10 Great Hotel Recommendations for Fall

We have listed the places you can relax or enjoy experiencing in the Fall, the season of leaf fall and orange.

1- Longosphere Glamping, İğneada
Glamping consists of the words "glamorous" (glamorous) and "camping" (camping). In other words, we can say that it is a place for those who cannot give up their comfort to have an experience in touch with nature. +90 532 650 9657 http://www.boutiquesmallhotels.com/longosphere-glamping

2- Kitap Evi Hotel - Bursa
Kitapevi Hotel is located on the biggest bastion of the city walls, next to the sultanate gate in the city center, with a view of the entire city, in the area of the Great Mosque, tombs and inns.
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3- Hancıoğlu Çamburnu Forest Houses - Trabzon
The decoration of the hotel is minimal. There are no details that tire the eyes and mind. At the junction of the sea and the forest, there is a bay where the tonsurton of blue, clarity and tranquility prevail.
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4- Abant Green Tale Houses - Bolu
The houses of Scholar, Sleepy, Cheerful in a lush green nature... Each one is a different dream world... When you come to these houses, you will feel yourself in this fairy tale...
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5- Green Boots Nature House - Safranbolu
A spacious area, a large garden with plenty of trees and greenery everywhere, located in a breathtaking valley, in the Bulak region.

6- Agva Park Mandalin Hotel, +12
The first thing we remember here; It is wonderful to wake up with the chirping of birds in the morning by the river in touch with nature :)
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7- Sapanca Alfa Suites & Spa Hotel
First of all, it is a pet friendly business. The garden, the rooms are very clean, suitable for walking and you may not even need to go away for sightseeing.
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8- Hich Hotel - Konya
Located in the center of Konya, hich hotel konya is just a 1-minute walk from Mevlana Museum. The hotel is located in a 200-year-old restored building, everything in the hotel is a concept product👌
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9- Vinifera Hotel - Yedibilgeler Selcuk
Vinifera Hotel, which exhibits the most special example of its own style with its vineyard-winery-hotel-restaurant concept, cannot be praised enough...

10- Casa Lavanda Hotel +12 - Şile Istanbul
Our escape stop in Şile with its oxygen-rich air intertwined with nature, rooms with fireplaces, sauna and Darphin Spa where you can relieve the stress of city life and only 45 minutes away from Istanbul.