Eskisehir Travel Guide, Eskisehir Attractions

Eskişehir is a young, vibrant and dynamic city with its industry, two universities, history, natural beauties, developed transportation network, entertainment life... 
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Eskişehir, a city that has pioneered many firsts in our country, with its Porsuk River reminiscent of Venice, its pristine streets, bustling at all hours.

The Porsuk River, which passes right through the heart of the city, divides Eskişehir in two. Once a major challenge for the city, recent urban development projects have turned it into one of the city's must-see attractions. In fact, you can even take a gondola ride along the Porsuk River. Sit on the benches or in the green areas along the riverbank and enjoy the city. With university students lounging around with books and gondolas floating by, you might even mistake yourself for being in a European city.

Leaving the Porsuk River behind and taking a city tour in Adalar and Doktorlar, you might feel like you've been living here for years. Eskişehir's charm will envelop you in a moment. You won't want to leave. The true value of Eskişehir is realized when you leave the city. You'll constantly find yourself longing for Eskişehir, as if you've been living there for years.

Where to Stay in Eskişehir

Senna City Hotel. A quality and decent hotel located right in the city center, above the river. It offers good value for money. Don't expect everything to be perfect, but it's close to perfection, clean, and has friendly staff. I recommend choosing rooms with river views. Click here for other Eskişehir Hotels.

What to Buy in Eskişehir ?

When you visit Eskişehir, you can buy souvenirs made of meerschaum for your loved ones, as well as figurines, ornaments, or jewelry. You can find textile products and clothing in the Hamam Yolu Bazaar or in large shopping malls. You can buy "çiğ börek" (raw börek), "göbete," "nuga," and "met helvası." You can find ceramic and glass products, souvenir figures in Eskişehir. Especially in the area where the Odunpazarı Houses are located, you can buy paintings and magnets that tell the story of the city and its historical features, as well as ceramic ornaments and embroidered covers, clothing.

How to Get to Eskişehir?

 Eskişehir, with a well-developed network of roads, railways, and airways, can be reached from almost anywhere in our country by various means of transportation such as bus, train, and plane. Today, you can find a bus to Eskişehir from almost every city. After arriving at Eskişehir Terminal, you can easily reach the city center by tram or city buses. If you're coming by train, Eskişehir Station is in the city center. It will be quite easy for you to reach everywhere.

Where to Eat in Eskişehir?

 Sempre Ristorante Italiano: A quality restaurant with a surprising garden located in the city center, in the Eti building. The filet mignon with cafe de paris sauce was amazing, although their pizzas didn't look as good as fresh pizzas (their presentation wasn't successful), they tasted quite good. They have a presentation problem because the meats are quite fancy. I also recommend Meze Restaurant for an evening; you'll love their fish appetizers. You must taste "çiğ börek," a traditional food of Eskişehir, which you can find in many places in the city center. My recommendation is Kırım Çi Börek Salonu. A place with delicious "çi börek" that tastes like a meat pie. Other recommendations include ESKİŞEHİR ÇİBÖREK EVİ and CAN ÇİBÖREK (near Abdülselam). Balaban kebab is also a must-try. Hüsmen on Abdülselam or Muttalip Street is recommended for Balaban kebab. Also, "met helvası" is very famous.

For those who love boza, Eskişehir's Boza is great. Our recommendation is Kara Kedi Bozacısı. And let's not forget about #pinoeskisehir, a unique burger place in Eskişehir. Don't forget about Kör Kamili! In Mazlumlar, you can taste the best milk desserts, Venice's delicious cakes and ice creams shouldn't be forgotten either!

Places to Visit in Eskişehir

When you come to Eskişehir, there are many places you might want to see. You can wander around Adalar, Doktorlar, and Kızılcıklı Streets in the city center, shop on Hamam Yolu Street. In Adalar, you can watch students and gondolas by the Porsuk River and relax. After a nice walk in Kent Park, which has an artificial lake, you can sip your coffee. You can also visit Sazova Cultural Park, which has many models. The park is 15 minutes from the center of Eskişehir. It's a European, decent, large, and amazing park. You can be quite satisfied with its fairy tale castle, zoo, parks, gardens, aquarium, science museum, etc. Spend more time at Sazova Park, be sure to visit the space and science center, especially join the 3D show for children, join the fairy tale theater at the magnificent fairy tale castle, but there are hours, you need to adjust your time.

You can visit the Historical Odunpazarı Houses. You can visit the Glass Arts Museum. You can visit the Republic Museum. You can visit Kurşunlu Mosque and Complex. You can visit the Wax Museum, where wax sculptures made by the Mayor of Metropolitan Municipality Yılmaz Büyükerşen are exhibited.

Also, be sure to visit the newly opened Zuhal Yorgancioglu Fashion Design Museum. The museum showcases 52 designs by Yorgancıoğlu that highlight Turkish culture and art. In the museum, you will not only see clothes but also their own embroideries, creativity, and designs on these clothes. Those who want to understand what fashion is and improve themselves in this field should definitely visit the museum.

You can go to Yazılıkaya Phrygian Valley and see the Midas Monument. You can visit Nasreddin Hoca's house in Sivrihisar and take pictures of the pointed rocks that give the district its name. You can go to Yelini and Yelinüstü Caves in Sivrihisar.

In Eskişehir, where there are intense thermal healing waters, you can visit spas and find healing. One of the most famous spas is Sakarıılıca Spa, don't leave without visiting it. You can do bird watching in bird areas like Sarıyar Dam, Hamam Mountain.

You can go to many beautiful and large shopping malls or bazaars in the city center of Eskişehir. You can visit and shop at Atlıhan Meerschaum Handicrafts Bazaar. You can wander around the streets of Eskişehir.

You can visit Anadolu University campus, one of the most beautiful campuses in our country, and take a nice stroll in the Japanese Garden on the campus.

It is also recommended to visit the ETİ Archeology Museum. The Eskişehir ETİ Archaeology Museum is the first museum in Turkey to be realized with private sector support. The museum has about 22,500 artifacts covering the Neolithic, Chalcolithic, Bronze, Hittite, Phrygian, Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine, Seljuk, and Ottoman periods. Only 2,000 of these artifacts are on display. The remaining 20,500 artifacts are kept in storage.

What to Do in Eskişehir?

When you come to Eskişehir, after strolling along the Porsuk River, you should take a boat tour with gondolas. Then you can visit Adalar or Doktorlar, and have a tired coffee in cafes. When you come to Eskişehir, you can take a nice museum tour. You can see the Glass Arts Museum, the Republic History Museum, the Aviation Museum, and the Cartoon Museum. You can visit the Historical Odunpazarı district and visit the Odunpazarı Houses. You can go to the famous thermal spas such as Sakarıılıca, Hasırca, Kızılinler, and Yenisofa in the city famous for its hot springs and have a day full of health and healing. You can experience all kinds of flights and jumps at a sports center located a bit outside the city.