5 Black Sea plateaus for those going to plateau this season

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With the arrival of spring and the onset of summer, a buzz begins in the Black Sea region. Plateaus, which spread out endlessly with shades of green as far as the eye can see, are the indispensable destinations of the summer months. Due to being cooler and receiving more rainfall compared to city centers, they are highly preferred by local people and tourists alike.

In fact, a plateau refers to flat areas surrounded by deep valleys carved by rivers in high places. But when you come to the Black Sea, you will see that this definition will remain quite simple alongside the magnificent greenery.

While I was at university, I used to listen to many memories about the beauties of plateaus and the houses or lives in the plateaus during the summer from my friends from the Black Sea region. After graduating, I had the opportunity to go and see, to experience, and I saw how inadequate the things I heard were. When you stay in plateau houses or boutique hotels, you will find yourself refreshed with every breath you take. The air and nature are so clean that it's like an oxygen factory! The sincerity of the Black Sea people is on the other side. With the blue sea in front of you and leaning against the lush green nature, a vacation awaits you where every breath you take will make your head spin with abundant oxygen.

Here are five Black Sea plateaus we recommend for this summer vacation, and they are ones that are not very explored, almost untouched by nature.

• Kito Plateau: You can reach the plateau from Çamlıhemşin in about two hours, or you can even walk if you wish. Although it might take a bit longer, it can be a great idea. You can camp if you wish, stay at your friend's house, or there is a pension where you can stay in the plateau. There is still no electricity in the plateau, and there is no trace of pollution or damage. It's the kind that nature lovers will adore. Click here for Çamlıhemşin Hotels and Places to Visit!

Anzer Plateau: See the plateau of Anzer, of which you have only heard of its honey so far! You can easily reach the plateau from the İkizdere district of Rize, either by car or on foot. Besides being the region where Anzer honey is produced, the plateau, which hosts many different plant and animal species, has wonderful air for your health. It has become one of the places frequently visited by tourists in recent years. The plateau, with its rich fauna, has peaks over three thousand meters high. Click here for Rize Hotels and Places to Visit!

Elevit Plateau: Located where two glacial valleys meet, the plateau is about half an hour away from Çamlıhemşin. It is more advantageous in terms of transportation and accommodation compared to many plateaus and is also preferred by the local people. Its settlement spread around two streams is like something out of a fairy tale!

Ayder Plateau: Among the most famous plateaus in the region and has become a town in recent years. It will do you good with its rich vegetation and pristine air. Interestingly, Ayder Plateau is famous for its hot springs. Its water, reaching about 50 degrees Celsius, is also beneficial for many rheumatic diseases. If your timing is right, don't forget to participate in the festivals of Ayder Plateau.

Ovit Plateau: You can reach Ovit Plateau from the İkizdere district and it is famous for its festivals held every August, where the fun reaches its peak among the lush green pine trees, waking up to a new day will bring you health and peace.

Text by: Bahar Gezer