How to travel in Turkey



Turkish Airlines (THY) provides the most comprehensive network of domestic flights from the international airports of Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Adana, Trabzon, Dalaman and Antalya to all of the major Turkish cities. Onur Air, Atlas Jet and Fly Air also offer internal flights.

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Road Network: Turkey has an extensive network of well maintained roads linking its towns, cities, and popular tourist areas. When arriving from Europe, the Bosphorus crossing to Asia has been greatly facilitated by the completion of the Istanbul bypass and two Bosphorus (Bogazici) bridges which lead to the Istanbul- Ankara Expressway. The E80 and E90 are the two main roads leading to Turkey from European borders; also connecting the Iranian and Iraqi borders. These expressways have been constructed according to Asian and Middle Eastern international network standards.

Road Signs: Turkish road signs conform to International Protocol on Road signs. Archaeological and historical sites are indicated by yellow signs.

Traffic Circulation: Traffic circulates on the right and the Turkish Highway Code is similar to those of European countries. Outside cities, traffic moves freely, the Istanbul- Ankara highway being the only one on which traffic is heavy. There is a 50km/h speed limit in urban centres and a 90km/h limit outside urban centres.

Inter-City Coaches: The most popular means of internal travel in Turkey is coach. Roads are in good condition and as well as air-conditioned coaches, there are very good resting resort en route where coaches stop for breaks. Prices are cheap and many private companies provide frequent day and night services between all Turkish cities. Coaches depart from the bus station (otogar) in large towns, and from the centre of the town in smaller cities.

It is not necessary to pre-book coach journeys of up to 5 hours duration; however we strongly recommend that reservations are made for longer journeys. During the main tourist season between June and September, and public holidays, reservations are essential for all journeys.

Coach Companies: 

Typical Journey Times:
Istanbul- Antalya 13 hours
Istanbul- Ankara 6 hours
Istanbul-Izmir, 8 hours
Istanbul-Van, 23 hours

Taxis and Dolmuş: Taxis are plentiful in all Turkish cities and are recognisable by their yellow colour. The fare shown on the meter reads according to distance travelled.

The Dolmuş , a special service found only in Turkey, is a collective taxi which follows specific routes. It may be a car or a minibus. Each passenger pays according to distance travelled and can get off at specific or requested stops. This is a very practical means of transportation and much cheaper than a taxi.

Renting a Car: To rent a car you must be over 21 and have a valid driving licence. Rental rates range from around £30 per day, with discounts for weekly rentals. Insurance is generally extra. Car Rental companies include: