10 Countries You Can Visit Without a Visa

There is only one reward for working non-stop all year, and that is to have as long and enjoyable a vacation as possible. Although the heart is always in favor of the best, when it comes to the holiday budget, expenses such as accommodation and transportation are enough to make you think. After arranging everything and meeting the budget, what about the visa costs? Not to mention the waiting for the appointment, payment and approval at every step. If you say, "All this is never for me, I can't afford it, I can't afford the time or the money", you are in the right place! Here are 10 wonderful countries you can visit without a visa, with all the details.

1. Ukraine
Ukraine makes Turkish citizens smile in terms of exchange rate and does not even require a passport, let alone a visa, if you have a new type of chip ID card. In addition to the capital Kiev, Odessa and Lviv are the most popular destinations in the country.
It is better to go to the country where the continental climate prevails in spring or summer. If you are passionate about winter sports, ski resorts like Dragovat are waiting for you in January and February. First of all, the social life in Ukraine is very rich, and the Ukrainian cuisine is not easily erased from your mind. Public transportation is cheap, cities are small, what more can you ask for?
Although you do not need a visa to enter Ukraine, you may be asked for information such as a round-trip ticket or hotel reservation by the authorities at the airport. It is also necessary to have enough foreign currency for traveling. This money is calculated by adding 5 days to the travel day, which is 50 dollars per person. http://www.thesmallhotels.com/ukraine-hotels

2. Serbia
Second on the list, Serbia is a favorite of travelers, especially thanks to its capital Belgrade. Visa is not required for trips up to 90 days.
Serbia has healing waters, which are attractive for health tourism, and numerous festivals and open-air events, especially in the field of rock music; the visitor audience in the country has spread from seven to seventy-seven. If you have a special interest in history, you should definitely see the Ottoman heritage in Serbia. http://www.thesmallhotels.com/serbia-hotels

3. Macedonia
Macedonia, which is considered to be the favorite of Balkans tours, is more than enough for you with Skopje alone. Divided in two by the Vardar River, the city has a culinary culture very close to the Turkish palate. Prices are affordable compared to any European country. In September, which is one of the most beautiful times of the city, a famous film festival is also organized in the country.
Just like in Serbia, in Macedonia, visa-free entry can extend your stay up to 90 days. Apart from Skopje, you can also have a pleasant time in Tetovo, Ohrid and Bitola. The list of things to buy in Macedonia includes jewelry, especially pearls. Therefore, it is necessary to add this item to the vacation budget.

4. Thailand
One of the most beautiful countries you can visit without a visa is Thailand, which is also one of the favorites of honeymooners. Visas up to 30 days in Thailand are visa-free. Every corner of the country, especially Bangkok, can make you feel like you are in a completely different part of the world. In the country where Buddhism is the predominant religion, temples are the subject of special visits.
When talking about Thailand, it would be remiss not to mention Phuket, with its enchanting nature and beaches as far as the eye can see. This island is the most popular and largest of the more than fifty Thai islands. On Phuket Island, nature shows its generosity to the fullest. If you prefer to travel by speedboat, you can also see islands like Phi Phi and James Bond with the eyes of the world during your visit. http://www.thesmallhotels.com/thailand-hotels

5. Maldives
Speaking of enjoying the beach and the ocean without a visa; let's visit the Maldives, the indispensable address of honeymoon vacations. The Republic of Maldives, which consists of more than a thousand islands in total, can get a 30-day door visa without any fees.
Who wouldn't want to wake up to a new morning in the bungalow-type houses in the Maldives and swim in the deep blue waters? The hospitality of the locals is also a noteworthy detail. The vast majority of Maldivian hotels are excited and experienced in hosting their guests to the fullest. Since there is no direct flight to the country whose capital is Male, it is worth mentioning that transportation here is via Doha or Dubai. In this way, you can also consider including one of these two destinations in your travel program. http://www.thesmallhotels.com/maldives-hotels

6. Brazil
Did someone say Rio Carnival? And without a visa! The country that organizes the world's most colorful, most spectacular and of course the most famous carnival every year in February is also not empty towards you at other times of the year. You can enter Brazil without a visa and vacation here for up to 90 days.
There is no shortage of things to see in Brazil, especially in the biggest cities of Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. This is the most populous country in the Americas after the United States. Because the country is so big and spans two continents, it is not possible to explore it all in one trip. When choosing the season for your trip, it is also very important which part of the country you go to. http://www.thesmallhotels.com/brasil-hotels

7. Morocco
Morocco is a very strong option for those who want to turn their route to the African continent and have a delicious vacation in a little-known place. The country, which can be entered without a visa, stands out especially with Casablanca-themed tours. If your idea of traveling abroad is not only a trip to Europe, this authentic country will open your heart.
Rabat, the capital of Morocco, is the most popular tourist center of the country. The land dominated by drought is mostly preferred in winter months. You can plan your Morocco trip in a wide range from November to March. It is possible to reach Morocco non-stop via Istanbul. The journey takes approximately 5 hours. The most memorable part of Moroccan culture is the Moroccan cuisine with plenty of ingredients. http://www.thesmallhotels.com/morocco-hotels

8. Mauritius
The Republic of Mauritius, also located in Africa, is a vacation paradise on the Indian Ocean. If you look at the images of this place; you will see that it easily competes with strong destinations such as Maldives or Phuket, especially in terms of honeymoon. There is no visa requirement for trips up to 30 days. http://www.thesmallhotels.com/mauritius-hotels

9. Peru
This time we are in the west of South America, on the shores of the Pacific Ocean. Peru, whose capital is Lima, is usually included in tours together with Colombia and Panama. The official language in Peru is Spanish, but when you go to the country, a great richness in terms of language, religion and culture awaits you.
Peru does not require a visa for up to 90 days. You can start your city tour with the Lima Historical Center, which is on the UNESCO World Heritage list. A few days of vacation planning can be enough for you to discover Peru. http://www.thesmallhotels.com/peru-hotels

10. Fiji
The last and most distant point on the list is the Republic of the Fiji Islands. The country, this time bordering the Pacific Ocean, consists of more than three hundred islands and islets. The visa-free accommodation period that Fiji offers to tourists is also quite remarkable. For up to 120 days, you can spend time in the country as a tourist without a visa. If you cannot take yourself away from the perfect combination of green and blue, keep this option in mind.
The country, which has a tropical climate, can be visited between May and October with less risk in terms of rain. There are no direct flights from Turkey to the country, which can be reached via Los Angeles, Sydney, Honiara, Auckland or Hong Kong.