Zagori Attractions, Travel & Hotel Guide

In the north-west of Greece lies a quiet corner with mesmerising landscapes, natural beauty and traditional villages: Zagori. Located in the Epirus region, Zagori is a paradise of discovery for nature lovers and culture enthusiasts. It is full of deep valleys, marvellous mountains and stone villages from ages ago. Zagori's unique atmosphere, traditional architecture, delicious food and breathtaking views enchant visitors.Zagori is the perfect place for hikers, mountaineers and nature lovers. Natural wonders such as the Vikos Canyon are ideal for nature walks and trekking routes. You can climb Astraka Peak, go rafting in the Vikos Canyon or canoeing in the Voidomatis River. Zagori also has a rich gastronomic tradition and is full of local delicacies. Fresh vegetables, herbs, olive oil and traditional cheeses form the basis of Zagori cuisine. You can visit the traditional taverns to try the local flavours and enjoy the local dishes. In this hidden paradise of Epirus, you can experience an unforgettable holiday intertwined with nature and culture.

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Unknown Things About Zagori Island?

Heritage of Bridges, Zagori region is home to many stone bridges built in the 18th and 19th centuries. These bridges connect the villages in the area and were mostly built during the Ottoman period. These historical bridges of Zagori are architecturally significant and visually very impressive.

Vikos Canyon, Zagori is home to Vikos Canyon, one of the deepest canyons in the world. Vikos Canyon is full of steep cliffs, deep valleys and crystal clear rivers. This natural wonder is a popular destination for trekking and nature walks.

Natural Riches, Zagori is famous for its marvellous landscapes and natural riches. There are many national parks and protected areas in the region. The Vikos-Aoös National Park is noted for its rich biodiversity and is home to rare plant and animal species.

The traditional villages of Zagori are known for their stone buildings, narrow streets and traditional architecture. Villages such as Papigo, Mikro and Megalo Papingo are some of the most beautiful examples in the region. These villages offer a nostalgic atmosphere to visitors by preserving the local culture and lifestyle.

Local Cuisine, Zagori, is a delicious example of traditional Greek cuisine. The local cuisine of the region is full of fresh vegetables, herbs, olive oil and traditional cheeses. Local specialities include Trahana (local soup), Kleftiko (roasted lamb) and Kontosouvli (roast meat on skewers).

Cultural Heritage, Zagori has a rich cultural heritage. The old churches, monasteries and other historical buildings reflect the history and religious life of the region. Zagori's cultural heritage gives visitors the opportunity to return to the past and discover the local culture.

Events and Dates Festivals in Zagori Island

Nature Walks and Trekking, Zagori is famous for its marvellous natural landscapes and hiking routes. Vikos Canyon and the surrounding mountains are ideal for nature walks and trekking. Every year, many nature lovers visit Zagori to explore the natural beauty of the area and do outdoor activities.

Paragliding, Zagori's mountainous landscape is the perfect environment for paragliding. Paragliding events organised in the region are an exciting destination for adventure enthusiasts.

Cultural Tours, Zagori's traditional villages and historical buildings are a popular destination for cultural tours. Visitors can join cultural tours to explore the old churches, monasteries and stone bridges in the area.

Outdoor Sports Activities, Zagori's natural beauty is an ideal setting for rafting, canoeing, mountain biking and other outdoor sports. The sporting events organised in the region are a great opportunity for adventure lovers.

Local Festivals and Celebrations, Local villages in Zagori may organise some traditional festivals and celebrations. These festivals are usually celebrated with local music, dance and traditional food. These events are organised to celebrate the cultural heritage of the region and bring local people together.

Zagori Island Public Holidays

Public holidays in Greece include New Year (1 January), Epiphany (6 January), Independence Day (25 March), Labour Day (1 May), St. George's Day (23 April), Christmas (25-26 December) and other religious and national holidays.

The Best Time to Go to Enjoy Zagori Island?

Spring, Spring is the perfect time to explore the natural beauty and greenery of Zagori. During this period, the weather is usually cool and humidity is low. It is an ideal time for hiking, trekking and nature activities. It is also a time when flowers bloom and nature comes alive.

Summer, the summer months, have a warm and sunny weather in Zagori. During this period, Vikos Canyon and other natural areas are crowded with visitors. The summer months are also ideal for water sports, as the waters of the rivers and lakes are cool and suitable for swimming.

Autumn, Autumn is famous for Zagori's colourful leaves and slightly cool weather. During this period it is a great time to take nature walks and enjoy the landscapes. Also, as it is harvest time in the vineyards, you can participate in wine tasting events in the area.

Don't Return Without Doing These Things in Zagori Island!

Discover Vikos Canyon! Vikos Canyon is one of the deepest canyons in the world and one of Zagori's most stunning natural wonders. Hike the sides of the canyon or enjoy spectacular views from one of the viewpoints in the area.

Visit the Stone Bridges! Zagori is famous for its old stone bridges connecting each other. Some of the bridges in the region belong to the Ottoman period and stand out with their traditional architecture. One of the most famous bridges is the Kipi Bridge.

Visit Traditional Villages! The traditional villages in Zagori are famous for their stone houses, narrow streets and historical atmosphere. Visit villages such as Papigo, Monodendri, Aristi and Kipoi and discover local life, culture and architecture.

Take Nature Walks! Zagori is famous for its natural beauty and is therefore the perfect place for hiking and trekking. The Vikos Canyon, as well as the mountainous areas and rivers in the region, make ideal routes for nature walks.

