The Complete Guide to a Dream Honeymoon in Cyprus

With its typical Mediterranean landscape of pine-clad mountains, lush vineyards, the best honeymoon hotels and pristine beaches, Cyprus is the ideal destination to celebrate your marriage. While here, you can enjoy a relaxing vacation at your all-inclusive hotel or explore the island. With delicious food, wine and top attractions, Cyprus has it all.

Deciding on the Right Time Slot
Cyprus is one of the routes you can travel in summer and winter. Although May to September is the ideal period, you can also explore the region in spring and fall. If you are not planning to go on honeymoon immediately after your wedding, you can decide on the best time for your trip. If you prefer a quieter vacation, transitional periods with fewer tourists and warmer weather may be suitable for you. These periods are also good for swimming and sightseeing. But if your priority is to spend most of your time at the beach or pool, then summer is the best time for a honeymoon vacation. During this season you can sunbathe freely and enjoy the sea.

Cyprus Honeymoon Suggestions
Cyprus is a popular destination for its beautiful honeymoon destinations and its proximity to Turkey. While having a pleasant time in its luxurious and comfortable hotels, you can taste delicious meals in its open buffets. If you are undecided about where to spend your honeymoon in Cyprus, you can choose Bafra or Famagusta. Both are among the addresses that host breathtaking sea views and luxury facilities that will make your stay unforgettable. The hotels offer a special honeymoon service with pleasant surprises such as decorations and treats. For guests who want to combine cultural trips to historical sites with sunbathing by the sea, Kyrenia and Nicosia hotels are among the ideal options. World-famous Cyprus hotels offer unforgettable experiences for couples who want to spend their honeymoon in the most beautiful way.

Cyprus Honeymoon Hotels Selection
For a beautiful honeymoon vacation in Cyprus, you may want to choose the most suitable hotel for you. Here are some honeymoon hotels to help you decide.

Elexus Hotel Resort Casino
Elexus Hotel Resort Casino, located on the seafront, is among the places that serve with full board plus concept. The resort has 5 Alacart restaurants serving dishes from every corner of the world. You can eat especially delicious seafood at Kalagu Restaurant. Bistro 24 Restaurant serves Italian and Mexican dishes. At Elexus Hotel Resort Casino, you can also benefit from various honeymoon concepts such as priority in check-in and reservation procedures, wine, fruit platter and cake in a specially decorated room.

Noah's Ark De Luxe Hotel & Spa
One of the most sought-after honeymoon hotels in Cyprus, Noah's Ark is located on a sprawling 250,000 square meters. The resort offers a range of luxurious amenities including saunas, steam rooms, a variety of massages, a world-class spa, fully equipped gyms and exciting evening activities. The hotel also has several restaurants, including Flora and Alabora, serving delicious cuisine for every palate. The hotel's patisserie is a popular destination, especially for those looking to indulge themselves with a delightful 5 o'clock tea.

Acapulco Resort Convention Spa Hotel
Acapulco Resort Convention Spa Hotel can be an ideal choice for a Cyprus honeymoon thanks to its wide coastline and sandy beach. Special discounts for honeymooners can also be applied in the SPA section of the hotel. Here you can pamper yourself with a variety of massages, aromatherapy and beauty treatments. In addition, Acapulco Resort has a wide variety of restaurants that serve delicious Cypriot and Turkish cuisine with unique flavors and offer options for every palate.

Kaya Palazzo Resort Casino
Kaya Palazzo hotel is one of the places in Cyprus that stands out for its reputation and excellence in hospitality. Breakfast is available free of charge at the hotel. There are also 2 a la carte restaurants serving local, Mediterranean and seafood. You can have a romantic dinner at the restaurants for an additional fee.

What to do on a Cyprus Honeymoon?
With its warm climate and beautiful beaches, it's easy to see why Cyprus is such a popular honeymoon destination. Cyprus has shallow sea and fine sandy beaches, as well as bays surrounded by rocky outcrops that offer snorkeling and diving. There are also many attractions and historical sites to see in Cyprus. Must-see ancient ruins include the ruins of Salamis, St. Hilarion Castle and Kyrenia Castle. The castle is home to many important attractions such as the Sunken Ship Museum, Folk Art Museum, Boğaziçi Cemetery, St. Hilarion Monastery and Omar Tomb. Each of the buildings offers a unique experience for you to explore and learn about the history of Cyprus. A popular tourist destination, Bellapais Monastery is an impressive historical building located on the Beşparmak Mountains and connected to Beylerbeyi Kyrenia Cyprus.

Kyrenia has a number of must-see attractions, including the forecourt, the church at the end of the courtyard and the beautifully crafted marble sarcophagi. There are also several other important buildings to visit. As well as its historical sites, Kyrenia is also famous for its vibrant nightlife.

In addition to the discos and clubs within the hotels, there are many entertainment venues in Kyrenia's horseshoe-shaped Old Harbor. In addition to these, you can taste delicious seafood and local dishes of Cyprus in restaurants overlooking the sea.

What to Eat on Honeymoon in Cyprus?
To make your honeymoon in Cyprus more unique, you can try delicious dishes. If you are a couple who likes to discover new flavors, there are dishes you should definitely eat.
Halloumi Cheese
One of the first flavors that comes to mind when it comes to Cyprus is the famous Halloumi cheese. You can choose this flavor, which is served fried, for breakfast or you can eat it with wine.
Peach Kebab
Peach Kebab, a popular dish in Cypriot cuisine, is made by stuffing the inner fatty membrane of sheep or goat with minced meat, onion and parsley. The dish, which is popular among both locals and tourists, is one of the delicious flavors that will leave a lasting impression on your palate.
Originally from Greek cuisine, Stifado is served in Cyprus with a different interpretation. The red meat is soaked in red wine and then cooked and served with green peppers and tomatoes. The addition of small pieces of cinnamon and cloves during the cooking process is among the details that add flavor to this famous dish.
Cyprus Meatballs
Unlike traditional meatballs, Cyprus meatballs are made with bread and potatoes. One of the most popular traditional dishes of Cyprus, it is served with fried potatoes and yogurt.

Early Booking Advantages in Cyprus
To have an unforgettable holiday experience in Cyprus, it is as important to take advantage of early booking advantages as the hotel you will stay in and the activities you will participate in. By taking advantage of various discounts, you can make your trip affordable and have a more enjoyable honeymoon.

It is possible to take advantage of the most beautiful Cyprus honeymoon hotels by booking months in advance. By taking advantage of Coral Tatil campaigns, you can find the most suitable romantic honeymoon hotels for you. You can spend your dream honeymoon vacation with your spouse in peace.