Simi Island Attractions, Sightseeing and Hotel Guide

Located in the turquoise waters of the Aegean Sea, Simi Island is one of the hidden jewels of Greece. With its traditional architecture, natural beauties and atmosphere reeking of history, you will experience unforgettable moments. Every time you spend time on this mysterious island, you will embark on a journey of discovery full of surprises in every street corner and coastline. Simi Island offers its visitors peaceful moments with its unique historical heritage, natural beauties and calm atmosphere. If you are looking for tranquillity and a new place to explore, Simi Island may be for you. The time you spend on this island will soothe your soul and lead you towards new adventures.

Unknown Things About Simi Island?

Sponges, found in the seas of Symi Island, are an important economic resource of the island. In the harbour of the island, there is a market where natural sponges collected and processed by local divers are sold.

Colourful Houses, The colourfully painted traditional houses in the narrow streets of Symi Town are an important feature that creates the unique atmosphere of the island. These colourful houses attract the attention of visitors to the island and attract the attention of photography enthusiasts.

Panormitis Monastery, Panormitis Monastery, located in the southwest of Symi Island, is one of the most important religious centres of the island. The monastery is dedicated to St Michael and is considered the patron saint of sailors as well as visitors.

Arts and Crafts, Symi Island is also known for its traditional craftsmanship and art. The natives of the island produce handmade products using traditional techniques. These include art branches such as ceramics, sponge processing, carpet weaving and silver work.

Pirate History of Symi Island, Symi Island has been used as a refuge for pirates throughout history. The strategic location of the island made it a centre of attraction for pirates. Today, the island's historic harbour and castles bear the traces of this pirate past.

The Quietness of Symi Island, Symi Island has remained away from the huge influx of tourists and this has given it a quiet and peaceful atmosphere. It is the perfect escape for those who want to spend a quiet holiday away from the crowds on the island.

Events and Dates Festivals in Symi Island

The Feast of Panormitis Monastery, Panormitis Monastery is one of the most important religious centres of Symi Island. Every year on the 8th of November, the Feast of the Monastery of Panormitis in memory of Saint Michael is celebrated with a great ceremony. During this event, visitors from all over the island visit the monastery and pray. There are also traditional dance performances and musical performances that reflect the religious and cultural heritage of the island.

Local Festivals and Celebrations, Simi Island hosts various local festivals and celebrations during the summer months. These events are usually full of traditional music, dance, food and handicrafts. Locals, along with tourists, come together and celebrate the island's cultural heritage.

Simi Town Festival, a festival held in Simi Town during the summer months, celebrates the vibrant atmosphere and local culture of the island. At this festival, street parties, concerts, markets and exhibitions are organised. Visitors can taste local delicacies and discover traditional handicrafts.

Maritime Festivals and Competitions, Various maritime festivals and competitions are organised to celebrate Symi Island's maritime tradition. These include sailor competitions, sailing races and fishing tournaments. These events are held to keep the island's maritime heritage alive and to promote sea sports.

Simi Island Public Holidays

The Feast of the Monastery of Panormitis is celebrated on Simi Island on 8 November, the Feast of the Monastery of Panormitis. This is the largest religious festival on the island and is dedicated to St Michael. On this day, visitors from all over the island pray. Various religious and cultural events are organised as part of the festival.

National Holidays, National holidays celebrated in Greece are also recognised as public holidays on Symi Island. These holidays include New Year's Day (1 January), Greek Independence Day (25 March), Labour Day (1 May), Panagia (15 August), Ochi Day (28 October) and Christmas (25 December).

Local Celebrations, Local celebrations and festivals are organised on Symi Island, especially in the summer months. These events are organised to celebrate the local culture and traditions of the island. Local celebrations include the Simi Town Festival and other traditional events.

The Best Time to Go to Enjoy Simi Island?

April - May, Spring months are ideal for visiting Symi Island. The weather during this period is generally mild and warm, but it is possible to avoid the extreme heat of summer. It is the perfect time to explore the beaches and natural beauty. Also, as there will be fewer tourists on the island during this period, you can holiday in a calmer atmosphere.

