Weekend Escape Route: Mardin ( 2023-2024 )

Weekend Escape Route: Mardin

''The city where the day is a day, the night is a necklace... The city of Mardin...''.
For #Mardin, its historical structure fascinates people in a different way. White water, telkaris, copper, almonds and food are different in Mardin.

Why should you come to Mardin?

My advice is that you should definitely read @zlivaneli's book Restlessness first.

1- Kasımiye madrasah and @deyrulzafaranmanastiri museum should be visited.

2- Mardin Grand Mosque, Kirklar Church, Mardin Art Street, Zinciriye Madrasah (go to the top floor. Mahmut Orhan's music video place 😊), Maturation Institute, (all places to visit and see on foot in Old Mardin).

3- There is also a shopping mall in Ancient Mardin, but there is no trace of its coldness. Cinemas, the latest vision movies. The bookstore Ekin Yayın Basım, which organizes Book Days, also takes the lead. 

4- Midyat: Midyat is a museum-like district like Mardin. Everywhere smells of history and culture. It will impress you with its narrow streets, stone houses, handicrafts, food and friendly people. The city's image is formed by the rising Assyrian churches. They are quite interesting structures. You should visit at least one of them. Deyrulumur Monastery is another must-see place in the district.

🍽️🥘 Where and What to Eat in Mardin?

1- First of all, I would single out Mardius Historical Mansion for food. You can find many local dishes at Cercis Murat Mansion. The dishes made of plum stew, cashew and lamb are quite different and delicious. I had the chance to taste the food accompanied by Syriac music at Cercis Murat Mansion...

2- Bagdadi is another one of the best restaurants, I recommend you to taste the stuffed ribs. The appetizers are very good. Its structure is very authentic and tells the story of Mardin. You can try the shank kebab with plum.
3- At the end of the street you can eat kebab at Yusuf Usta, the prices are reasonable and the food is delicious. Its pistachio kebab is famous. There is Kebapçı Mecnun near the courthouse. You should try Mardin kebab in both of them, but my favorite is Kebapçı Yusuf. The food is also great at Antik Sur Restaurant (ask for Mardin plate) and eat Semmüsek.
4- It would be a great idea to have a coffee at Seyri Mardin. You will be in old Mardin and you will not get enough of Mesopotamia.
5- At Kabadayı Beşir'in Yeri (Kabadayı Beşir'in Yeri), you should try the sheet roasted meat and delicious appetizers.
6- Kebapçı Rido (they have one kind of kebab and it is amazing).
7- There is Kösem Restaurant in Midyat, the meat is excellent, you should go there too.
8- In the bazaar in Old Mardin, Sembusek in the bakery whose name I remember as Yasemin lahmacun Sembusek Salonu is wonderful, try it for sure!
9- I also recommend @yorem_et_lokantasi_fahri_usta in Mardin for local dishes.
10- A meal with a view at Seyr-i Mardin is also a good idea.
11- Assyrian wine and almond candy should also be tried.
12- You can also go to Leyli restaurant in the center of Mardin, there are also drinks.

Dara Ancient City on the road to Nusaybin, Beyazsu in Nusaybin district (very crowded at the weekend), Xurs village in Kızıltepe district, of course the streets of Midyat, Kafro Village 30km away from Midyat, the Assyrian village where pizza is famous in the Southeast 😇 and Mor Gabriel Church.
The church of Mor Jacob, the first university in the world, and Zeynel Abidin, the 13th generation grandson of the Prophet, and the monastery of Mor Evgin, the Sumela of the Southeast, 20 km from Nusaybin, and the Gırnavas Mound are among the places to see...
Savur should not be forgotten. It is like a fairy tale, unspoiled, little Mardin. Especially Kıllıt Village? I mean Dereiçi? It is also worth seeing.
✏️ What else to do in Mardin?
Take a walk in the narrow streets of Mardin
Must see Old Mardin Houses
Visit the Midyat State Guesthouse where popular TV series were filmed
Examine hand-embroidered products at Bakırcılar Bazaar
Take a souvenir photo in Gurs Valley
Get some Mesopotamian rugs,
You might like anything with a Shahmeran figure.
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✌🏻 I am waiting for your recommendations for Mardin. Where should we go, what should we taste, what should we do?