Latest and Updated Information on Visa on Arrival for Greek Islands

First of all, in light of the recent developments, as I mentioned before, we can't just hop on to the islands without a plan.

You can find detailed information about which islands are available, how to get to these islands, food and drink recommendations, accommodation options, as well as things to see and do on our website by typing the name of each island.

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 So, Which Islands?

  1. Kalimnos Island
  2. Kos Island
  3. Leros Island
  4. Meis Island
  5. Lesbos (Midilli) Island
  6. Patmos Island
  7. Rhodes (Rodos) Island
  8. Chios (Sakız) Island
  9. Samos (Sisam) Island
  10. Symi Island

For accommodation information in Greek Islands, you can also visit link.

First of all, after gathering the following documents and information, you need to submit them to the company from which you purchased the boat ticket.

Documents required for visa on arrival:

1.Schengen visa application form

2.Burgundy passport with at least 6 months validity (no visa is required for green passport holders)

3.Passport photocopy

4.If you have previous Schengen visas, take photocopies of these visas and submit them.

5.ID card photocopy

6.Two colored biometric photographs.

7.Paid round trip ferry ticket

8.Paid hotel reservation document

9.3-month bank account statement of those staying

10.Travel health insurance

Important Notes:

  • If your passport has a stamp from the TRNC, your visa request will be directly rejected. Don't apply in vain.
  • Only single entry is allowed with visa on arrival, and you can stay a maximum of 6 nights and 7 days on the same island.
  • There is no right to transfer to another island. You can only go back and forth to one island.
  • Everyone over 18 pays a duty fee of 60 euros and a service fee of 20 euros.
  • Also, don't forget to add the ferry fee depending on the island you are going to.
  • You will proceed with the boat companies for visa on arrival documents. It's not possible to receive your documents and go to the islands on the same day. Your documents must be sent in advance. Considering the intensity, I recommend starting the procedures at least 2 weeks in advance.