center and turned into the "Ceramic Museum" in 2013 after the restoration works carried out by Çanakkale Municipality, and you can have the opportunity to see the ceramics here. Finally, you can visit the Archaeology Museum in the city center and see the historical artifacts unearthed throughout the province.
Among the most important historical and touristic places of Çanakkale are the ancient cities of Troy and Assos, which date back thousands of years. To go to the Ancient City of Troy, which is 37 kilometers away from Çanakkale city center, you can take the minibuses located just below Atatürk Bridge in the city center, or you can reach this region in 20-25 minutes with your own vehicle. The "Wooden Horse" located at the entrance of the Ancient City of Troy, which has 5 thousand years of passage, has become the symbol of the ancient city. You can take a souvenir photo here and immortalize this moment.

The ancient city of Assos, located in Behramkale Village of Ayvacık district of Çanakkale, dates back to the 6th century BC. To get here, you can take Ayvacık minibuses departing from Çanakkale bus station. After getting off at Ayvacık bus station, you can reach this ancient city by taking the Behramkale minibus. You have the opportunity to visit the ancient city in summer and winter. For this, you can visit between 08:00-20:00 between April 15 and October 2, and between 08:00-17:00 between October 3 and April 14. Just below the Ancient City of Assos, where excavations continue in the summer months, is the Ancient Harbor.
There are hotels and various touristic facilities in the area where the harbor is located. If you wish, after visiting the Ancient City, you can drink tea, coffee and have your meal in the Ancient Harbor, or you can stay in the hotels here.
Those who come from the direction of Istanbul to visit the Gallipoli Peninsula can reach Eceabat district and visit the historical peninsula; Those who will go here from the Çanakkale provincial center can also visit here by taking the Eceabat ferry with the car ferry belonging to GESTAŞ. We recommend that those who want to visit this region should definitely visit the region accompanied by Field Guides and guides. The Martyrs' Monument is one of the places that people who want to visit the Gallipoli Peninsula want to see the most. Located on Hisarlık Hill in front of Morto Bay at the end of the Dardanelles at the tip of the Dardanelles on the Gallipoli Peninsula, the Martyrs' Monument was commissioned on August 21, 1960. The height of the monument, which was built in memory of 253 thousand Mehmet soldiers who lost their lives in the Dardanelles War, is 41.7 meters and the width of the foot is 7.5 meters. In front of this historical monument, there are symbolic graves.You can visit our other martyrdoms and monuments in Gallipoli Peninsula throughout the day accompanied by Field Guides and guides.
By the way, during your visit to Gallipoli Peninsula, do not forget to visit the Çanakkale Epic Promotion Center, which was put into service on June 7, 2012 in order to forever remember the Çanakkale Wars, where unprecedented heroic stories were experienced in Turkey, and to transfer the Çanakkale spirit to new generations and to contribute to the development of this spirit, and the "1915 Seddülbahir Ahmet Uslu Museum" in Seddülbahir Village, where nearly 8 thousand materials from the Çanakkale War, collected by Local Historian Ahmet Uslu as a result of years of work, are exhibited.
On your way back, you can end your visit to the peninsula by visiting Kilitbahir Castle in Kilitbahir Village of Eceabat district, which was built by Fatih Sultan Mehmet to prevent the Papal Navy from helping the Byzantine Empire during the siege of Istanbul in 1452.
When you come to Çanakkale, do not leave without visiting Bozcaada and Gökçeada, which are among the most important tourist attractions of the city. Do not neglect to see Ayazma Beach in Bozcaada, whose population increases 10-15 times especially in the summer months, and the windmills located in the region where Polente Lighthouse is located on the Western Cape.
You can visit Aydıncık, also known as Kefaloz Beach, which is one of the most popular beaches in Gökçeada, and surf here. You can also visit small cozy Greek villages in Gökçeada and spend a nice day drinking Madam's dibek coffee in Zeytinli Küyü.
How can you come to Çanakkale and not visit Mount Ida and Ayazma Recreation Area? Ayazma Recreation Area in Mount Ida, known as the oxygen depot of Çanakkale, is located near Evciler Village of Bayramiç district. After reaching Evciler Village from Bayramiç district, you come to this magnificent promenade after 5 kilometers further.
Although it is hot in the province and district center, you have the opportunity to cool off when you reach here. You can take a nice walk in Mount Ida, which has hundreds of endemic plant species, and on the way back, you can also have the chance to choose, cook and eat live fish in the Trout Facilities near Evciler Village.
Gelibolu Mevlevihane, known as the largest Mevlevihane in the world, located in Gelibolu district of Çanakkale, is also among the most popular places of tourism. This historical Mevlevihane, where Şeb-i Aruz ceremonies are held every year, is also open to visitors on other days. You can also visit this historical Mevlevihane during your visit to Gallipoli. You can also visit Bayraklı Baba and other tombs in Gallipoli.
Kömür Harbor, located in the Saros Gulf near Fındıklı Village in Gallipoli, draws attention as a place that attracts the attention of diving enthusiasts. If you are interested in diving, we can say that Kömür Harbor is the ideal place for you. Especially on weekends, it is a popular destination for diving enthusiasts from Istanbul, Bursa, Tekirdağ, Kocaeli and