Meis Island Attractions, Travel & Hotel Guide

In the dazzling blues of the Aegean Sea, there is a hidden paradise waiting to be discovered: Meis Island. Located just off the coast of Turkey, opposite Kaş, this small Greek island fascinates its visitors with its mesmerising beauty, historical texture and friendly atmosphere. Meis Island attracts attention not only with its natural beauties and historical richness, but also with its warm and friendly atmosphere. Unlike the big tourist islands, here you will still find an unspoilt nature and a quiet lifestyle. If you want to get away from the crowds and spend a peaceful holiday, Meis Island is the place for you.

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Unknown Things About Meis Island?

The Intersection Point of Three Countries, Meis Island is located at an interesting strategic point due to its geographical location. Located right in the middle of Turkey, Greece and Southern Cyprus, the island is at a point where the sea borders of these three countries intersect. For this reason, it has been under the influence of many civilisations and cultures throughout its history.

The World's Largest Sea Cave, Blue Cave, Blue Cave is one of the most fascinating natural wonders of the island. The cave has an extraordinary blue light show created by the refraction of the water inside. Considered one of the largest sea caves in the world, this place attracts the attention of both scientists and tourists looking for adventure.

Famous for its historical mosaic, Meis Island has a rich history from ancient times. The island is famous for its magnificent mosaics from the Byzantine period. These mosaics, especially in the Church of St Georgios, reveal the subtleties of Byzantine art.

The Place of the Island in the World of Cinema and Television, Meis Island gained international fame with the Italian film "Mediterraneo". This film tells a story set on the island during World War II and won an Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film in 1991. The film successfully reflected the natural beauties and historical texture of the island, making Meis a film destination.

The name of the island and its colourful history, Meis comes from "Kastellorizo", which means "Red Fortress" in Italian. This name was inspired by the red-coloured castle built for the defence of the island. The island has been dominated by many civilisations such as the Ottoman Empire, the Italians and the French, and each of them left traces on the island.

Opportunity to Meet the Seals, It is possible to see the endangered Mediterranean monk seal species on the coasts of the island. These cute marine mammals live in the protected bays of the island and give visitors unforgettable moments.

Ecological and Sustainable Tourism, Meis Island attaches great importance to ecological and sustainable tourism. In order to protect its natural beauties, the island has limited tourism in certain areas and encouraged environmentally friendly practices. In this way, it is aimed to both protect nature and offer a sustainable holiday experience to visitors.

Local Festivals and Cultural Events, Meis Island hosts various local festivals throughout the year. These festivals celebrate the rich cultural heritage and traditions of the island. Especially music and dance festivals organised during religious holidays and summer months add vitality to the island.

Events and Dates Festivals in Meis Island

The Festival of Saints Constantine and Helena , this religious festival is held in memory of Saints Constantine and Helena, the patron saints of the island. Religious ceremonies, rites and processions are held throughout the day. The people of the island gather in churches to pray and then celebrate the feast by eating together. It is held on 21 May.

Assumption is a major religious festival celebrating the ascension of the Virgin Mary. In Meis Island, this day starts with masses and prayers organised in churches. In the evening, people gather in the harbour area and celebrate with music and dance. It is held on 15 August.

Holy Cross Day is celebrated with great enthusiasm on the island. This day is commemorated with services and processions organised in churches. The public is carried out by a traditional ritual in which the Cross is symbolically thrown into the sea and then retrieved from the sea by young people. Held on 14 September.

The International Maritime Festival, dedicated to the maritime history and culture of Meis Island, is one of the most important events of the island. During this festival, sea races, sailing shows, fishing competitions and various water sports activities are organised. At the same time, food events and concerts where local seafood is tasted are also part of the festival.

Local Products and Handicrafts Bazaar Throughout the year, especially during the summer months and festive periods, local products and handicrafts bazaars are organised on Meis Island. In these markets, you can find many products such as flavours from the rich cuisine of the island, local olive oil, honey, cheese and handmade jewellery. These markets are a great opportunity to shop and get to know the local culture of the island closely.

Meis International Music Festival, this music festival organised on the island brings together various music genres and artists. Islanders and visitors enjoy the music with concerts on stages set up in the harbour area. The festival is organised during the summer months.

New Year and Christmas Celebrations, In December, Meis Island hosts Christmas and New Year celebrations. The islanders attend Christmas services organised in churches and then share traditional Greek food with their families. New Year's Eve is celebrated with great enthusiasm on the island with fireworks shows and various entertainment.

Meis Island Public Holidays

New Year, Epiphany, Kathara Deftera, Orthodox Easter, 1 May, Pentecost, Holy Trinity Monday, Assumption of the Virgin Mary, Ohi Day, Christmas, St Stephen's Day.

