The world's forests with the most oxygen after the Alps

Kaz Dağları, after the Alps, has the most oxygen-rich forests in the world. Kaz Dağları is famous not only for its abundant oxygen-rich nature but also for its magnificent hiking trails, local culture, and ancient legends that have survived through the ages.

The majority of the mountain range that surrounds the bay from Küçükkuyu to Edremit has been declared a national park, thus protected. This region is the highest oxygen-producing area in our country. Therefore, Kaz Dağları attracts many domestic and foreign tourists for health tourism as well as nature and cultural tourism throughout the year.

Known in mythology as Mount Ida, Kaz Dağları boasts geological formations dating back to ancient times, diverse vegetation, and a high oxygen content in the air due to the encounter of air currents from the Çanakkale Strait with the vegetation here. The mountain range extending to the bay results in both land and sea climates being observed in Kaz Dağları. Hence, a temperate climate prevails.

The dominant vegetation in Kaz Dağları is quite interesting. It is said that there are 22 different plant species in the region. Additionally, there is a species of fir tree called Kaz Dağları Fir, which grows only in these lands and needs to be protected. Local people reportedly use the cones of this tree in their teas. There is also a delicious and medicinal drink called Kaz Dağları Sage Tea, which is a mixture of many plants, known by the locals.

In addition to its geographical features, Kaz Dağları has a historical and legendary side. In ancient times, Kaz Dağları was known as Mount Ida. Its name is mentioned as such in Homer's Iliad. It holds an important place in Greek mythology as it is believed to be the birthplace of Zeus. According to the legend of those times, the beauty contest participated in by Hera, Athena, and Aphrodite, which led to the Trojan War, also took place in these lands. The gods watched the Trojan War here, on Mount Ida.

Today, in the northern part of the area known as Küçükkuyu, specifically in Adatepe Village, there is a place known as the Altar of Zeus, where, according to legend, Zeus both directed the Trojan War and had an affair with Aphrodite.

In addition to the myths of Greek mythology, legends like Sarıkız and Hasan Boğuldu also originate from these lands. The famous writer Sabahattin Ali included the legend of Hasan Boğuldu in one of his stories.

Aside from its fame through legends, Kaz Dağları is a favorite destination for those seeking healing and nature lovers. Moreover, Kaz Dağları experiences heavy traffic not only in the summer months but also in the spring and winter.

The forests of Kaz Dağları have numerous nature hiking and safari routes. Located just near major cities like Istanbul and Bursa, Kaz Dağları allows you to take weekend getaways with just a small backpack and hiking shoes.

There are accommodations available in Kaz Dağları. When you stay in facilities constructed in harmony with nature and without disturbing it, waking up to a morning full of oxygen truly refreshes you. Especially if you manage to stay in Kaz Dağları for a longer period, like a week, you may really feel like your blood is cleansed and the oxygen level in your body has increased.

Kaz Dağları hotels are generally located in areas such as Küçükkuyu, Adatepe, and Yeşilyurt Village. They are open for service throughout the year and usually operate on a bed and breakfast basis. These facilities offer high-quality service, and their restaurant meals are delicious. Clean air and abundant oxygen enhance the taste of the food. Your breakfast consists of a table adorned with golden olive oil and tasty olives from the region. Starting your day with a happy breakfast table after eating well sets the tone for a great day, especially if you have planned a beautiful trekking route for that day.

You can also find suitable areas for camping in Kaz Dağları. However, it is advisable to get guidance for your hiking and camping plans because the forest is also the natural habitat of wild animals.

Kaz Dağları hotels are not clustered in one area like those in Uludağ. They are spread across different regions, so there is quite a distance between each hotel.

The price options for Kaz Dağları hotels generally cater to everyone's budget. There are no price variations based on the season. Therefore, prices vary only based on the quality and service of the hotel.

When it comes to places to visit in Kaz Dağları, after visiting Adatepe and Yeşilyurt villages, you must visit the Altar of Zeus. Although it is now treated as a wishing tree, enjoying the bay view from here is a unique pleasure. Don't forget to take a break for a Turkish coffee in the village on your way back. You will see that the villagers will immediately come to you and include you in the conversation and start telling legends. They are so warm and sincere that before you know it, you will feel like one of them.

When you come to the Kaz Dağları region, you can also arrange day trips to Assos. You can visit the Olive Oil Museum in Adatepe. For those who want to shop, my recommendation is to buy olive oil and olive varieties. The products made from locally grown produce are organic and healthy. The taste of the oil will linger on your palate, trust me. Also, the natural thyme grown in the nature of Kaz Dağları. You can find it fresh or dried, and even thyme water is sold. You can procure it in this way as well.

You can visit Şahindere Canyon. You can also visit Şahin Castle located at the head of the canyon. You can arrange day trips to Edremit or nearby Güre Thermal Springs.

For those who have never been to Kaz Dağları, winter and spring are the most suitable times. Because it is both quieter than the summer season and enjoying the fireplace romance against the lush greenery can be priceless. If you have the opportunity, you can enjoy trips of 3-4 days or even a week. You can just take a comfortable pair of hiking shoes and your camera. Transportation is quite easy. You can easily come by road, although the roads may be winding, they are not very dangerous.

Whether alone, with your partner, or with your family, Kaz Dağları awaits you. Wishing you a holiday full of abundant oxygen and renewal...

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