Gaziantep Travel Notes - ( 2023 -2024 )

Shall we send you our mouth-watering notes in Gaziantep, which are special for you, full of pill information for you to record?
So let's start...

☕️ First, for a walk-coffee in the historical center; we start from Köprübaşı Street on the Antep Culture Road. We find ourselves in small elegant streets, churches, mosques, bazaars and the smell of mind-blowing aromas. Time seems to have stopped in this part of the world.

✏️ We understand how food, history, culture, people and music feed each other much better when we visit the Archaeology Museum. We admire Boyacı Mosque, one of the oldest mosques in Antep, Ahmet Çelebi Mosque, whose woodwork we love, Kendirli Church built by Catholics in the 1860s, Saklı Konak Ali Atalar Collection, Zeugma Mosaic Museum and Emine Göğüş Gaziantep Kitchen Museum.

After wandering around all four corners, we drink dibek and menengiç coffee at Tahmis Kahvesi (17th century) and eat the mixed nuts that come with it.

🗝 Another subject of interest for us folklorists: the bazaars of Antep, a cocoon of handicrafts. In the bazaars such as Almacı Bazaar, Kürkçü Han, Bakırçılar Bazaar, Saraciyeciler Bazaar, we come across the most unique examples of the crafts of Yemeni, mother-of-pearl, coppersmith, kutnuc, aba weaving, silver embroidery, Antep rugs, küpçülük, saddlery. 

✏️ Let's Come to Other Notes;

🍳 Wherever you stay, apart from the hotel breakfast, go to Ayyuş Hanım Mansion for a difference, our other recommendation is Orkide patisserie.

🍴 When it's time for dinner, we taste the dishes reflecting the land at Yesemek Restaurant (local flavors are great in Yesemek), Küşlemeci Mehmet Usta, Hışvahan and Culinary Arts Center.
-Küşleme at Halil Usta (but closed on Sundays),

-Every item can be eaten at Chulcuoglu, our other recommendations are Bayazhan (it is necessary to make a reservation for a dinner at Bayazhan, very very good cleaning, food
-Metanet has Beyran,
-Zekeriya Usta'da Katmer,

-Baklava at Koçak's,
-All the flavors of Imam Çağdaş @imamcagdas1887
-Omer Güllü Baklava @omergullubaklava and Gümrük Han must be enjoyed...I recommend double-colored dibek coffee at coffee shop Seddar Bey in Gümrük Han.
- Chickpea wraps in Gaziantep are also delicious, must try @sosyete_nohut
- Be sure to try Ünal Katmer and Beyran Meat Restaurant in Sanayiye for breakfast and beyran.
- Breakfast at Kahvaltım Şarküteresi in İbrahimli and roasted meat at Bişiricide in Emek are also recommended. You can also eat katmer and küşleme at Küşleme Kebap Han.
- Gaziantep's oldest lahmac restaurant Çıtır Lahmacun is legendary, Köşk Kebap serves roasted liver and Kebapçı Yalçın Yesemek serves local and completely Antep cuisine,
- Breakfast at Ekin patisserie.
- You should also taste the lemon kebab at the Gar restaurant.

🎒 Among the places to see are Zeugma Museum, Coppersmith Bazaar, War Museum, Gaziantep Castle, Almacı Bazaar, Zincirli Bedesten, Toy Museum, Historical Tütünhanı, Historical Bey Quarter Streets, Panorama 25 December Museum and many more...😬

🍳 We left the hotel and walked to Zeki Inal, saying that we should not return from Antep after being a regular for so many years without eating şöbiyet. If you are a dessert lover, try the şöbiyet here, which suits our taste style, and admire the rayiha flavor!

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