The Best Time to Go to Enjoy Meis Island?

April and May is a great time to visit the island. The weather is mild and you can closely witness the revival of nature. This period is ideal for nature walks and island explorations. Also, since the tourist crowds have not yet started, you will experience a calmer and more peaceful holiday experience.

July and August are the busiest and hottest months of the island. During these months, the air temperature is quite high and the sea water temperatures are ideal for swimming. Beaches, water sports and boat trips are popular activities during this period. However, due to the high season, the tourist density on the island increases and accommodation prices may be higher. During this period when festivals and events are abundant, you can find the opportunity to get to know the local culture closely.

Don't Return Without Doing These On Meis Island!

Discover the Blue Cave! The Blue Cave is one of the most famous natural beauties of Meis Island. At certain times of the day, the blue of the water shines magnificently as the sunlight enters the cave. You can discover this natural wonder by visiting the cave with boat tours.

Kastro (Castle) Visit! Kastro, located at one of the highest points of the island, is a place of historical and strategic importance. You can watch the magnificent view of the island from the castle and take photos. You can also enjoy the historical atmosphere by wandering the narrow streets around the castle.

See St. George Church! St. George Church on Meis Island is one of the most important religious buildings of the island. By visiting this historical church, you can see the decorations and icons of the interior. You can also enjoy beautiful views of the island from the area in front of the church.

Strolling in the Harbour Area! The harbour area of Meis Island is famous for its colourful houses and narrow streets. You can take a walk in the harbour, watch the fishing boats, sit in the local cafes and observe the island life. Do not forget to taste fresh seafood in the restaurants around the harbour.

Visit the Archaeological Museum! Visit the Archaeological Museum to discover the rich history of Meis Island. The museum exhibits historical artefacts obtained from excavations on the island and provides information about the island's past. Here you can see objects and relics from ancient times.

Taste Local Flavours! Do not return without trying the special flavours of Meis Island. Especially fresh seafood, olive oil dishes and local desserts are among the must-taste flavours on the island. You can try traditional Greek appetisers and main dishes in the restaurants in the harbour area.

Places to Visit in Meis Island

The Blue Cave is one of the most famous tourist attractions of Meis Island. This fascinating cave is known for the magnificent blue colours that illuminate its interior when the sunlight hits the water. You can reach the cave by boat tours and have the opportunity to swim in this natural wonder.

Kastro (Castle), Located at one of the high points of the island, this castle is a building of historical and strategic importance. From the castle you can watch the magnificent views of the island and the surrounding sea. At the same time, you can feel the historical atmosphere by wandering the narrow streets around the castle.

St. George Church, St. George Church, one of the important religious buildings of Meis Island, attracts attention with its architecture and interior decorations. The square in front of the church accompanies the beautiful view of the island and provides a peaceful atmosphere for visitors.

The Archaeological Museum is a must-visit place to discover the rich history of the island. The museum exhibits historical artefacts obtained from excavations on the island and you can learn comprehensive information about the past of Meis Island. You can see objects and relics from the ancient period here.

Small Port (Mandraki), considered as the heart of Meis Island, is famous for its colourful houses, narrow streets and traditional taverns. You can take a walk in the harbour, watch the fishing boats and observe the island life by sitting in the local cafes.

Mandraki Beach is one of the popular beaches of the island. It is a favourite of visitors with its crystal clear sea and calm atmosphere. Besides swimming here, you can sunbathe and enjoy the beach.

St. Constantine and St. Helen Church, this historic church is an important part of the religious and cultural life of the island. Especially the frescoes and icons in the interior are worth seeing.

Meis Island Martyrs Monument is dedicated to the history of the island and the events of the past. You can visit it to understand the history of the island.

The Most Beautiful Beaches on Meis Island

Faros Beach is another beautiful beach of Meis Island. It is an ideal place for those who want to enjoy the sea in a quiet and peaceful environment. Besides swimming here, you can also explore the natural beauties.

Agios Georgios Beach, Agios Georgios Beach, one of the most popular beaches of Meis Island, is known for its clear waters and beautiful scenery. Swimming and sunbathing on this beach will increase the pleasure of your time on the island.

Mandraki Beach, Mandraki Beach, one of the most popular beaches of the island, is famous for its crystal clear sea and fine sand. The beach is located close to the harbour area and is easily accessible. It is an ideal place for swimming, sunbathing and snorkelling. There are also taverns and cafes around the beach, great alternatives for relaxing and tasting local delicacies.

Meis Island Food and Drink Recommendations

The most famous dishes of Meis Island are stuffed onion salantourmasi and katoumari dessert. In Meis Island, which is also very assertive about traditional dishes, chickpea pastry and chickpea meatballs are among the must-taste flavours. Giouvarlakia, spoon halva, figs with sherbet and stravo baklava are among the most popular traditional dishes on the island.

