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Milas Hotels

Milas; The touristic district Milas remains in Mugla city, which is valuable to see with its beaches, lakes, antic cities, Turkish and Islamic pieces of arts...

History; One of the most important cities of Karya, antic Mylasa, has taken its name from Mylasos, who came from the Aiolos generation, and was the reign of winds and resides within Aiolia Island in Mediterranean according to mythology. "asa" suffix of Mylasa name, is showing that Milas is founded at very ancient times (3.000 B. C.).
Alexander the Great, who had begun his Asia expedition in 334 B.C., had conquered South - West Anatolia and of course Milas, and just after conquer he had given his conquered lands to Karya Queen Ada.

Mylasa had arbitrated to a class contradiction with the request of Roman Emperor, Macmilius, in 143 B. C., and after this date, become the center of Roman Governors leading courts. During Byzantium period, Milas become bishop center, then conquered by Seljukian, Menteşeoğulları and Ottomans.

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