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Ciy Guest House & Resturant

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Didim Yacht Club Hotel

4.5 · Great · 10 reviews
Lüks Otel
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4.7 · Great · 3 reviews
A peaceful place surrounded by nature
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Ephesus Boutique Hotel

4.8 · Great · 10 reviews
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Kirazlı Sultan Konak, +12

5.0 · Great · 29 reviews
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Unique Life Style Hotels

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Aydin Hotels

Its population was 188337 in 2010.[3] Aydın city is located along a region which was famous for its fertility and productivity since ancient times. Figs remain the province's best-known crop, although other agricultural products are also grown intensively and the city has some light industry. At the crossroads of a busy transport network of several types, a six-lane motorway connects Aydın to İzmir, Turkey's second port, in less than an hour, and in still less time to the international Adnan Menderes Airport, located along the road between the two cities. A smaller airport, namely Aydın Airport, is located a few kilometers in the South-East of Aydın. The region of Aydın also pioneered the introduction of railways into Turkey in the 19th century and still has the densest railroad network. The province of Aydın is also where a number of internationally known historic sites and centers of tourism are concentrated. The weather is hot in summer, and warm all year round. Aydın also has the distinction of being the largest urban center in Turkey administered by a female mayor, Mrs. Özlem Çerçioğlu elected in 2009.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which hotels in Aydin are best for couples?
Ephesus Boutique Hotel çiftlere uygun atmosfere sahip bir otelimiz.
Which hotels in Aydin have beautiful views?
Melis Hotel manzarası ile gizli ve güçlü bir heyecan uyandırıyor.
Which hotels in Aydin are best for families?
Emel Pension ve Hotel Carina ailelerin rahatlıkla konaklayabileceği konforu sunuyor.
What are the average hotel prices in Aydin?
Otel fiyatları için müesseseleri arayabilirsiniz.
Which hotels in Aydin have good breakfasts?
Ephesus Boutique Hotel ve Emel Pension kahvaltıda eşsiz güzel gurme lezzetler sunuyor.
What are the best hotels near the airport in Aydin?
Aydın Çıldır Havaalanı, arabaayla yaklaşık elli dakika sürüyor.
What are the best beachfront hotels in Aydin?
D-Marin Yacht Club deniz-kum-güneş üçlüsünden ödün vermeyenlere yönelik bir yer. İnsanın yüreğini okşayan dinginlik ile sükunete davet ediyor.
Which hotels with fireplaces in Aydin?
Ephesus Boutique Hotel ve Emel Pension'da şöminenin keyfini çıkarın.
What are the villa rental and chalet options in the Aydin region?
Sayfamızdaki önerilerimize göz atabilirsiniz.
Which hotels in Aydin are romantic?
Hotel Carina ve Ephesus Boutique Hotel doğanın içinden gelen romantizme sahipler.