Dazzling Super Yacht Locations in the Mediterranean

Embark on an extraordinary yacht adventure where grandeur meets natural beauty in the captivating Mediterranean. From the ancient ruins of Athens to the vibrant shores of Ibiza and the luxurious lifestyle of Monaco, each location reflects its own dynamic, turning the Mediterranean into a playground for discerning sailors.

Let's explore together the 10 most exclusive marinas and stunning islands where luxury yachts are comfortably hosted in these picturesque destinations.

Turkish Riviera

Best time to visit: May-October

Companies like medgulets.com offer a unique experience by organizing nostalgic sailing trips with traditional gulets, and they also provide gulet charter services for private tours, enriching your holiday experience. These companies offer comfortable travel options on luxury superyachts, allowing you to experience ultra-luxury adventures with mega yachts as well.

Here are our top stops along this route:


D-Marin Göcek

For yacht enthusiasts who crave adventurous journeys, D-Marin Marina in Göcek stands out with its luxurious amenities. D-Marin Göcek, where customer satisfaction is kept at the highest level, also provides quick access to Turkey's most beloved islands, coves, and beaches. In addition, by hosting the ultra-luxurious D-Resort Göcek, it offers its guests the opportunity to experience an extraordinary holiday experience.

2 ) Bodrum

Yalıkavak Marina 

Yalıkavak Marina offers the glittering atmosphere of Bodrum with its modern infrastructure, high-quality services, and unique sea view. Located in the heart of tourism in Turkey, the marina promises sea enthusiasts a delightful experience with its stylish restaurants, boutique shops, and event areas.

3 ) Marmaris

D-Maris Bay

Hidden in one of the impressive bays of the Datça Peninsula, D-Maris Bay offers a dream-like destination for those seeking a luxurious holiday experience without disconnecting from the natural atmosphere. Serving both as a holiday village and a marina, D-Maris Bay's beach, which opens to the turquoise sea of the Aegean amidst greenery like a window, is mesmerizing. Its secluded location amidst pristine natural beauty, gourmet flavors, serene and healing luxury spa, and much more, offer personalized experiences with first-class service quality.

The most beautiful marinas and harbors of the Turkish Riviera welcome guests from all over the world. The Turkish Riviera, the number one destination for yacht enthusiasts seeking a luxury experience in the serene atmosphere of nature, allows you to experience the most exclusive experiences in the Mediterranean.

Croatia and Montenegro's Adriatic Coast

Best time to visit: May-September

The coastline opening to the azure Adriatic Sea in Croatia and Montenegro is perfect for blue voyages with its rich historical heritage, UNESCO World Heritage-listed cultural treasures, and unique natural beauties. Montenegro offers super yacht-friendly ports, ultra-luxurious restaurants, and hotels, presenting guests with life's most elegant aspects. Overall, this magnificent coastline provides unforgettable moments for sailors.

Here are the top destinations hosted by Croatia and Montenegro:

1 ) Dubrovnik

ACI Marina Dubrovnik

ACI Marina in Dubrovnik offers guests a rather fascinating journey experience. Situated right next to the location where the world-famous Game of Thrones was filmed, this marina particularly hosts fans of the series throughout the year. Moreover, guests at the marina can enjoy facilities such as the golf course and swimming pool. Located very close to Dubrovnik Old Town, ACI Marina also provides convenience for those who want to explore the city's ancient texture.

2 ) Zadar and the Kornati Islands



D-Marin Dalmacija stands out as Croatia's largest marina. The marina offers guests the opportunity to experience the pinnacle of Croatian luxury lifestyle in Zadar. Visitors to the city can enjoy various amenities at the marina, from gourmet dining options to luxury shops and a completely personalized beach experience.

3 ) Bay of Kotor

The Bay of Luštica, Montenegro

The Bay of Luštica is a perfect destination for travelers seeking a luxury experience, offering all the amenities for guests to enjoy a comfortable holiday. The bay, ideal for large yachts, also opens the door to a perfect holiday with its pristine beaches, luxury restaurants, and hotels.

Porto Montenegro

If you're setting sail towards Tivat, you'll find Porto Montenegro, famous for its world-class facilities and impressive views, awaiting you. In this unique marina, sailors can drop anchor amidst impressive superyachts and enjoy the luxury amenities of the marina, just steps away from the tranquil waters of the Bay of Kotor.

Croatia and Montenegro are a paradise for sailors with their stunning natural beauty, rich history, and luxurious yacht facilities. Here, you can explore the luxury coastline of Montenegro, the captivating islands of the Adriatic, and the timeless beauty of Dalmatia.


Best time to visit: April-October

Italy is filled with unique and unforgettable blue voyage routes, from the pastoral islands of the Tyrrhenian Sea to the Amalfi Coast. Hosting some of the world's most exclusive and magnificent yachts, Italy allows you to experience the chic and enchanting atmosphere of many resort towns.

