Parga Island Attractions, Travel & Hotel Guide

Parga is a wonderful place on the western coast of Greece, surrounded by the clear waters of the Ionian Sea, enchanting visitors with its historical and natural beauty. This captivating island holds a different story in every corner, offering rich history, unique beaches, and hospitable locals that provide unforgettable moments to its visitors. Having hosted various civilizations from ancient times to the present day, Parga invites you on a journey through time. Historical castles rising on the hills, colorful houses adorning narrow streets, and the tranquil atmosphere of the harbor enhance the island's charm. While strolling through Parga's streets, the scent of olive trees and the cool sea breeze truly evoke the spirit of the island. Parga's natural beauty is also breathtaking. World-renowned beaches like Valtos and Lichnos, with their crystal-clear waters, are ideal for both relaxation and water sports. Watching the sunset on these beaches, you'll feel like you're inside a postcard, captivated by the island's mesmerizing views. Parga is more than just a holiday destination; it's a rejuvenating escape intertwined with history and adorned with natural beauty.

Unknown Things About Parga Island?

Legend of Ali Pasha, According to a rumor, Parga was bought in 1819 by Ali Pasha, the famous governor of the Ottoman Empire. It is said that Ali Pasha loved this region because of its powerful and strategic location. It is even said that he admired the magnificent view of Parga Castle.

Venetian Heritage, Parga was part of the Venetian Republic from 1401 to 1797, and still bears the influence of this period in its architecture and culture. Narrow streets, colorful houses and historic castles bear the traces of the Venetian heritage.

Special Olive Oil, The olive oil produced in Parga has a unique flavor thanks to the rich soil and climate of the region. The locals use this olive oil not only for cooking but also for health and beauty purposes.

Secret Recipes, Parga's local cuisine has special recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation and are not known to tourists. These recipes can be experienced especially in the local taverns

The Acheron River, close to Parga, is known in ancient Greek mythology as the path to Hades, the land of the dead. In this mystical river, you can enjoy nature by rafting and hiking.

Italian Influence, Apart from the Venetian period, Parga is also influenced by Italian culture. This influence is felt in both architecture and cuisine. Especially the traces of Italian cuisine can be seen in local dishes and wines.

Parga Island Events and Dates Parga Island Festivals

The Panagia Festival of Parga, celebrated every year on August 15, is one of the biggest religious festivals in Parga. The locals spend this day celebrating the ascension of the Virgin Mary. The festival includes religious ceremonies, parades, music and dance performances.

Parga Carnival is celebrated with colorful parades, costume parties and entertainment with the participation of the locals. During Carnival time, the city has a lively atmosphere and the streets are filled with music and dance. We guarantee that you will have a lot of fun at this festival.

Parga Summer Festival is full of music concerts, theater performances, dance performances and cultural events. The festival is ideal for those who want to enjoy art and culture accompanied by the natural beauties of Parga.

Parga Olive Oil Festival is an event where local olive producers present their products and olive oil tastings are held. You can also taste traditional Greek dishes and learn about olive oil making.

Parga Island Public Holidays

Protokronia, Epiphany, Independence Day and Evangelismos, Easter, Labor Day, Holy Spirit Monday, Dormition of the Theotokos, Ohi Day, Christmas, Second Day of Christmas.

The Best Time to Go to Enjoy Parga Island?

Spring, The weather in Parga in spring is generally mild with temperatures ranging between 15-25°C.  The vibrancy of nature will almost open you up. The tourist density in the spring months is less than in the summer months, which allows you to have a quieter and more peaceful vacation. Spring months are ideal for nature walks, cycling tours and exploring historical sites.

In summer, temperatures vary between 25-35°C. Parga's beaches and sea are the best places to visit during this period. During this period, you can enjoy the sea and the sun, do water sports and enjoy the nightlife. You can also participate in festivals and cultural events organized in July and August.

Autumn is still the ideal time for swimming as the sea water has warmed up from the summer. Autumn is the perfect time to visit vineyards and olive groves, go hiking and attend local festivals.

Don't Return Without Doing These Things in Parga Island!

Visit Parga Castle! Parga Castle was built by the Byzantines in the 11th century and has a spectacular view. From here you can watch the beautiful coastline of Parga and the sea. The castle is fascinating with its historical atmosphere and panoramic views.

Swimming and Sunbathing at Valtos Beach! One of the most popular beaches in Parga. With its long and wide sandy beach, crystal clear sea and various water sports facilities, it offers visitors a pleasant day out. You can also enjoy delicious Greek food in the taverns and cafes on the beach.

Discover the Sea Caves at Lichnos Beach! Lichnos Beach is the perfect place not only for swimming and sunbathing, but also for exploring the sea caves. You can reach these caves by renting a small boat or by swimming. This beach is a great opportunity to discover the beauty that nature has to offer.

Rafting or hiking on the Acheron River! The Acheron River is also known mythologically as the road to Hades. You can go rafting on the river or take part in nature walks. The natural beauties and mystical atmosphere around the river provide unforgettable moments.

Visit Panagia Island, Panagia Island is a small island in the harbor of Parga. There is a small church on the island and it has a beautiful view. You can reach the island with a short boat ride.

Discover the Ruins of Ancient Nikopolis! Located close to Parga, Ancient Nikopolis is an ancient city founded by the Roman Emperor Augustus. Here you can see historical ruins such as the ancient theater, stadium and mosaics.