Try the Local Flavours! Zagori's cuisine combines traditional Greek flavours and consists of natural products of the region. Try Zagori's delicious dishes in local restaurants or taverns and discover traditional flavours.

Places to visit in Zagori Island

Vikos Canyon, Vikos Canyon, one of the deepest canyons in the world, is one of the most striking natural beauties of Zagori. It is possible to enjoy the view from the sides of the canyon or take a nature walk into the canyon.

Stone Bridges, The old stone bridges of Zagori form an important part of the historical and cultural heritage of the region. Famous bridges such as the Kipi, Kokoris and Misios bridges characterise the area.

Papigo Village, Papigo is one of the most beautiful villages of Zagori. It is famous for its traditional stone houses, narrow streets and marvellous views. Mikro Papigo and Megalo Papigo in the village bear traces of ancient stone architecture and local culture.

Monodendri Village, Monodendri is another beautiful village located on the edge of the Vikos Canyon. Here you can visit places of historical and cultural importance, such as the Church of Agia Paraskevi and Ano Mahalas.

Aristi Village, Aristi is one of the most traditional villages of Zagori. The village has tourist attractions such as the famous Church of Agios Paraskevi and local handicraft shops.

Vradeto Stairs, Vradeto Stairs is an important natural and historical structure in Zagori. These stairs, consisting of about 1,200 steps, accompany a magnificent view of the Vikos Canyon.

Kolimbithres Village, Kolimbithres, located south of Zagori, is famous for its natural stone pools and waterfalls. It is an ideal place to cool off in summer.

The Most Beautiful Beaches on Zagori Island

Since Zagori is located in the continental region of Greece, it has no coastline.

Zagori Island Food and Drink Recommendations

Kokoretsi is a common food in Zagori. This traditional Greek dish is made of lamb meat stuffed with viscera and intestines. It is cooked outside and usually served on the grill.

Kleftiko is one of the classic dishes of Greek cuisine. This dish is made of beef or lamb meat, potatoes, onions, garlic and spices cooked in the oven. And it is quite delicious.

Pita Gyros is one of the favourites of Greek cuisine. It is made with fried meat (usually chicken or pork), tomatoes, onions, pickles, potatoes and yoghurt sauce wrapped in a pita bread. A light and filling snack.

Spanakopita is a popular type of pastry in Greek cuisine. It is made by placing spinach, cheese, onion and spices between thin layers of dough. It is baked in the oven and served hot or cold.

Souvlaki is one of the most recognisable dishes of Greek cuisine. This is grilled meat on a skewer and served with pita bread or rice. You can eat it with lemon juice squeezed on it or with tzatziki sauce.

Baklava, you should try baklava as a dessert in Zagori. This is a traditional dessert made by placing honey, walnuts or pistachios between thin layers and flavoured with syrup.

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Where are the entertainment venues on Zagori Island, what are the recommendations?

Nature Walks, Zagori is a mountainous and forested area and has an ideal environment for nature walks. You can hike around Vikos Canyon or other scenic routes in the area and enjoy the spectacular views and natural beauty.

Village Trips, Zagori is home to many villages famous for their traditional stone houses and historical texture. Visit villages such as Papigo, Monodendri, Aristi and Kipoi to discover local life, architecture and cultural heritage.

Photography, Zagori's natural beauties and historical texture are a unique opportunity for photographers.  Mountain landscapes, stone bridges, old churches and traditional architecture are the ideal subject for unique and impressive photographs.

Suggestions for Shopping in Zagori Island

Many villages in Zagori have shops selling local handicrafts and handmade products. In these shops you can find unique and original products such as traditional weaving products, ceramic ware, wood carvings and handmade jewellery. Zagori's local products include jams, honey, herbs, olive oil, cheeses and wines. You can buy these flavours in the village markets or local product shops and take them home or gift them to your loved ones. Wool products are traditionally woven in Zagori. In the wool shops in the local villages, you can find handmade woollen carpets, rugs, throws, cardigans and gloves. These products are an example of the traditional craftsmanship of the region. Olives grown in the mountainous and forested areas of Zagori are one of the important agricultural products of the region. You can buy local olives and olive oil by visiting olive oil factories in the villages or from local markets.

Where is Zagori Island and How to get there from Turkey?

Zagori is a mountainous region in the northwest of Greece, in the Epirus region. Road and bus options are generally used to go to Zagori from Turkey. Here is information about how to get to Zagori from Turkey

1. Via Thessaloniki Airport (Macedonia Airport)

You can fly to Thessaloniki Airport from Turkey.

Thessaloniki Airport can be an option to shorten the distance to Zagori.

You can reach Zagori from Thessaloniki Airport by hire car, taxi or bus.

2. By Land

You can drive your own car from Istanbul or other Turkish cities.

Those who want to go by land can enter Greece from Turkey and reach the city of Ioannina via the Egnatia Motorway.

After Ioannina, you can continue towards Zagori region.

3. By bus

From Turkey you can reach Thessaloniki by bus. You can then take a bus or train from Thessaloniki to Ioannina.

From Ioannina you can continue to Zagori by bus or car hire.


A visa is required to travel to Greece. It is important to complete the necessary visa procedures before travelling.

It is important to check the current information about border crossings between Turkey and Greece.

When travelling by road, it is important to pay attention to traffic rules and border crossing regulations.

Before travelling, it is important to check the measures taken within the scope of the Covid-19 pandemic and take the necessary health measures.

Those who want to go to Zagori from Turkey can choose their preferred method of transport by evaluating the above options. Planning should be made by considering the distance and border crossing rules between the two countries.

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