September - October, Autumn is also a great time to visit Simi Island. The weather may still be warm and sunny, but the extreme heat of summer may have subsided. During this period the sea water can often still be warm enough, so you can enjoy swimming and water activities. Also, there are fewer tourists in the autumn months.

Summer is a popular time to visit Symi Island, but it can also be more crowded. During this period, the weather is warm and sunny, the sea water is warm enough and the beaches are overflowing. Various events and festivals are also organised on the island during the summer months, so it's a great opportunity to experience the local culture. However, it is important to book accommodation in advance as it can get more crowded.

Don't Return Without Doing These Things in Simi Island!

Visit Panormitis Monastery! Be sure to visit Panormitis Monastery, one of the most important religious buildings of Symi Island. Dedicated to Saint Michael, this monastery is an important centre reflecting the historical and religious heritage of the island.

Sightseeing in Simi Town! Take a pleasant walk in Simi Town, the centre of Simi Island. Exploring this charming town with its narrow streets, colourful houses and traditional atmosphere will be an unforgettable experience.

Discover Natural Beauties! Take time to explore the magnificent natural beauties of Simi Island. The island's various beaches, bays and hiking routes are the perfect time to enjoy nature.

Try Traditional Flavours! Dine in traditional restaurants to savour the local cuisine on Simi Island. Delicacies prepared with seafood, fresh vegetables and Greek mezes will help you enjoy your holiday.

Participate in Sea Activities! Take part in sea activities such as swimming in the crystal clear waters of Symi Island, snorkelling or joining sea tours. You will have unforgettable moments exploring the island's unique underwater world.

Buy Local Handicrafts! Support the local economy by purchasing local handicraft products produced on Simi Island. Ceramics, sponges, jewellery and other handcrafted products reflect the unique culture of the island.

Places to Visit in Symi Island

Panormitis Monastery, Panormitis Monastery, one of the most important religious centres of Symi Island, is located in the southwest of the island. Dedicated to St Michael, this monastery attracts attention with its architecture and interior decoration.

Simi Town, Simi Town, the centre of the island, attracts visitors with its narrow streets full of traditional Greek island atmosphere, colourful houses and harbour. It is a pleasant experience to explore this town with its cosy cafes, restaurants and souvenir shops.

Nikolaos Trenaki's House, this traditional house in Symi Town is an important building reflecting the architectural heritage of the island. You can see the historical atmosphere of the island by visiting the interior and exterior of the house.

Nanou Beach, one of the most popular beaches of Symi Island, Nanou Beach attracts visitors with its magnificent view and clean waters. It is a pleasant activity to sunbathe, swim and do water sports here.

Agios Georgios Bay, one of the natural beauties of Symi Island, has a magnificent sandy beach and turquoise waters. It is the perfect place to spend a peaceful day here.

Monolithos Castle, Monolithos Castle, located in the interior of the island, is a historical castle and visitors will witness breathtaking views. Walks to the castle are a great activity for those who want to explore the natural beauties of the island.

The Most Beautiful Beaches on Simi Island

Agios Georgios Bay, one of the most famous beaches of Symi Island, Agios Georgios Bay is famous for its crystal clear waters and the natural beauties surrounding it. With its turquoise waters and tranquil atmosphere, this place is like a corner of paradise.

Nanou Beach, one of the most popular beaches of Symi Island, Nanou Beach is an ideal choice for families with its fine sandy beach and shallow waters. Here you can find a perfect environment for sunbathing, swimming and relaxing.

Agios Nikolaos Beach, Agios Nikolaos Beach, located in the east of Symi Island, is known for its natural beauty and quiet atmosphere. This is a great option for those who want to get away from the crowds and spend a peaceful day.

Symi Island Food and Drink Recommendations

-Simi Island is famous for its seafood freshly caught from the surrounding clear waters. You can choose from the island's many restaurants to try a variety of seafood such as fish, squid, mussels and prawns. This delicious seafood is usually served grilled or baked and you can taste a delicious Mediterranean flavour.

-It is important to visit the restaurants on Symi Island to try the appetisers, which are among the indispensables of Greek cuisine. You can find many delicious appetisers such as artichokes with olive oil, stuffed leaves, fresh scallops and Greek cheeses. These appetisers are usually prepared with olive oil, lemon and spices and are the perfect starter to your main course.