Discover Parga's Nightlife! Parga's nightlife is also very lively. You can spend the night in the bars and cafes in the harbor area and along the coast. You can experience an unforgettable night of Greek dances and entertainment accompanied by live music. 

Places to visit in Parga Island

A Turkish Castle in Greece: Ali Pasha Castle. Ali Pasha Castle was designed by Italian engineer Don Santo di Monteleone. Architecturally, it reflects the characteristics of its period.  The castle has high and strong walls. These walls are still intact today. During the siege of Parga, Ali Pasha Castle was used as a base to suppress the rebellions against the Ottomans in the town. Ali Pasha also led the defense against the French siege from this castle. When British forces captured the Ionian Islands from the French in the same year, Ali Pasha Castle became useless. Today, Ali Pasha Castle is still a must-see in Parga town. Visitors can take the train from the town to the castle and enjoy a pleasant journey through nature.

Necromanteion is an ancient divination center located about 20 km from Parga. The ancient Greeks believed it was a place of communication with the dead. You can explore the historical ruins and feel the mystical atmosphere of the ancient oracle center.

Parga's Old Town, famous for its narrow and colorful streets, is full of historic houses and boutique shops. You can stroll the streets and visit shops selling local handicrafts and souvenirs.

Kastro Sikia is a Byzantine castle in the north of Parga, notable for its historical significance and beautiful views. You can take a walk in the castle and discover more about the history of the region.

Ancient Nikopolis, located close to Parga, is an ancient city founded by the Roman Emperor Augustus. You can see historical ruins such as the ancient theater, stadium and mosaics and discover traces of the ancient Roman period.

The Most Beautiful Beaches on Parga Island

Valtos Beach, one of the most famous and largest beaches of Parga, Valtos Beach attracts visitors with its long sandy beach and crystal clear sea. You can do water sports on the beach, relax on the sun loungers and umbrellas, and taste local delicacies in the taverns by the beach.

Lichnos Beach, Lichnos Beach, located a few kilometers from Parga, has a calm and peaceful atmosphere. You can explore the sea caves, swim and snorkel. You can also explore the sea caves.

Parga Island Food and Drink Recommendations

Located right by the sea, Taverna Stefanos is famous for its amazing views and fresh seafood. It's a great place to try traditional Greek food. Try fresh fish, calamari, grilled octopus and Greek salad.

Sakis Restaurant in the center of Parga is famous for its friendly atmosphere and delicious food. It is especially popular with the locals. Here you can taste mousakka, pastitsio, souvlaki and traditional appetizers.

Villa Rossa Restaurant is housed in a historic building and has a modern and stylish atmosphere. The menu includes both local and international flavors. Risotto, seafood pasta, seafood pasta, lamb and a wide selection of wines make for a great evening out.

Located close to Parga Castle, Bacchos Restaurant offers shrimp saganaki, mussels in tomato sauce, chicken souvlaki and baklava. 

Med Parga is a modern Greek restaurant serving creative dishes made with fresh ingredients. It has a cozy atmosphere. We recommend the different appetizers, grilled seafood, meat dishes and specialty cocktails.

Motley Coffee Sweet, famous for its great coffees, desserts and snacks, is a great place to relax and taste the flavors.

If you want to have Greek coffee, various cakes, pastries and ice cream, you can choose The Meeting Place.

Located in a secret garden, Secret Cafe has a calm and peaceful atmosphere. You can choose this place for breakfast and light lunches. 

Where are the entertainment venues on Parga Island, what are the recommendations?

Café Bar Bodega, this popular café bar in the center of Parga is known for its live music and fun atmosphere. With delicious cocktails and ice-cold beers, it's the ideal place to watch the sunset.

The Rock Bar, located in the harbor area of Parga, this rock bar attracts attention with its energetic atmosphere and live music performances. Stop by on live music nights to watch local and international artists perform.

Parga Beach Club, located on Valtos Beach, this beach club is a place where you can have fun all day long. Pool parties, DJ performances and thematic events are organized.

Tips for Shopping in Parga Island

Parga and its surroundings are one of Greece's famous olive oil producing regions. In Parga you can find shops selling local olive oils and other gourmet products. You can buy olive oil, jams, herbs, honey, spices and other local products to take home or as souvenirs to your loved ones. Greece has a long tradition of wine production and in Parga you can find a variety of local wines. In wine shops or gourmet stores, you will find wines from various regions of Greece, especially those made from local grapes from the Aegean Islands and the Greek mainland.

Where is Parga Island and How to get there from Turkey?

It is located on the west coast of Greece, south of Corfu Island.  The most common transportation options to get to Parga from Turkey include air, road and sea. Here is the basic information on how to get to Parga by these different transportation options:

By Air

Airplane The nearest airport to reach Parga is Ioannina National Airport.  There are connecting or direct flights to Ioannina from several major cities in Turkey. From the airport, you can reach Parga by road.

By Road

It is possible to reach Parga by car from Turkey by road. After crossing the border gates into Greece, you can follow the E90 and then the E55 highway to reach the city of Preveza. The distance from Preveza to Parga takes approximately 1-1.5 hours by car.

By Sea

Ferry There are ferry services from Turkey to nearby Greek islands. For example, you can take a ferry from Cesme or Kusadasi to Patras and then travel by road to Parga.

Each transportation option can have its advantages and disadvantages, so depending on your preference and plans, you can choose the most suitable one. Before your trip, it is important to check the websites of the relevant official institutions for up-to-date information about the itinerary, visa requirements and travel rules.

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