10 Places for Winter Holidays in Turkey

Turkey is located in a geographical region suitable for winter tourism as well as summer tourism with its diversity of seasons. It has highly qualified facilities especially for local and foreign tourists who love winter vacation and winter sports.

For you; We have compiled some places you can choose for winter tourism.

1. Uludag, Bursa

Uludağ is the important winter sports center of our country. The mountain, which has a bed capacity of over 3000, has 23 private touristic facilities and 16 publicly owned rest and accommodation facilities.

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2. Yalnızçam Uğurludağ, Ardahan Kars

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3. Kartalkaya, Bolu

There are 1713 bed capacity and 14 facilities on Köroğlu Mountain at an altitude of 2400 meters. The ski center in Bolu is one of the popular holiday destinations.
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4. Sarıkamış, Kars

Kars Sarıkamış is a special center hosting the world's rare crystal snow. Sarıkamış Ski Center has 833 bed capacity and 4 facilities.
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5. Kop Mountain, Bayburt

Kop Mountain Ski and Sports Center is 39 km from Bayburt, 80 km from Erzurum, 70 km from Erzurum Airport and consists of a facility with a capacity of 60 beds.

6. Erciyes, Kayseri

Erciyes, one of Turkey's most popular winter tourism destinations, serves with a thousand bed capacity and 13 facilities.
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7. Zigana, Gümüşhane

The ski center in Gümüşhane serves with 49 bed capacity and 1 facility.

8. Ilgaz, Kastamonu

Kastamonu Çankırı Ilgaz Winter Sports Center is offered to the service of winter tourism lovers with 1217 bed capacity and 6 facilities.

9. Kartepe, Kocaeli

Kartepe, one of the most preferred places in Marmara, serves with 800 bed capacity and 4 facilities.

10. Palandoken, Erzurum

The number of ski slopes starting from 2200 meters is 19. The facilities with a capacity of 2466 beds are one of the oldest winter sports centers in Turkey.
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