The Canyon Hotel & Resort

Şirinsulhiye, Marmara Region, Şirin Ağa Cd. No:89, 41410 Kartepe/Kocaeli Map
Masukiye Kartepe Hotels
Şirinsulhiye, Marmara Region, Şirin Ağa Cd. No:89, 41410 Kartepe/Kocaeli Map
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First of all, the extraordinary nature and the rooms, which are positioned without harming any trees and natural life, are really worth living not for a few days but for a lifetime. In terms of cleanliness, it competes with many 5-star hotels I have been to so far. Although it is very newly opened, you do not feel the slightest deficiency, or that wonderful staff does not make you feel. We left very happy from this vacation we went with our children.

The breakfast is very good and sufficient. Both the view and the cleanliness of the restaurant section are really enjoyable. There are 2 ladies who greet you as soon as you arrive. (I apologize for not remembering their names) We would like to thank them for their smiling faces and interest. We would also like to thank Mr. MURAT, who is constantly interested in you from the moment of booking, who asks his customers for satisfaction at every free moment, who makes you feel like a host, not a guest.

The other detail that gave us the greatest pleasure was the barbecue area they positioned in that wonderful place. Although it rained so much, we had our barbecue as a family for two days in a row without seeing a drop of water and we really enjoyed it. If you are a barbecue lover, you will definitely love it:) On the last evening, a gentleman and a lady came to us while we were barbecuing. I think they are the owner of the place. They asked us if we had any problems and if we were satisfied. We were very happy about this. It had been a long time since we had seen a business owner who was in charge of his business and prioritized customer satisfaction. After all, somehow they were observing where the lamp was out at that time of the night and where needed something without taking their hands off because their customers were coming. We would like to thank them and send them our love.

In short, if you want to spend a few days with nature, sleep with crickets and the sound of the stream and wake up with birds, I think you should turn your route here. I am sure you will not regret it and you will have a very happy vacation.
Endless thanks to all the staff, the owner of the place, the birds, the trees, the insects and the creek with its beautiful sound, which contributed to a wonderful holiday in these beautiful 3 days.
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Accomodation Types
All Hotel Features and Services
  • Dinner
  • Garden
  • Bar-Cafe
  • Barbecu
  • Baby Cot
  • Mountain View
  • Breakfast included
  • Safe Deposit Box
  • Air Condition
  • Minibar
  • Restaurant
  • Sport and Activity
  • Suit Room
  • TV
  • Yoga
  • Fireplace In The Hotel
  • Wireless Internet
  • Kids & Family Hotel
  • Family Room
  • Extra Bed
  • Bungalow
  • In the mountains
  • No Pets Allowed
  • Chalet
  • Bathroom
  • Spreading Breakfast
  • Alcoholic Drink Service
  • Bath towel

Operating Dates:
1 January / 31 December

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