Places to go for weekend getaways

20 great destinations for weekend getaways. Don't pass by without a look...

100 km away from Istanbul. With its sandy beach, bays, rocky cliffs and its view intertwined with the forest, Ağva has become an energy point where those coming from the city charge themselves with positive energy. Kilim Bay, Gelin Kayası, Hidden Lake, places to see in Ağva...

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For some it's experiencing the four seasons, for others it's a getaway, for some it's fish, for others it's the forest, long walks or just peace and tranquillity or a little romance.

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Büyükada is the largest of the islands off the coast of Istanbul, also known as the Prince Islands by foreigners. Its old name is Prinkipo. "Prinkipo" means "Prince" in Greek. There are frequent voyages of IDO.

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Heybeliada is Istanbul's largest namesake after Büyükada. It is one of the most popular resorts in Istanbul. It is famous not only for its nature, fresh air and beauty, but also for its navy, sanatorium and seminary.

Karaburun is a Black Sea coast of Çatalca, 50 km away from Büyükçekmece. Karaburun, which dazzles with its perfect beach and bay, is a candidate to become the pearl of Istanbul.

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It is 280 km away from Istanbul. The first thing that comes to mind when it comes to Karasu is the long and wide beach, Karasu is one of the places preferred by those living in the nearby region to swim in the summer. Karasu Beach turns into a fairground on weekends.

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Kastro, Tekirdağ's only coast to the Black Sea, is a lush green bay decorated with ash trees. In this protected national park, you can swim in the sea, take a pedalo ride on the Bahçeköy Creek or take a walk in the magnificent forest.

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160 km from Istanbul. Kefken is actually a fishing town. When you come to the center of Kefken, you find the harbor and fishing boats in front of you. The bays near Kefken are attractive with their virginity. Especially Cebeci is a holiday resort with its sandy beach.

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It is 150 km from Istanbul. This distance is the main factor in the increasing popularity of Kerpe day by day. In addition to Istanbul, it is considered a close place when the transportation route in Ankara is considered.

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Kilyos is also known as Kumköy. It is 60 km from Istanbul. It takes its name from the botanically rich sand dunes. The first historical building that catches the eye in Kilyos is the castle known to have been built during the Genoese period. The castle, which was within the military zone, was restored during the reign of Sultan Mahmut II. There is a cistern in the center.

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Kınalıada is one of the smallest of the Istanbul Islands. It is 1500X1100 kilometers in size. Kınalıada got its name because of its reddish appearance from a distance when it was covered with maquis. It has three hills, namely Çınar Hill, Teşvikiye Hill and Monastery Hill.

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A district of Kırklareli on the Black Sea coast of Thrace. The region is a peaceful holiday center 164 km. away from Istanbul. You can spend a different weekend in Kıyıköy by traveling to nature and history.

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100 km away from Istanbul. Maşukiye, which has been popular in recent years due to its proximity to Istanbul, has become a ski center in winter, which has become the center of attention with the opening of ski facilities. However, the region is also the center of those who want to meet nature and green in summer.

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25 km from Istanbul. Away from the chaos of the city, alone with nature, a pleasant meal, a place where you can spend peaceful moments in lush green nature. When you go to Polonezköy, be sure to see the church, the construction of which started in 1912. The church was completed in 1914 together with the rectory. In addition to the church, you can also see the house where Atatürk stayed during his visit to Polonezköy.

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100 km from Istanbul. Sapanca is one of the indispensable places for those who are overwhelmed by stressful city life and want to leave themselves to nature. You can see different shades of green and blue in the nature of Sapanca.

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70 km away from Istanbul. Şile is one of the important tourism centers of Istanbul with its historical and natural structure. Şile Castle, Şile Lighthouse and Şile Cloth have become brands associated with Şile.

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