How about living in Adrasan to experience the tranquility and nature of the spring months?

I came to Adrasan in Antalya, located on the Lycian Way, today with a recommendation for a peaceful accommodation and a boat tour.

🏡 Nestled within a spacious village garden filled with fruit-bearing trees throughout the seasons, Adrasan Hotels, such as @likyaadrasanotel, offer an atmosphere that emphasizes the benefits of an alternative nature perspective with its sweet row of wooden bungalows. I am a guest at Likya Adrasan, owned by Bilge.

🛏 They have clean, spacious rooms. Don't expect luxury, though! In addition to standard rooms, there are also suite rooms suitable for families with children. As we lay in our bed, the sound of August Beetles from the garden amidst the night's murmur offered us a chance to temporarily escape our usual habits in the atmosphere of Adrasan.

🌿 The wide, well-maintained garden under the shade of plane trees is filled with the scents of resin and citrus. Relaxing in hammocks in different seating areas is quite enjoyable.

🍳 Homemade jams, vegetables and fruits from their gardens, daily eggs, and cups of tea consumed by the minute are delightful! Throughout the day, tea and herbal tea offerings continue unlimitedly. Guests who wish can also take advantage of the dinner options. Light and soothing music plays during meal times. Many products used in their meals are homemade.

⛵️ The facility is 350 meters away from Adrasan beach. You can retreat to a secluded spot on the sandy beach without touching anyone, and nap under the sun all day. Alternatively, you can hop on their boats for the Adrasan Boat Tour (@likyaadrasantekneturu) and explore the azure blue waters of the Mediterranean and its aquarium-like bays inaccessible by land.

🏃🏻 Those who want to hike should spend plenty of time on the winding Lycian Way. Due to the mountainous terrain, paragliding can be a good option. The garden is quite ideal and spacious for yoga. There is sufficient space for yoga, dance, various conference events, and activities.

📞 As room prices vary seasonally, call Mr. Bilge and say hello from me.
👐👨‍🌾 +90 538 051 58 39 For more detailed information, visit 

Antalya Adrasan: The Name of Unique Nature and Peaceful Vacation Adrasan, a corner adorned with the calm and natural beauties of Antalya, is one of Turkey's most special holiday destinations. With its warm sands, clear sea, and forests lost in greenery, Adrasan is a hidden gem offering an unforgettable holiday experience. Unknown Paradise: Secrets of Adrasan Adrasan takes its name from its unique natural beauties. It is famous for its long, golden beaches and azure sea. However, the unknown aspects of Adrasan are also worth exploring. The warm hospitality of the locals, regional flavors, and traditional handicrafts are features that set Adrasan apart from other tourist destinations. Places to Visit in Adrasan: Hidden Treasures of Adrasan
Adrasan Bay: This bay, preserving its natural beauties for centuries, enchants visitors with its calm waters and impressive scenery.

Olympos Ancient City: Ideal for those who want a holiday intertwined with history, Olympos Ancient City is dazzling with its historical ruins and natural riches.

Gelidonya Cape: Gelidonya Cape, for those who love nature walks, offers a mesmerizing experience with breathtaking views and unique vegetation. Activities in Adrasan: Color Your Holiday

Sea Activities: In the clear waters of Adrasan, you can swim, snorkel, or explore coves with a sea bike.

Nature Walks: The nature trails around Adrasan provide an exploratory walking experience. Get lost in the greenery and enjoy nature.

Boat Tours: With boat tours organized around Adrasan, you can reach hidden coves and watch the sunset at sea.

While offering a peaceful holiday in the lap of nature, Adrasan attracts visitors with its traditional flavors and friendly atmosphere. Discover Adrasan to create unforgettable memories and enjoy the tranquility and beauty of nature.