2 Accommodation Suggestions in Karamürsel in Nature

✏️ I didn't intend to start the article with "We are on the horizon of the irrevocable evening" as Yahya Kemal wrote, but my question is for you: How about a nice weekend in the quiet hills of Karamürsel, Kocaeli, next to Istanbul, in my special choice of travel destinations with their backs to the green?

✨ In Papuli Köyevi, which gives you the feeling of staying there as if you can resist time, there are very special comfort areas at Bağdat Resort Hotel.

1. The pleasure of going out to the veranda of my room with a fireplace by the river in the morning and having a cup of coffee overlooking a lovely view is a style unique to Baghdad Resort. The rumbling of the rushing water, the gentle autumn air surrounding the mountains, and sometimes being in the fog and rain give me a completely different pleasure here... That's why I don't rush my travels... A parenthesis from me: Bağdat Resort is the place to go for couples in the spring of their love... http://www.boutiquesmallhotels.com/bagdat-resort

2. The story of a Black Sea village, Papuli Köyevi in Çamçukur is an authentic place with a lush green garden, secluded and lost in nature. Ms. Seçil, the elegant landlady with a gusto and good taste, is legendary for both the rooms and the kitchen at Papuli! The chard soup, stew made with lamb cooked on wood fire until tender, cabbage with meat and pita bread from the kitchen of the land of flavors are extraordinary indeed! http://www.boutiquesmallhotels.com/papuli-otel

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