-Simi Island is also famous for its traditional Greek wines. You can stop by wine bars or restaurants to try wines made from local grapes grown on the island. Watching the sunset with a glass of local wine accompanied by the beautiful views of the island will be an unforgettable experience.

-You can find many options to satisfy your sweet cravings on Simi Island. Local patisseries and cafes offer delicious snacks made from the island's traditional desserts. You can try desserts such as baklava, lokma, ice cream and orange cake.

-It is important to stop by traditional taverns to experience local flavours in Symi Island. Here you can taste traditional Greek dishes and appetisers and experience the hospitality and warm atmosphere of the local people.

-The prickly pear fragosika, called the banana of Symi Island, is a fruit variety full of vitamins. This fruit, known as chervil in Turkey, is also known as Indian fig. It is possible to say that fragosika, which is consumed fresh in daily diets, is also used in dried or various desserts. The most famous Symi dessert made with this fruit is "Misokofti".

-It is said that the most delicious octopus cooked on the grill is eaten on Symi Island. You should definitely try the dish cooked with fresh octopus caught in the region. We especially recommend grilled octopus cooked well at Taverna O Meraklis.

Simi Adası'nda Görülmesi Gereken Mekanlar ve Restoranlar| Alem Dergisi

Where are the entertainment venues on Simi Island, what are the recommendations?

Simi Town, the centre of Simi Island, is the heart of the nightlife. Here you can find several bars, cafes and taverns. Especially the places around the harbour attract attention with their lively atmosphere. Taking a night walk and having a drink in the local bars along the coast can be a pleasant experience.

On Simi Island, seaside bars can be found on some beaches or around the harbour. These bars usually offer live music and a fun atmosphere. Ideal for having a cocktail by the sea under the stars or enjoying a local wine.

A few cafes and restaurants can be found in the areas around the Monastery of Panormitis. This area usually has a quiet and calm atmosphere, although some venues may organise live music events. It can be pleasant to relax in this area after visiting the monastery.

Suggestions for Shopping in Symi Island

Simi Island is famous for traditional sponge fishing and processing. In the harbour area of the island you can find many shops, products made from natural sponges. Handmade sponges can be found among bath equipment or souvenirs.

There are many handicraft shops on Simi Island. Here you can find many handicraft products made by local craftsmen, such as ceramics, glasswork, hand-woven carpets and traditional embroidery. These unique and handmade products reflect the cultural heritage of the island. Locally produced products in Symi Island include olive oil, herbs, wines, jams and spices. You can buy some of these products from local markets or souvenir shops. You should also try Simi wines made from local grapes.

Where is Symi Island and How to get there from Turkey?

Symi Island is part of the Dodekanes Islands of Greece and is located just north of Rhodes. The most common way to reach Symi from Turkey is by ferry from Rhodes Island.

First Step Getting to Rhodes from Turkey

There are ferries from Turkey to Rhodes from ports such as Bodrum or Marmaris. Bodrum-Rhodes ferry services can usually be more frequent during the summer months.

Ferry or Sea Bus from Rhodes to Symi

There are ferry or sea bus services from Rhodes Island to Symi.bThe main harbour of Symi Island is Symi Town, the capital of the island.

Ferry Services and Duration

Ferry services may vary depending on the season, day of the week and the route between cities. The ferry journey can usually take several hours.

Transport on Symi Island

After arriving at Symi Island, you can reach your accommodation on foot or by local transport in and around the harbour area of the island.

Travelling by Air

There is no direct airport to Symi Island. However, after flying to Rhodes from Turkey, you can transfer to Symi by ferry or sea bus from Rhodes Island.


Transport options and timetables may change according to the seasons, so it is important to check the latest information for your travel dates.

Ferry bookings can be especially busy during the summer months, so we recommend booking in advance.

There may be different ferry routes and sailings from different parts of Turkey, so it is important to check the information of the port you will be travelling directly.

It is worth contacting local ferry companies or tourist offices to confirm route and sailing details on the dates you intend to travel.

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