Alexandra's is one of the most popular restaurants on Meis Island. Located in the harbour area, this restaurant is famous for its fresh seafood and traditional Greek dishes. You should definitely try the appetisers, fresh fish and especially the grilled octopus. The friendly and warm atmosphere combines with delicious food and you only have to try these flavours.

Stratos Cafe & Restaurant is located by the sea and offers excellent views. The menu includes fresh fish, seafood and traditional Greek dishes. I especially recommend you to try seafood specialities such as shrimp saganaki and stuffed squid. It is also very pleasant to sit here and have a drink at sunset.

Lazarakis is another great option in the harbour area. The specially prepared appetisers and main courses, accompanied by fresh seafood and traditional Greek dishes, are both delicious and satisfying. You should especially try seafood such as fish soup and grilled sea bass.

To Paragadi is an ideal place to experience local flavours on Meis Island. The menu includes various Greek specialities, especially fresh fish and seafood. You should definitely taste flavours such as stuffed zucchini blossoms, feta cheese and seafood salad.

Athena Fish Tavern is located in the harbour area and serves fresh seafood. It has a rich menu full of traditional Greek mezes and seafood. Octopus salad, calamari and fresh fish varieties are among the flavours you should try here.

Meltemi is a restaurant known for its beautiful view and delicious food. The menu includes seafood, meat dishes and traditional Greek dishes. Especially fresh seafood and appetisers are very popular here. In addition to the food, you can have a pleasant meal accompanied by the view offered by the restaurant.

Karnayo is located in a slightly quieter and peaceful area of Meis Island. The menu includes fresh seafood, appetisers and traditional Greek dishes. Especially seafood salad and grilled fish varieties are among the flavours you should try here. The cosy and friendly atmosphere is ideal for a nice dinner.

Platanos Taverna, located close to the harbour area, is a great place to taste local flavours. All the dishes on the menu are prepared with fresh and local ingredients. Appetisers, fresh fish dishes and traditional Greek desserts are a must try here. You should especially try the homemade baklava and galaktoboureko desserts.

Meis Adası'nda Görülmesi Gereken Mekanlar ve Restoranlar| Alem Dergisi

Where are the entertainment venues on Meis Island, what are the recommendations?

Captain's Bar is one of the most popular bars on Meis Island. Located in the harbour area, this bar attracts attention with its magnificent sea view and friendly atmosphere. Especially in the evening hours, it is an ideal place for those who want to sip cocktails and relax with pleasant music. You can chat with the locals and spend a pleasant night.

Papanikolis Club is a great option for those who want to add a little more movement to island life. In this venue, you can dance and enjoy DJ performances. The club, which is open until late at night, allows you to have a fun night with its energetic atmosphere.

Kaşbah is a venue that serves both as a restaurant and a bar. In this place where you can enjoy good food during the day, you can have fun with live music and dancing in the evenings. With its cosy and friendly atmosphere, Kaşbah is one of the favourite spots for both locals and tourists.

Suggestions for Shopping in Meis Island

You can buy traditional Greek products in the shops on Meis Island. Olive oil, herbs, spices, jams and other local products are among the prominent souvenirs of the island. These products are a great way to take the local flavours of the island home.

Where is Meis Island and How to get there from Turkey?

Meis is the smallest and most remote island of Greece. Access to Meis Island from Turkey is usually provided by ferries or boat tours departing from Kaş district. Here is some basic information about transport from Turkey to Meis Island:

Ferries and Boat Tours One of the most commonly used methods of transport to Meis Island is ferries and boat tours departing from Kaş district. Kas is a district of Antalya province of Turkey and the closest point to Meis Island.

It is possible to reach Meis Island by ferries organised from Kaş Harbour. Ferry services are usually organised daily.

Boat Tours Many tour companies in Kaş organise daily boat tours to Meis Island. These tours usually include trips to explore the island, snorkelling, diving and experiencing the beauties of the island.

Customs Procedures Those who want to go to Meis Island from Turkey should have certain documents ready during the ferry or boat tours for customs procedures. It is important to check up-to-date information about passport, ID and visa requirements.

Timetables and Bookings Ferry timetables may vary depending on the schedules of tour companies and weather conditions. It is important to check the timetables and booking requirements in advance when making your transport plan.

Return Procedures After a day visit to Meis Island, you will be subject to customs controls during your return to Turkey. It is important to have the necessary documents and permits ready when returning to Turkey.

As transport details, sailing times and routes may change from time to time, we recommend that you contact ferry companies or tour operators to verify up-to-date information before travelling.

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