For gulets, mega yachts, and superyachts, the best destinations in Italy are as follows:

1 ) Portofino

Marina di Portofino

Marina di Portofino, the gem of the Amalfi Coast, has everything sailors need for a perfect stay. Situated in a bay surrounded by natural beauty, the marina stands out for its proximity to the center of Portofino. This allows guests to explore Portofino step by step and indulge in gourmet meals and wines at its luxury restaurants.

2 ) Amalfi Coast

Marina di Capri, nestled in the Gulf of Naples, embraces the captivating beauty of Italy's Amalfi Coast, inviting sailors to an extraordinary adventure.

3 ) Sardunya

Porto Cervo Marina

In the serene atmosphere of Sardinia, Porto Cervo Marina promises its guests a unique holiday experience. Reflecting the island's luxury charm in every aspect, the marina offers countless amenities ranging from transportation assistance to luxury restaurants and exclusive shopping.

Venice's Super Yacht Destinations

In the world's most beautiful city, three exceptional marinas are ready to welcome sea enthusiasts. Venice Yacht Pier, Marina Santelena, and Venezia Certosa Marina boast excellent infrastructure to accommodate superyachts and megayachts. Situated in the heart of Venice, these marinas continue to be the favorites of sailors.

5 ) Sicily and the Aeolian Islands

Marina Villa Igiea stands out as the main port of Palermo. With the capacity to host numerous superyachts and megayachts, Villa Igiea offers its guests much more than just a marina. Situated in close proximity to the region's most beautiful beaches, volcanic islands, and perhaps most importantly, the world-renowned Mount Etna volcano, the marina provides easy access to what guests are looking for.

Those seeking a once-in-a-lifetime blue voyage experience can opt for Italy's world-class facilities.

French and Monaco Riviera

Best time to visit: April to October

The Mediterranean coastline of southern France is an ultra-luxurious destination favored by the most elite members of society, from celebrities to business magnates. Hosting an independent city-state like Monaco, the region enchants visitors with its sophisticated atmosphere. With its marinas, unique landscapes reminiscent of pastoral paintings, and vibrant ambiance, the area boasts extraordinary charm. From magnificent superyachts to world-renowned events like the Monaco Yacht Show, guests here can experience grandeur in every aspect.

Here are the top options in the region for ultra-luxurious experiences:

1 )French Riviera

Saint-Tropez Harbor

Port de Saint-Tropez offers yacht enthusiasts the opportunity to stroll along Quai de l'Epi and enjoy the luxurious Mediterranean cuisine at cafes along the waterfront. In Port de Saint Tropez, you can immerse yourself in the lively atmosphere of the Côte d'Azur.

Port Camille Rayon

Located between the lively atmosphere of Antibes and the charming ambiance of Cannes, Port Camille Rayon has been the preferred destination for blue voyage enthusiasts for over 20 years. Prioritizing ecological balance and offering completely eco-friendly services, guests at this marina can access everything they desire, from designer boutiques to chic restaurants and even vibrant nightlife, all within easy reach.

Marina Baie des Anges, conveniently located between Antibes and Nice, offers ample space for dazzling superyachts along with its luxurious services. Among these services are ultra-luxury spa facilities and holiday resorts. The marina provides the finest services on the French Riviera.

Vieux Port de Cannes & Port Pierre Canto

Located at the heart of the modern film culture, Cannes' symbols, Vieux Port and Port Pierre Canto, situated along the iconic Le Croisette Avenue, stand as top choices for yacht enthusiasts in the French Riviera. Vieux Port, one of the region's landmarks, beautifully reflects the historical texture while Port Canto stands out for its modern facilities catering to mega yachts of up to 90 meters in length.

2 ) Corsica

Port Hercule

Port Hercule is a wonderful stop to immerse yourself in the luxurious and elegant lifestyle of Monaco. It's a perfect destination for those who want to experience the city's famous casinos, the legendary Formula 1 Circuit de Monaco, exclusive shopping centers, and Michelin-starred luxury restaurants.

In the embrace of the Mediterranean on the French Riviera, each marina and port shines like a pearl, offering visitors the opportunity to experience the most special moments.

Greece and the Greek Islands

Best time to visit: April to October

When it comes to blue voyages, Greece and, of course, the Greek Islands are the first destinations that come to mind. The Greek geography, where the unique blue and green of nature meet, is filled with many beauties waiting to be explored. From the cultural richness of Athens to the breathtaking views of the Cyclades Islands and the untouched beaches of the Ionian Islands, this route offers unforgettable experiences to sailors.

So, let's set sail and explore the best marinas, ports, and coves:

  1. Ionian Islands

D-Marin Lefkas

Located among the natural beauties of Lefkada, D-Marin Lefkas is a true attraction with its breathtaking views. Situated right by the crystal-clear sea, the marina also stands out with the services it offers to its guests. Especially its luxurious waterfront restaurants make D-Marin Lefkas priceless.


