The Top 5 Most Popular Places in the Greek Islands

If we were to research the most visited holiday destinations in Europe in recent years, the Greek Islands would undoubtedly come out on top by a long shot! So, what makes these islands so famous that everyone can't stop talking about them? The answer is simple: They are right next to us, and their culinary culture is very similar to ours!

This time, we've taken a close look at these beautiful pieces of land that every island lover wants to see and put together the top 5 most popular among the Greek Islands for you. Start packing your suitcase because this summer, we're heading to the neighbor for our vacation!

1- Corfu

 With its centuries-old history, vast forests surrounded by giant olive and pine trees, and eucalyptus trees that delight with their scent... If you ask which one among the Greek Islands is the greenest, our answer would definitely be Corfu! Everywhere on the island, visitors are greeted by lush greenery that meets the most beautiful shades of blue. Therefore, Corfu is a perfect fit for nature lovers who can't resist greenery! If you're one of them, you can give Corfu a chance this summer. However, if you're determined to visit Corfu, which is also under the spotlight of the global jet set, don't forget to consider the recommendations we've prepared for you before hitting the road!

  • -You can start exploring the island from the 'Kensington on Sea' area, which is the choice of the world's jet set. Located in the north of the island and difficult to access by car, this area is home to villas of world-famous names and high society. What makes this area special is its magnificent beaches and being one of the calmest areas on the island... Here, you can enjoy the crystal-clear water and the sun.
  • -After this serene start to your island experience, get ready for lively days! There are plenty of entertainment opportunities on the island because... The Liston area, located at the end of the road after crossing from the old town to the castle, is designed inspired by Paris's famous Rue de Rivoli district. Here, you can shop in the stores and enjoy a cool frappe in stylish cafes.
  • -Of course, there's more to do in Corfu than just that. Since it has been under the domination of many civilizations throughout its history, you can visit the historical sites in Corfu. Mon Repos and Achilleion Palaces, as well as the Old and New Fortresses, are some of the historical sites you must see in Corfu...
  • -Another must-see in the north of the island is the Canal D'Amour, an exquisite canyon. Swimming in the canyon, which mesmerizes with its view, is an invaluable experience. If you have time, you must try it.

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2- Samos

 "If I should be in the Greek Islands this summer but don't want to go too far from the country's borders," then Samos is just right for you! Known as Samos Island, this charming Greek Island awaits visitors just a 2-hour ferry ride across from Kuşadası. "So, what can be done on Samos?" Let's list some colorful activities for those who ask right away:

  • -You should definitely enjoy the sea, sand, and sun trio at Lemonakia and Tsamadou, among the most ambitious beaches on the island. The beach parties starting in the late afternoon will add joy to your vacation, take our word for it!
  • -Another spot where you can swim in Samos is the fabulous beaches in the Kokkari region... However, this region becomes quite windy starting from August. So if you plan to visit the island in June and July, don't forget to add swimming here to your list of things to do on Samos.
  • -Samos is the homeland of the famous mathematician Pythagoras... That's why glasses representing Pythagoras's justice are sold in many shops on Samos. Before leaving Samos, don't forget to buy these special glasses and local delicacies unique to Samos for yourself and your loved ones!

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3- Kefalonia

 Do you love Sicily? What do you think of the Amalfi Coast? Do you have a vision of colorful houses and a stunning sea? If so, you're on the right track. We'll invite you to Kefalonia, a Greek Island that reflects the Italian spirit without going all the way to Italy because... This island in the Ionian Sea of Greece is a true Mediterranean gem! If you're one who loves the Mediterranean air where the scent of flowers mixes with the smell of the sea, don't delay planning your vacation to Kefalonia! "So, what can be done in Kefalonia?" We're leaving them for you:

  • The first thing you can do in Kefalonia is, of course, dive into the crystal-clear waters of the Ionian Sea! There are numerous beach options on the island where you can swim and join their parties. Koroni Beach, Katelios Beach, Myrtos Beach, and Eglina Beach are among the most popular ones. It's hard to choose among them. If you can't decide, you can explore a different one every day.
  • For the curious ones, mini-safari tours are organized on the island of Kefalonia. Participating in these tours, which are carried out with 4*4 Jeeps, can add excitement to your vacation. Moreover, this way, you can have the chance to share in Kefalonia's natural life.
  • Like all the Greek Islands, one of the most important things you must do in Kefalonia is to eat fish and meze! Greek mezes are very similar to ours. But we admit that they are quite successful in cooking and presenting seafood.

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4- Mykonos 

Welcome to Mykonos, where the fun never stops for a moment! Perhaps the most popular among the Greek Islands, visited by millions of people every year, Mykonos awaits you this summer with all its beauty and vibrant nightlife. However, don't forget to look at our list of things you must do in Mykonos before going because...

  • -The fame of Mykonos beaches, where the night and day are separate, has long exceeded the borders of Greece. If you want, you can swim in the sea and join the parties that last from late afternoon to late at night at different beaches every day. Nammos, Super Paradise, and Scorpios are the most famous ones...
  • -One of the most beautiful things you can do in Mykonos is to have a meal in Little Venice, often seen in Mykonos photos. We're sure you'll love both the view and the fresh seafood.
  • -After enjoying pleasant moments in Little Venice, you can visit the windmills, one of Mykonos's symbols. Let's remind you that they offer a magnificent view, especially in the late afternoon.
  • -When night falls, you shouldn't leave Mykonos without knocking on the doors of the nightclubs that are hidden among the whitewashed streets of Mykonos. Each of the Mykonos bars has a different concept, offering entertainment options for everyone. By choosing the one that suits you best, you can add an unforgettable experience to your vacation.

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5- Lesbos 

Do you love nostalgia? If your answer is "Yes!" then let's take you to the shores of Lesbos. Moreover, this time, a short journey is enough to make a quick transition to an island vacation. Reflecting the spirit of the past with its nostalgic guesthouses and quaint restaurants, Lesbos offers nostalgia to its visitors because it is located just across from Ayvalık... After a pleasant ferry journey, you can already expect dozens of things to do in Lesbos.

  • -Unlike other Greek Islands, Lesbos manages to stay calm. Especially, the charming villages of the island provide visitors with complete peace. You can start exploring Lesbos by visiting these villages. Skamnisi, the village of the writer Stratis Myrivilis, and Ipsilometopo with its captivating architecture are among the must-visit villages in Lesbos.
  • -One of the most beautiful corners of Lesbos is definitely Molyvos. With its pristine beaches, Molyvos attracts attention, offering a wonderful sea experience. When your sea enjoyment is over, you can climb to the old castle of Molyvos and watch the sunset from there.
  • -In Lesbos, which many Turks also lived in before the Exchange of Populations, you can see structures from the Turks and the Ottoman period. The New Mosque, Turkish bath, and an Ottoman hotel called Sarlıca Palas are some of the structures that have remained from those years and have been passed down to Lesbos... Check out the accommodation recommendations for Lesbos hotels on!

As we said at the beginning of the article, there is a great option for everyone among the Greek Islands! If you agree with us, don't delay in booking your spot for that dream vacation you've been longing for!