Who vısıted Sıgacık, a town ın the quıet cıty of Seferıhısar?

👩🏼‍🌾 Who has visited Sığacık, a quiet town in Seferihisar?

10 Things You Must Do Before Leaving!

🎒 Streets that always lead to the sea, a city life that remains calm at all times, and a unique nature where you feel like time stands still... Turkey's first slow city, #Seferihisar, and its most beautiful neighborhood, Sığacık, await you on the most beautiful coast of #Izmir.

Accommodation: Maya Bistro Hotel Beach 

https://www.kucukoteller.com.tr/seferihisar-otelleri We settle into their rooms named ‘Maya Hill,’ where they have created an intimate atmosphere with small touches. Here, we have an environment where we can relax, work, and feel at peace with its garden and view. The boats anchored in the sea sway gently from side to side with the lullaby of the gentle waves. We also become familiar with the snapshots of the sun that emerge at any moment at Maya Bistro. How beautiful it is to spend time from sunset to sunrise, hearing the sound of the sea and the trees... They also have comfortable rooms for families with children of all ages.

👩🏼‍🌾 Don't be late to enjoy the first days of summer on these shores, opening the doors to an unforgettable experience. Before hitting the road, don't forget to add the 10 things you must do on the shores of tranquility to your list!

1- Dive into the Cool Waters at #Akkum Beach! 

2- Sığacık Castle, with Over 500 Years of History... 

3- Watch the View of #Sığacık from the Windmill! 

4- Trace the Footsteps of Dionysus at #Teos Ancient City! 

5- Hop on the Boats Departing from Teos Marina! 

6- Explore the Nature School in Orhanlı Village! Located just 24 km from the center, the Nature School in Orhanlı Village conveys ancient knowledge about nature to students by villagers and researchers. 

7- Visit Gödence Village! What makes the village so special is the cooperative established years ago and its unique hiking trails around it... 

8- Dedicate Sunday to Sığacık Market!

 9- Experience Peace at Ürkmez, also Known as Aquarium Beach... 

10- You Can't Leave Seferihisar Without Eating Fish! Çakoz Fish, Nena Fish Meze, and Liman Restaurant are some of the other places in the region where you can eat fish...

At certain times of the day, boats depart to visit the coves around Seferihisar.

Editor's Special Notes:

  1. Dine with live music at No:17!
  2. nyks_bira_evi Try various world beers and don't forget to taste their mussels and homemade fries.
  3. Patatesli börek (potato pastry) at Başlar Tea House is also recommended.