Valentine's Day, Honeymoon Bliss, Special Moments, and Memories in Mount Ida...

Cabras Kazdağları
Are you curious about the natural dance of the seasons in Kaz Dagları in the Kuzey Ege ? Have you ever witnessed how the liveliness of spring turns into a gentle tranquility in winter? Kaz Dağları, a bit different from familiar resorts but once you get to know it, you won't easily leave its unique atmosphere. To be able to describe this experience, you need to live it first! And don't wait for summer to come, for the days to be 25 hours long, or for holiday breaks to coincide with weekends. Just unpack your bags and say "let's go". Especially if it's a planned romantic Valentine's Day, anniversary, or a honeymoon anytime, Cabras Kazdagları stone houses are worth going for a very special holiday!

The abode of mythological gods, Kazdagları

 The Greek mythological name of Mount Ida is Kazdağları. It's the podium of the world's first beauty contest, where even Aphrodite and Hera competed, and the birthplace of Zeus, the mightiest of gods. This sacred mountain, abundantly mentioned in Homer's famous Iliad Epic, has over time transformed into Kazdağları. Even if you don't believe in legends, you understand where Homer drew his inspiration from and you respect the power of imagination in Kazdağları. The melancholic stories of Sarıkız and Hasanboğuldu touch your heart. Despite the pace of urbanization, the mysteries within this pristine beauty, which has managed to remain untouched, also pique your curiosity about centuries past. Did you know that after the Alps, you breathe the most oxygen in Kazdağları? Waking up to a fresh air every morning, welcoming each new day with a vibrant energy is an added bonus!

Comfort Touches in Kazdağları; Cabras Kazdağları

 If you want to experience the beauty of the region with a pleasant stay, Cabras welcomes you with family warmth on a 40-acre land at the foot of Kazdağları. Starting your day with the sounds of birds, you can add lush green walking trails with waterfalls to your route, and if it's summer, you can take long swims in the blue waters of the nearby Kuzey Ege. Cabras, with its modernized local stone houses, transforms village life into a comfortable experience, creating an aura where you will feel very special. Your view is of a valley filled with pine trees and olive groves, and this view is so beautiful in every season! Especially the sunsets are something else. While being enchanted by the scent of the mountains that nurture its nature with pure oxygen, you can also make room for the pleasure of luxury in your memories. These memories could be the celebration of very special moments, a retreat for tranquility, or a family nature exploration; it could also simply be a sudden need for a vacation without any reason. If you are a family with children, this is one of the few places where you can introduce children to nature, acquaint them with its subtleties, and let them blush their cheeks with the health benefits of plenty of oxygen. Plus, you can come here in both summer and winter.

In the Cabras stone houses

Where you can enjoy a unique valley view from each window, silence is synonymous with tranquility. Here, time is slow, but slowness is very precious. There are terraces where you can relax in the shade of olive trees and the enchantment of endemic vegetation, as well as jacuzzis that add comfort to relaxation in these authentic houses. The houses, which vary in size according to the number of guests and guest preferences, offer an experience of luxury living in nature, while their spacious interiors and high ceilings also provide a sense of comfort. The harmonious modern decoration with the stone color, functional and elegant furniture choices, and the soothing elegance of wood create an atmosphere where you can fully enjoy the intertwined comfort. Every detail has been thought out in Cabras Kazdağları to allow you to enjoy the comfort seamlessly integrated. If you want to experience some romance by the fireplace in winter, this place is warm enough to warm your heart and soul. In summer, the greenery of the garden is illuminated by the stars, and you can fully experience the beauty unique to houses with gardens. And let's not exaggerate, but you can only see so many stars in Kazdağları. Cabras Kazdağları is an environmentally friendly establishment where you can reach for fruits from the trees in the garden, untainted by exhaust fumes, and enjoy delightful breakfasts accompanied by bird vocals.

On the terrace of Cabras Kazdağları, which is bathed in a breeze that doesn't chill during summer, there is an alternative swimming pool overlooking the Aegean Sea. Your children can enjoy the holiday by swimming in the children's pool right next to where you swim. With your favorite music in your ears and your favorite book in your hand, your sunbed can turn into a sanctuary of peace. Kazdağları is one of the favorite places of the sun during summer, making everything it touches shine. In winter, the scenery becomes covered in white, as if nature is dressed in a wedding gown, offering a splendid visual feast. In common areas, you can sip your tea or coffee accompanied by warm conversations and taste local and foreign drinks at the bar.

Gastronomy at Cabras Kazdağları 

One of the stops on the road to the heart is Cabras. Being in nature, it's essential to bring nature to the table as well. The crops grown with heirloom seeds in the garden of the facility turn into wonderful flavors in the kitchen. Of course, the secret of these delicious flavors lies not only in farming done as it should be but also in the chefs' culinary skills and the kitchen recipes that not everyone knows. The 500-year-old stone oven-baked version of Napoli's pizza dough is special to Cabras. In menus dominated by meat obtained from animals fed with endemic herbs from the mountains, you can also find delicious appetizers with the aroma of fragrant herbs. The facility operates on a "bed and breakfast" basis, and breakfasts are very colorful with homemade jams and fresh village eggs. Everything here is organic and just right for you!

Every day brings a different discovery in Mount Ida.

Cabras Kazdağları, located in Çanakkale Ayvacık, has a parking lot for guests arriving by car. And if you come by car, there are plenty of exploration routes in the vicinity that you can freely explore. For example, the tranquil village of Yeşilyurt in Ayvacık... Walk on green trails adorned with almond trees on the slopes just 3 kilometers away from the sea. It is said that the air here is good for heart patients and asthma sufferers, so turn your visit into healing. Not far from Cabras Kazdağları, about 8 kilometers away, you'll find the Adatepe Olive Oil Museum and the Altar of Zeus. The breathtaking view of the strait from the hill where the altar is located is simply magnificent. Assos Ancient City, with its special place in history, is also a must-visit destination during your vacation. The Ancient Harbor and the nearby Kadırga Cove are perfect for swimming in the summer. While you're there, sitting down to a fish dinner at the restaurants in the harbor is a tradition. If you like, you can add some action to your exploration by joining jeep safaris and taste seafood infused with the scent of the mountains at the seaside restaurants.

As we said before, everything depends on just saying "let's go," so let's go!