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    Silva Oliva is located at the shores of Lake Bafa Nature Reserve between Izmir and Bodrum in Turkey....
    What kind of place? : Small family run hotel in lake bafa Milas
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    The village Oren and its surroundings.The road leads from the regional capitol Milas to the Gokova bay and the ancient village Oren.The village is embraced by the mountains in the East and by the Mediterranean Sea in the West Each Wednesday is market day.The village also has a mosque,a post office and several small shops.In Greek,Oren is called Keramos,which means ceramics/pottery-a hint to the traces of the first settlers from the.century B.A.From the village,a path leads alongside the foot of the mountains to the coast and the newer parts of the village with its citrus and olive grooves newer estates.The Hotel Kaplumbaga is located in this area,guarded by the mountain.You can reach the sea and the vivid sea promenade by foot within 5 minutes.A number of cafes and Restaurants,a shop,an,internet cafe,and the bus station.In the summer,the beach promenade is closed for cars.If you are in mood for a day trip on the sea.talk to a fishermen at the harbor of the village and embark on a reasanable trip to the beautitul beaches in the area.The beach is spacious,the sea clear and on days with.no wind an ideal place for snorkeling.600 Feet trom the Hotel an old coal (Kaehler) path leads to the mountains,alongside an ancient olive groove and throungh limestone rocks with stunning wiens of the village Oren.Ready for a nap or a picnic?Take a rest with the panorama of the village and the Mediterranean sea on a shady spot.Walk back to the plain or continue to a valley on the mountain trail.

    Aegean Coast Region / Mugla / Milas-Mugla
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    Art in Kaplumbaga. Nilufer is not only talented and caring h...
    What kind of place? : Small Hotel
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