The 15 Best Boutique and Small Hotels in Alacati

Alaçatı is undoubtedly one of the first places that come to mind when it comes to vacation. Alaçatı, one of the centers of popular tourism especially in recent years, is actually at the forefront with its many different features as well as its sea and legendary wind.

With its architecture reminiscent of Bodrumin its narrow streets, its houses are very friendly and cozy. In the evening, when you walk through the streets, it makes you feel as if you have been living there for years. Colorful flowers and bougainvillea hang from the windows of each of the blue and white whitewashed houses. As you greet the shopkeepers in front of their small shops, you feel like you are friends. It seems like everyone is familiar in Alaçatı.

The sea and nature are already beyond description. The beauty and cleanliness of the beaches and the ever-blowing warm wind never leave you during your vacation. In the evenings, you will be happy as you taste the fish and various Aegean appetizers at the restaurants in the center. If you want some different activities, you can follow the time and participate in the Alaçatı Herb Festival, where delicious dishes are made with the famous herbs of Alaçatı, or the Alaçatı Kite Festival, which will bring back the best memories of your childhood. This is the other warm side of Alaçatı!

We have selected the 15 most beautiful boutique hotels in Alaçatı, which are the most favorite by the guests, so that you will not be deprived of such beautiful things and turn your route to Alaçatı this summer! 

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1- Köşe Konak Hotel

 When it comes to small hotels in Alaçatı, everyone immediately thinks of the unique stone buildings adorned with bougainvilleas. As a bougainvillea enthusiast herself, the owner of the hotel, along with her family, meticulously selected every stone and carefully considered every detail during the construction of this building. The hotel owner, Mrs. Aytül, has scattered her handmade ceramics throughout the hotel, while incorporating special designs from Harley Davidson enthusiast Mr. Şükrü and Mr. Berk. They have placed a wooden plaque carved by their grandfathers in the prominent corners of the building.

Kose Konak, +12

2- Antmare Hotel

 Situated in the heart of the surf center with stylishly designed Port Alaçatı houses, Antmare promises a peaceful holiday with its magnificent view and personalized service. The hotel, entirely made of natural wood, stone, and marble, is inspired by the architecture of Grimaud Village in St. Tropez, Southern France.

Antmare Hotel, +12

3- Casa Bella Hotel 

+12 With its warm breeze, turquoise sea, and flowery streets, Alaçatı promises a peaceful holiday in Casa Bella, a traditional stone building. Casa Bella in Alaçatı boasts a green garden and an outdoor swimming pool. The hotel features a combination of classic and modern furniture with white walls, creating a contemporary decor.

4- Sultan Konak Hotel 

Sultan Konak is a hotel where dreams are unearthed, crafted with love, and adorned with serenity. It's a stone house where you'll discover new details at every turn, both in the lounge and guest rooms, and listen to stories.

Alaçatı Sultan Konak, +8

5- İncirliev

 Dubbed by guests as "a small corner of paradise," İncirliev is not only close to the lively spots of Alaçatı but also nestled in a serene village atmosphere, making it a part of tranquil and historical charm. The rooms are spacious with high ceilings. Private rooms are usually the first choice, while the White Room is a favorite for honeymooners!


6- Deniz Kabuğu Hotel

 Denizkabuğu Hotel is located close to the village center yet away from the hustle and bustle, allowing guests to be surrounded by nature, with only the sounds of cicadas heard from the romsa at night.

Deniz Kabuğu

7- Cumbalı Mansion

 Cumbalı Mansion is built from the remnants of old Greek houses in the region, based on the belief that the "stones" will be the greatest witness to life in Alaçatı. The mansion, inspired by traditional Greek architecture, has 14 rooms, each uniquely decorated and named after local plants, three of which have bay windows.

Cumbalı Konak Hotel, +12

8- Sedirli House 

Zeynep Erdem, originally from Yeşilköy, Istanbul, and now an Alaçatı local, continues her Çeşme love affair that began in 1978 in Ilıca with Sedirli House, a small hotel she opened in Alaçatı in 2008. In summer, you can enjoy the coolness between stone walls, while in winter, you can sit by the fireplace and spend pleasant moments in a cozy, nostalgic home atmosphere.

Sedirli Ev

9- Zoe Hotel

Born from the idea of ​​creating a second life by combining the architecture of the Cycladic Islands with the breeze of Alaçatı, ZOE invites you to experience a beautiful holiday and happiness. We aimed to synthesize the approaches of different civilizations, nature, and art, which seem very different but are actually the same, under the life of ZOE.

10- Soliport Hotel & Spa Located by the sea in Alaçatı/Çeşme, Soliport offers a delightful breakfast prepared by a successful and experienced kitchen team and evening meals consisting of delicious flavors at Lamas Restaurant, as well as a variety of snacks such as pizza, pide, hamburgers, and light bites served by the infinity pool at Limeberry snack bar.

Soliport Hotel & Spa

11- Köstem Hotel 

Located in the heart of Alaçatı, Köstem Hotel boasts a different architectural appearance, designed by Alaçatı local Hacı Memiş's grandson with stone masonry and the vision and contributions of renowned interior designer Selina Kazazoğlu.

Köstem Hotel, +12

12- Alakapı Hotel 

 The hotel is ambitious! It says, 'You will feel at home in Alakapı.' The hotel is a continuation of the tradition of bay window rooms and stone buildings in Alaçatı, but in a modernized form. The rooms are very modern and stylishly furnished, with furniture made of natural and handmade solid materials. The garden, on the other hand, is very different from the usual boutique hotel gardens.

Alakapı Hotel, +12 Yetişkin Oteli

13- BeyEvi Hotel

As the season beautifies Alaçatı, BeyEvi Hotel becomes more beautiful. With lively streets, stone houses adorned with flowers, shops, and cafes popping up unexpectedly, this place is full of unexpected surprises. There are so many things in life to make us feel happy, and Alaçatı reminds us of these things, in short.

BeyEvi Hotel

14- Port Ladera Hotel

Port Ladera Alaçatı Hotel is not just a hotel where we will host you during your vacation; it is a different and warm place where we can accommodate you in the most popular spot of Alaçatı in a chic environment prepared with utmost care down to the finest detail, offering a different and sincere Alaçatı experience, far beyond what you have known or observed so far.

15- Suess Alaçatı 

 A New Discovery from Alaçatı! Situated in a surprisingly beautiful garden in Alaçatı, Suess Hotel is a secluded, closed-off world completely disconnected from the outside, surrounded by olive groves and pine trees. It offers a large pool, secluded quiet corners, and delightful flavors.

Suess Hotel