8 Most Beautiful Adult Hotels in Turkiye

Adult hotels are the most preferred hotel concept for couples who want to stay alone. The most important reason for this is that there are no children and baby guests in adult hotels. Adult hotels, sometimes called +16 hotels, are preferred by those who want to spend a pleasant vacation with their family or group of friends in a quiet and peaceful way.
Adult hotels, where only adult guests are allowed to stay and designed accordingly, can be found in almost every holiday destination in Turkey. Some of the adult hotels, which also fascinate with their architectural interior and exterior design, stand out with the adventurous activity opportunities they offer. If you are one of those who are looking for silence, calmness and peace on your vacation, adult hotels are just for you! Here are some of the most beautiful adult hotels in Turkey:

1- Casa Daracia, +18 - Bozburun Marmaris - http://www.boutiquesmallhotels.com/casa-daracia
In our opinion, the name Bozburun itself means sea, silence and peace. Casa Daracia, which adds to our taste in Bozburun, is currently experiencing its permanent summer. The view here is a unique beauty that will always impress us for the rest of our lives...
In the serenity of Casa Daracia that caresses our hearts; the pleasant and comfortable atmosphere of its rooms is exactly what we need right now. Room 1, where we are never deprived of the peaceful manifestations of silence, has its own terrace, garden and private jetty, and room 3 also has its own private jetty.

2- Port Ladera Hotel - Alacati Izmir - http://www.boutiquesmallhotels.com/port-ladera-hotel-adults-only
One word is enough for this hotel: ''Extraordinary''.
Located in Alaçatı Port, the new favorite of Alaçatı, @alacatiportladera is a wonderful family business in Alaçatı, the favorite holiday destination of recent times with its concept combining luxury, comfort and simplicity, inspired by the historical architecture of the town and finalized with modern touches, serving with a total of 18 rooms for adults only.

3- Galen Hotel & Beach - Turkbuku Bodrum - http://www.boutiquesmallhotels.com/galen-hotel--beach-bodrum
Galen hotel is a place where you feel at home...Both owners and employees are very friendly and hardworking...It is a hotel where I feel safe during this pandemic period...They strictly follow the hygiene rules and social distance...I am also happy that I can go comfortably with my dog...I recommend you to eat the sprinkled breakfast, pita pizza and st sabestian dessert...

4- Bademli Bahçe Hotel, +18 - Sogut Marmaris - http://www.boutiquesmallhotels.com/bademli-bahce
Gülşah and Richard, who fell in love with Söğüt years ago, were lucky enough to open Bademli Bahçe Hotel for accommodation. They have created an unforgettable environment in Bademli Bahçe. This is a special hotel that does not reveal itself from the outside, but as you enter, it creates an oasis effect and becomes a place in the soul. The gardens shaded by centuries-old trees, the simplicity, the view, the pool, the sound of birds on one side and the wind on the other mesmerize you as soon as you enter. In fact, it fascinates to the extent that it makes you say 'I can spend the whole vacation without leaving here'...

5- Ultava Houses - Datça - http://www.boutiquesmallhotels.com/ultava-houses
Let's be a guest at @ultava_houses in Datça, Mugla's favorite city in recent years, which you can reach via Dalaman Airport or Bodrum Airport, with its atmosphere that will instantly transport you to a tropical island. This is a very boutique facility with only 4 rooms. Serving in a stone building suitable for the historical and local texture of Datça, with its wonderful heartwarming decorative design, botanical garden that will instantly change your mood, get ready for very special moments with your loved ones during your holiday. The room named after Datça's delicious local product "Almond" is really a must experience for me. Are couples who want to spend a vacation alone, in a romantic and calm atmosphere here?

6- Two Rooms Hotel, +18 - Urla Izmir - http://www.boutiquesmallhotels.com/2-rooms-hotel
Urla, Drunk on Vineyards and Grapes... Urla is a place where we can enjoy the sun, the sea, wine, food, beauty, whatever we want, and of course peace. Hotel meal: 2 Rooms Hotel. As soon as we enter the magnificent door of 2 Rooms on the Urla Vineyard Road, both the view and the beautiful vineyards of Urla geography appear before us. One of the most beautiful examples of contemporary architecture, 2 Rooms is also a winery. This is such a special environment where the smell of grape pulp comes from; we pass through the elegant corridor and settle into our room with a vineyard view opening to a wide panorama.

7- The Soul Hotel - Beyoglu Istanbul - http://www.boutiquesmallhotels.com/the-soul-hotel-istanbul
Who can forget Faik Paşa Street and Çukurcuma? We are still in "old Beyoğlu", the district of our hearts, where we dive into its streets when we feel overwhelmed by "new Istanbul" and take refuge in its past colored with memories! We dive into the interior of those practicing their craft in small antique shops and art galleries and open a window to silhouetted history with our nostalgic laments...
Let's move on: We are in a place suitable for a pleasant stay in the Galata periphery. We open the giant winged door of The Soul Hotel in Çukurcuma.
This building, which has all the flavors of the turn of the century, is the work of the Georgiades Brothers, the famous architects of yesteryear. But what a building! A hotel to be enjoyed, to listen to beautiful music in its lounges, to sing literature in its rooms! "Built" in the first quarter of the 20th century.

8- Nadas Ida Mountains, 18+ - Yeşilyurt Village Çanakkale - http://www.boutiquesmallhotels.com/nadas-kazdaglari
Let us now reach out to the geography of the Kaz Mountains. This place makes us smell the salt and moss, our enthusiasm and dreaming mechanisms stop in this harbor, a relaxation and relaxation takes its place... These times of the season are also very suitable for spending time in a soul-opening and pleasant place, by a blazing fireplace! For this need, we go up to Nadas in the Mount Ida Mountains, a place that adds pleasure to our souls. The word "up" is actually correct; because Nadas is designed like a large terrace, with its back to the mountains and its face to the sea. Opposite are the embroidered bays of the North Aegean! This is a place that carries the past into the present and seals the taste of Mount Ida, which exists in the future! Or like the embodied equivalent of the words "naive" and "calm"...