For those who want a bit of everything, Corfu earns top marks from all its guests thanks to its numerous alternatives. With its exclusive resorts, restaurants serving exquisitely prepared meals, rejuvenating spa facilities, breathtakingly beautiful beaches, and cultural richness spanning from the Middle Ages to the Venetian period, Corfu invites you to an unforgettable vacation.

1 ) Cyclades Islands


Music, dance, and endless entertainment until the early hours! That's what Mykonos is all about. Mykonos, where the most elite of society gather every summer, offers not only entertainment but also ample opportunities for relaxation and peaceful moments. With impressive beaches like Psarrou and Super Paradise, Mykonos hosts sailors who thoroughly enjoy the unique beauty of the Mediterranean.

Santorini offers a unique atmosphere with its volcanic formations that are unparalleled elsewhere in the world. Famous for its enchanting sunsets, volcanic beaches, and towns perched on limestone cliffs like Fira and Oia, Santorini promises much more than just a port of call for blue voyages. In this captivating Cycladic island, visitors can experience a variety of experiences ranging from gourmet flavors to world-class rejuvenating spa treatments.

3 ) The Twelve Islands

Rodos, the jewel of the Dodecanese Islands, is home to two marinas. Visitors can stay right next to Rhodes' Medieval Town at the historic Mandraki Port. Rhodes Marina, on the other hand, accommodates larger yachts with ease. Both marinas are equipped to meet all the needs of their guests, giving blue voyage enthusiasts the freedom to choose according to their preferences.

4 ) Saronik Körfezi

Athens Marina and the luxurious Alimos Marina stand out as extraordinary destinations within the vast Saronic Gulf that encompasses the capital city of Athens. Both marinas boast exceptional facilities. Additionally, they offer a close look at the symbolic structures of the city, such as the Acropolis and the Parthenon, as well as the charming streets of Plaka and the vibrant gastronomic scene.

Discover the legendary nightlife, picturesque villages, and breathtaking beaches of Greece and its islands.


Best time to visit: April to October

Spain, one of the most exciting destinations in Europe, also stretches along the enchanting Mediterranean coast. From Gibraltar to Barcelona, the region showcases stunning bays and captivating cities where celebrities and society's most elite vacation every summer.

Here are the top destinations in Spain for a blue voyage:

1 ) Balearic Islands

Marina Port Ibiza (Ibiza Magna)

Located in the former fishing district of La Marina, Marina Port Ibiza is nestled at the foot of the iconic Dalt Vila. What sets this marina apart is its designation as part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. With its pristine islands and beaches and unparalleled natural scenery, the marina offers visitors a unique experience. Additionally, its culinary excellence adds another dimension to the visitor's journey.


Mallorca, being the largest of the Balearic Islands, is a complete attraction center. The island offers many luxury marinas where superyachts and megayachts can dock. Among these marinas are the ultra-luxurious Port Adriano, the contemporary Club de Mar Mallorca in the capital city of Palma, and Puerto Portals.

2 ) Costa del Sol

Puerto José Banús

Located just southwest of the city of Marbella, Puerto José Banús perfectly embodies the elegant lifestyle of the Costa del Sol. This marina offers guests the opportunity to dine and shop at world-class standards while also providing the unique pleasure of relaxing on its golden sandy beaches.

3 ) Barcelona

Marina Port Vell

Located in the heart of Barcelona, Marina Port Vell perfectly blends historical charm with modern elegance. Situated close to world-renowned architectural landmarks and the vibrant nightlife of the city, the marina becomes a focal point among yachters.

Discerning sailors who seek to fully experience the vibrancy and splendor of the Mediterranean often prefer Spain's impressive marinas. Here, luxury, history, and the beauty of nature come together harmoniously.


Best Time to Visit: April to September

Malta, a beloved destination in the Mediterranean, has long been an escape for discerning yachters during the summer. With its history-filled beaches, enchanting turquoise coves, and hospitable locals, Malta offers a magnificent vacation experience that leaves a lasting impression. Our recommended stops in Malta are located in the capital city.

Grand Harbor Marina

Located in the enchanting city of Valletta, Marina Grand Harbour impresses yachters with its historical significance and endless amenities. Yachts anchored in the shadow of magnificent fortifications showcase the country's rich heritage, creating an extraordinary ambiance that is unmatched anywhere else in the world.

Grand Harbor Marina offers a blend of luxury, culture, and breathtaking natural beauty. Embark on an unforgettable journey and indulge in the allure of extravagant amenities, vibrant nightlife, diverse culinary delights, and the charm of turquoise waters. Whether your chosen destination may be, the Mediterranean stands ready to provide an extraordinary experience for those seeking a luxurious getaway. Use this guide as the key to finding perfect destinations for a rich boat journey. For boating enthusiasts aiming for a top-tier holiday, the Mediterranean is the ultimate choice.